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Petrochemical BioPolymers PETBottles

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-PET to PET: Over 28,000 t of PET material processed in 2020

PET to PET Recycling Österreich GmbH reports a new recycling record for 2020: last year, more than 28,200 t of PET material went through the recycling cycle, and around 1.13 billion used PET bottles became valuable secondary raw material for new PET containers won. This corresponds to a renewed increase in throughput of 7.3% compared to the previous year. In addition, the Burgenland model company continues to invest in the Austrian circular economy: In addition to the expansion of manipulation areas and silo capacities, a new granulation system ensures production increases.

2020 was a difficult economic year – especially for the recycling industry. The pandemic and associated lockdowns were particularly demanding as a critical infrastructure. And heavily reduced sales, due to an extremely low oil price or the very low price level for new goods, are still causing problems for the industry. “Despite these major challenges, PET to PET managed to keep production operations going almost continuously and even achieved a new record result. We are very proud of that “, explains PET to PET managing director Christian Strasser and explains the reasons:” There are primarily three points responsible for this: Firstly, thanks to a detailed pandemic plan that is precisely tailored to production – incl.extremely strict hygiene measures and COVID-19 rapid tests – enable employees to work safely according to the circumstances.

Petrochemical BioPolymers PETBottles

-PrimaLoft increases recycled content in Cross Core Series

Initial series of Cross Core insulations leverage temperature-blocking aerogel used by NASA, providing enhanced warmth while reducing weight.

PrimaLoft, Inc., a leader in advanced material technology, is increasing the use of post-consumer recycled content in its high-performance PrimaLoft Cross Core Series, which now includes a stretch version for freedom of movement. The Cross Core platform fuses existing PrimaLoft fibres with next-generation materials, the New York state based company reports. Petrochemical BioPolymers PETBottles

The initial line of products utilize aerogel, a highly porous, lightweight structure originally developed by NASA scientists, that acts as a high-performance insulator. Commencing in autumn 2021, products in the Cross Core Series will contain up to 90% PCR content, while maintaining their industry-leading performance attributes.

PrimaLoft increases recycled content in Cross Core Series

-Huafon Chemical to construct plans spandex plant in China

Huafon Chemical plans to invest CNY4.36bn (USD674m) to construct a 300,000 tonne/year spandex project at Chongqing, said the company.

The project will be implemented in three phases, with a capacity of 50,000 tonnes/year, 150,000 tonnes/year and 100,000 tonnes/year, respectively. Each phase is expected to take two years to complete construction.

Currently in early stage without a detail timeline, the project will focus on high-end products to improve the company’s competitiveness, it said.

As MRC informed earlier, BASF and Huafon Group Co., Ltd. have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to extend their partnership with initiatives to develop the polyurethane, bio-fiber and spandex markets in China. The two companies will work together in the areas of technical exchange, market development, and quality raw material supply. Petrochemical BioPolymers PETBottles

Huafon Chemical to construct plans spandex plant in China

-Biopolymer Producer Aquapak Gets Major Investment from Private Equity Firm

ADM Capital’s Cibus Enterprise Fund is investing in Aquapak’s Hyrdopol bioplastic technology. Petrochemical BioPolymers PETBottles

U.K.’s biopolymer manufacturer Aquapak Polymers is getting major investment for its novel biodegradable, non-toxic and water-soluble bioplastic Hydropol from the Cibus Enterprise Fund (“Cibus”) of London-based private equity advisory firm ADM Capital Europe LLP.

As PT has reported previously, Aquapak’s Hydropol is based on polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH),  is said to be three times stronger than alternatives, and can be easily processed into films, laminates and injection moldings, giving it a wider range of applications. The base plastic is currently used for dishwasher tablets, ingestible pill casings and soluble stitches. Hydropol’s resistance to low temperature solubility and high barrier to elements adds functionality, providing a wider range of uses. It can be recycled, re-pulped, composted and is distinctively compatible with anaerobic digestion.

Biopolyme Producer Aquapak Gets Major Investment from Private Equity Firm

-SACMI, Rigid Packaging Technologies B.U. established

All of SACMI’s closure, preform, container, computer vision system and post-processing operations to come under the ‘roof’ of the newly formed Business Unit. This operation is part of a wider SACMI strategy of developing technologies and solutions for every stage of the production process, with applications ranging from every stage of post-processing to research into new materials.

A further milestone for the long-standing SACMI business that provides first-class technology for the manufacture of caps, preforms, containers, quality control and assembly.Petrochemical BioPolymers PETBottles

The SACMI RigidPackagingTechnologies Business Unit brings all SACMI solutions concerning rigid packaging under one roof. The aim? To enhance the company’s numerous market-leading technological plus-points and keep pace with the industry’s accelerating focus on sustainability, versatility and performance.

