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Petrochemicals Graphene BioPackaging

-Movacolor launches unique configuration wizard for controller

Movacolor has made the configuration of a gravimetric feeder and optometric feeder even easier by adding a unique configuration wizard to the Movacolor Touch Screen Controller software.

The wizard guides the user through the configuration process of the software step by step so that they don’t forget to configure loaders, select the right dosing tool, or perform the initial loadcell calibration.

Movacolor controllers are always delivered preconfigured, plug and play out of the box. With Movacolor’s modular dosing equipment (building blocks) the user can combine the different dosing systems themselves, configuring their own gravimetric dosing or optometric dosing system. That, Movacolor asserts, is exactly where the configuration wizard will be a big benefit.

Petrochemicals Graphene BioPackaging

-Petcore conference focused on sustainability

This year’s Petcore conference was held at the Crowne Plaza Brussels Hotel to welcome more than 300 industry delegates.

Under the theme “Circularity and Innovation – Shaping the future of PET”, the complete PET industry sector shared perspectives and strategies for a succesful and even more circular future on 5 and 6 February. “Petcore Europe represents the entire PET value chain since 1993. Petrochemicals Graphene BioPackaging 

The strength of the organisation is the engagement of over 90 participating member organisations working together on the circularity of PET through working groups and projects”, stated Stephen Short, President of Petcore Europe, when opening the conference.

Petrochemicals Graphene BioPackaging

-SK Chemicals Commercializes Eco-friendly Polyol Made from Corn

SK Chemicals Co., said Tuesday that it will commercialize a new eco-friendly polyol material made from corn.Petrochemicals Graphene BioPackaging 

The company will break ground within the site of its Ulsan plant this year on a facility a new material called polyoxytrimethylene glycol (PO3G), which is highly resilient.

SK Chemicals’ PO3G is based on raw materials made by fermenting corn.

Petrochemicals Graphene BioPackaging

-TANAKA to Exhibit at FC EXPO 2020

– First exhibition of a large catalyst coated membrane sample for evaluating electrode catalysts for water electrolysis and precious metal plating technology

– TANAKA will present hydrogen-related technology

TANAKA HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. announced that TANAKA KIKINZOKU KOGYO K.K. , which operates TANAKA PRECIOUS METALS manufacturing business, will exhibit at “FC EXPO 2020 – 16th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Expo,” one of the world’s largest fuel cell exhibitions, which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from Wednesday, February 26 until Friday, February 28, 2020.Petrochemicals Graphene BioPackaging 

Petrochemicals Graphene BioPackaging

-Ineos signs long-term supply agreement for bioattributed PVC

Materials maker Ineos is sourcing renewable raw materials from UPM Biofuels to make what Ineos officials are calling the world’s first commercially available bioattributed PVC.

Officials with Ineos in London said in a news release that the agreement with Helsinki-based UPM supports their firm’s plans to make a range of plastics with significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions.Petrochemicals Graphene BioPackaging 

Petrochemicals Graphene BioPackaging

-International industry gathering for titanium dioxide

A good 60 experts from the coatings industry recently met in Berlin for the second European Coatings Titanium Dioxide Forum to discuss new technical developments and of course the EU classification of titanium dioxide.

The conference participants took up explanations of the current status of the classification process of titanium dioxide by Aline Rommert from the Association of German Coatings Manufacturers (VdL) surprisingly calmly,.Petrochemicals Graphene BioPackaging 

One of the major concerns she expressed was the threat of a domino effect. After titanium dioxide, it would be likely that other powdery substances could come into focus.

Petrochemicals Graphene BioPackaging

-WACKER puts the ‘yes’ into biopolyesters

Which qualities does the VINNEX additive possess that perhaps many of its bio-based predecessors do not?

VINNEX is an additive system for the formulation of bioplastics. By using the product, biopolyesters processing and property profile can be optimally adjusted.

Another benefit is that VINNEX enables the various biopolyesters to be combined with each other and with starch, which substantially increases the range of applications and processing options of biopolyesters.Petrochemicals Graphene BioPackaging 

Consequently, WACKER’s additives contribute to opening up new markets for bioplastics.

Petrochemicals Graphene BioPackaging

-Nike launches recycled clothing line

Nike’s Move to Zero clothing collection blends recycled polyester with sustainable cotton and uses an innovative dyeing technology

In a move towards sustainable manufacturing, Nike has revealed its first partly recycled clothing line called ‘Move to Zero’.

The world’s largest supplier of athletic footwear and apparel announced its ‘Move to Zero’ initiative which lays the framework for a journey towards zero carbon emissions and zero waste.Petrochemicals Graphene BioPackaging 

The ‘Move to Zero’ collection blends recycled polyester with sustainable cotton and uses an innovative dyeing technology. Nike states all products meet a 90% or better pattern efficiency.

Nike launches recycled clothing line

-HDPE prices fall from record highs

After riding high since last fall – even hitting an all-time record – the price of natural HDPE bales decreased 8% this month.Petrochemicals Graphene BioPackaging 

The national average price of natural high-density polyethylene (HDPE) from curbside collection programs has dropped to 54.81 cents per pound, compared with 59.47 cents this time last month. The January average, which was up slightly from the month before, was a record high. This grade traded at 35.19 cents per pound one year ago.

HDPE prices fall from record highs

-Sesotec publishes booklet on plastic recycling

German sorting equipment firm’s e-publication can be requested via its website.

Schönberg, Germany-based sorting equipment and technology firm Sesotec has published what it calls an e-book titled “Driving impact – closing the plastic cycle.” The company says the book includes comments from its own staff members and other contributors describing the “challenges and requirements a circular economy involves for recyclers, plastics producers and plastics processors.”  Petrochemicals Graphene BioPackaging 

“In our times, as plastic waste is widely discussed and is a burning issue, one of the main problems is that too little plastic waste is recycled, [and] that an extremely high resource potential is thus wasted, and that this creates environmental risks,” Sesotec states in a news release announcing the availability of the publication.

Sesotec publishes booklet on plastic recycling

Petrochemicals Graphene BioPackaging

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