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Polymers Graphene 100%BioPackaging

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

-Additive enables recycling of co-mingled polyolefin scrap plastic

As any cook knows as do all those who appreciate tasty food, a couple of ingredients working in combination make a dramatic difference in just how good something turns out.

Same holds true for masterbatches like ReVive Compatibilizer masterbatch from Ampacet (Tarrytown, NY).

It’s a blend of functional additives that can reduce the amount of material sent to landfills by allowing post-industrial and post-consumer barrier films to be reprocessed back into the polyolefin recycling stream.Polymers Recycling 100%BioPackaging

Polymers Graphene 100%BioPackaging

-UK plans for import controls on EU goods from 2021

The UK government expects to introduce more controls on EU goods at the end of 2020 in measures that could stand to slow the pace and increase the cost of goods passing across the English Channel.Polymers Graphene 100%BioPackaging 

The UK expects to require EU businesses to submit customs declarations with all goods entering the country and to face potential goods checks, meaning that European product will be treated the same as material from anywhere else in the world.

“The UK will be outside the [EU’s] Single Market and outside the Customs Union, so we will have to be ready for the customs procedures and regulatory checks that will inevitably follow,” said UK’s minister Michael Gove.

Polymers Graphene 100%BioPackaging

-Sonae MC Joins The Portuguese Plastics Pact

Sonae MC has joined the Portuguese Plastics Pact, an initiative aimed at fostering the circular plastic economy in Portugal.

This step forms a part of Sonae MC’s Sustainability Policy, which prioritises the sustainable use of plastic.Polymers Graphene 100%BioPackaging 

Polymers Graphene 100%BioPackaging

-Agronet takes on OneCircle reselling in Spain

PET keg producer OneCircle has consolidated its community of resellers in the Spanish market with the appointment of Agronet Brewing based in Barcelona.

Founded in 1992, Agronet has a specialised brewery division dedicated to providing malts and yeasts, kegs and brewing equipment, across Spain, Portugal and the south of France.

It has a warehouse in Barcelona that OneCircle says will complement its own factory in Guadalajara, which has Lanfranchi blow moulding technology as well as automation and robotics. Agronet’s facility will support the customer base of KeyKeg and UniKeg in the region.Polymers Graphene 100%BioPackaging 

Polymers Graphene 100%BioPackaging

-Updated FPE study ‘confirms role of flexible packaging in preventing waste’

A recently updated and extended study by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (ifeu), commissioned by Flexible Packaging Europe (FPE), appears to underline the original study’s findings.

FPE says it ‘shows clearly that flexible packaging is a more effective route to resource efficiency and reducing carbon footprint than using rigid packaging formats or focusing entirely on recycling’.Polymers Graphene 100%BioPackaging 

Polymers Graphene 100%BioPackaging

-World’s first C2C Platinum for Rajby Textiles

Monforts customer Rajby Textiles is the first company in world to have finally achieved the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Platinum Standard for a product. Its Beluga denim fabrics have gained sustainability score in all 5 categories covered by C2C standard, which is acknowledged as involving the toughest and most thorough assessment possible to put a product through.Polymers Graphene 100%BioPackaging 

As such, Beluga denim fabric is based on 100 per cent GOTS certified organic cotton and employs no hazardous chemicals in its production. At the same time, it is both recyclable and biodegradable, with 100 per cent of the energy used in its production offset by green energy and involving a closed loop system with no wastewater generated and no material wastage.

World's first C2C Platinum for Rajby Textiles

-Lenzing Introduces Tencel Modal with Eco Pure Technology

Lenzing Group has announced the introduction of its Eco Pure technology which enhances the production of environmentally responsible modal fibres for the textiles industry. “Tencel Modal fibres with Eco Pure technology are considered as the most environmentally responsible option among existing modal fibres in the industry,” Lenzing said in a statement today.Polymers Graphene 100%BioPackaging 

According to the Austrian fibre producer, total chlorine-free bleaching in pulp and fibre delivers the industry’s new standard of clean modal fibre production. “With the gentle bleaching process, textiles made predominantly of such fibres tend to be softer than conventionally bleached Tencel Modal fibres, and are very suitable for undergarments, loungewear, bedding and more,” it said.

Lenzing Introduces Tencel Modal with Eco Pure Technology

-Amcor develops first PET container for Ritual multivitamins

Amcor has developed and launched the multivitamin segment’s first PET container made from 100 per cent PCR content resin. Polymers Graphene 100%BioPackaging 

Amcor created the new, clear bottle in two sizes – 100 cubic centimetres and 150 cubic centimetres, for health-meets-technology company Ritual.

Keeping in line with its core philosophy, Ritual partnered with Amcor Rigid Packaging to develop a solution that would support its mission to find new uses for existing materials and create a reusable, sustainable future.

Amcor develops first PET container for Ritual multivitamins

-Novozymes introduces new yeast to help ethanol producers ‘break bottlenecks’

Novozymes has announced the launch of a new yeast technology, Innova Fit, which is expected to help ethanol producers break bottlenecks while creating plant efficiencies.

The new product is reportedly the most advanced non-GM yeast available, eliminating production constraints caused by conventional and basic yeasts.

“Conventional yeasts often cause plants to struggle with the rigors of today’s fermentation challenges and production demands – and producers are left without choices and hands are tied,” explained Brian Brazeau, Novozymes’ vice-president of bioenergy commercial and president, North America. “Our goal is to advance the entire industry through our microbial expertise; Innova Fit overcomes the major challenge of advancing and debottlenecking fermentation.” Polymers Graphene 100%BioPackaging 

Novozymes introduces new yeast to help ethanol producers ‘break bottlenecks’

-Joint Venture formed for production of Bio-Based Levulinic Acid

Towell Engineering Group (Muscat, Oman; www.towellengineering.com) and GF Biochemicals (Geleen, the Netherlands; www.gfbiochemicals.com) announced the formation of a joint venture (JV) for the production and marketing of biochemicals using GF Biochemicals proprietary technology. Polymers Graphene 100%BioPackaging 

The aim of the JV, NXTLEVVEL Biochem (Geleen, the Netherlands; www.nxtlevvel.com) is to build a leading position in bio-solvents and bio-plasticizers based on levulinic acid. Levulinic acid is considered a key bio-based building block enabling a wide portfolio of derivatives.

Joint Venture formed for production of Bio-Based Levulinic Acid

Polymers Graphene 100%BioPackaging

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