“SACMI has always stood out” highlights the General Manager of the B.U., Vezio Bernardi, “on account of its ability to develop specific technologies for every single stage of rigid container manufacture, closure, assembly and quality control. We have the advantage of working alongside key international brand owners on a daily basis, a fact that sets us apart from companies that operate in just one product-area”.

Petrochemical BioPolymers PETBottles

-BHS-Sonthofen consolidates process technology expertise within company

BHS-Sonthofen is bringing together its collective process expertise in filtration, mixing, drying, granulation, sterilisation and reaction in the newly created Process Technology division.Petrochemical BioPolymers PETBottles

As of 1 January 2021, AVA GmbH & Co. KG and the Filtration Technology division have been operating jointly under the BHS-Sonthofen Process Technology GmbH & Co. KG name with headquarters in Sonthofen, Germany, and a site in Herrsching. Their activities are targeted primarily at the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

With its acquisition of AVA GmbH & Co. KG in 2018, BHS-Sonthofen expanded its range of solutions and consulting services in and around mixing, drying, granulation, sterilization and reaction. BHS is consolidating its process expertise and portfolio of filtration technology and related products in the newly established BHS-Sonthofen Process Technology GmbH & Co. KG. This marks the final step in the process of integrating AVA into the group.

-BHS-Sonthofen consolidates process technology expertise within company

-South Korea economy contracts 1.0% in 2020; shrinks 1.4% in Q4

South Korea’s economy contracted by 1.0% year on year in 2020, its worst performance in 23 years, as exports and manufacturing faltered due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the fourth quarter, its GDP shrank by a steeper annualized rate of 1.4% compared with a 1.1% decline in the third quarter, the Bank of Korea (BOK) said on Tuesday.

Full-year 2020 manufacturing output fell by 1.0%, while exports dropped by 2.5%. Exports account for about 50% of South Korea’s economy.

Private consumption fell by 5.0% year on year in 2020.

Petrochemical BioPolymers PETBottles

-China’s December PVC exports fall on month amid higher freight rates

  • China’s Q4 PVC exports more than double
  • Global PVC market hits record-high in Dec

China’s PVC exports in December dropped 28.9% on the month to 76,343 mt, as higher freight rates limited export opportunities, latest data by Chinese Customs showed Jan. 25. Petrochemical BioPolymers PETBottles

From a year earlier, however, exports marked a steep 199.9% increase.

Asia’s PVC demand remained firm due to limited spot availabilities, notably from the US. US supplies to Asia have been slashed due to multiple plant shutdowns.

As a result, Chinese PVC started to export their cargoes in the fourth quarter. In the fourth quarter, China’s PVC exports amounted at 280,218 mt, more than double compared to 102,229 mt registered in the third quarter.

For the fourth quarter, China’s PVC exports to India stood at 31,252 mt, more than five times from 5,996 mt in the third quarter, the data showed.

But in December, China’s PVC exports slowed down as limited container space availabilities made it difficult to do so. China’s exports to India in December stood at 9,389 mt, down 7% from a month earlier.

Petrochemical BioPolymers PETBottles

-Shell invests in Quebec’s first waste to low-carbon fuel plant

The approximately $875 million Varennes Carbon Recycling project was first announced by Canadian clean tech company Enerkem in December 2020.

Shell Canada is investing in what’s being called Quebec’s first waste to low-carbon fuel plant in the greater Montreal area.

The approximately $875 million Varennes Carbon Recycling (VCR) project was first announced by Canadian clean tech company Enerkem in December 2020.

Shell Canada has taken a 40 per cent stake in the facility, which will use technology developed by Enerkem. Other strategic partners in the project include Suncor Energy, Proman, and Hydro-Quebec. Petrochemical BioPolymers PETBottles

The VCR project will be constructed in Varennes, where it will produce low-carbon fuels and renewable chemicals products from non-recyclable waste using Enerkem’s proprietary technology. Commissioning of the first phase of the facility is scheduled for 2023.

Shell invests in Quebec’s first waste to low-carbon fuel plant

-IDTechEx Explores Sustainability as a Potential Key Driver for Emerging Graphene Markets

The market for graphene is at a tipping point, with long periods of R&D now starting to translate into significant purchase orders. For a long time, the graphene market was overwhelmingly driven by a ‘materials push’ whereby graphene firms worked hard to persuade markets of the properties and benefits of their product. Now, that has transitioned into ‘market pull’, with key drivers coming to the fore.

IDTechEx continues to provide the most comprehensive independent market research on the field of graphene and other nanocarbons. In the latest update to their report, “Graphene Market and 2D Materials Assessment 2021–2031”, IDTechEx provides a granular outlook for the industry, including forecasts, manufacturer analysis, material benchmarking, price and applications. The tipping point for graphene is here but with so many manufacturers not all will become successful and some consolidation is inevitable. Petrochemical BioPolymers PETBottles

Petrochemical BioPolymers PETBottles

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