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Polymers Recycling 100%BioPackaging

-Ascend to purchase compounding and masterbatch businesses of Poliblend and Esseti Plast

Ascend Performance Materials, the largest fully integrated producer of polyamide 66 resin, announced today it signed an agreement to purchase Poliblend and Esseti Plast GD from D’Ottavio Group. The acquisition includes a manufacturing facility in Mozzate, Italy, the masterbatch portfolio of Esseti Plast GD and the engineering plastics portfolio of Poliblend, which consists of virgin and recycled grades of PA66, PA6, PBT and POM.

“This strategic acquisition marks an important transformation for our company as we grow our European manufacturing and distribution footprint. More importantly, it helps us provide our customers with a broader portfolio of high-performance, sustainable products to meet increasing demand,” said Phil McDivitt, Ascend’s president and CEO.

Ascend to purchase compounding and masterbatch businesses of Poliblend and Esseti Plast

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

-January contract price of paraxylene in Europe rose by EUR17.5 per ton

The contract price of paraxylene in Europe for January deliveries was agreed at EUR787.5 per tonne, which is EUR17.5 per tonne higher than last December, ICIS reported .

The contract price was agreed on a free supply basis – FD NWE (Northwest Europe).

So, the contract price for the material was confirmed at two levels – EUR785 and EUR790 per ton, and the average value of these quotes was approved as the final contract price for January.

The supply of paraxylene in the European market was limited in the first half of last month, but then the situation with the supply of material in the market improved.

January contract price of paraxylene in Europe rose by EUR17.5 per ton

-NAPCOR pushes the positivities of PET in new campaign

A new effort is launching in a move to counteract the negative imagery PET is receiving these days.

The National Association for PET Container Resources, or NAPCOR, is coming out with the Positively PET campaign that includes public relations activities, paid social media advertisements and a new website to tout what backers believe are the benefits of the material.

Polymers Recycling 100%BioPackaging

-Indorama Ventures Announces Corporate Strategy

Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IVL) has announced its 2020-2023 Strategy at its Capital Markets Day. This strategy was presented and agreed at IVL’s Global Management Conference (GMC), which includes over 200 members of IVL’s global leadership team, and was held Jan. 30-31 in Bangkok, Thailand.

IVL’s time-tested approach has generated strong returns for stakeholders through both the peaks and valleys of the chemical cycle, the company says. IVL’s 2023 strategy will focus on five pillars: Cost Transformation via Olympus, Asset Full Potential, Adjacency Growth, Recycling Leadership, and its People. Polymers Recycling 100%BioPackaging

Indorama Ventures Announces Corporate Strategy

-Textiles firms launch emergency production of antibacterial masks

Textiles businesses, including several with no prior experience, have begun producing antibacterial masks after authorities announced a daily need of 10 million.

At the beginning of last week, Toan, an employee of the Dong Xuan Knitting Company in the northern province of Hung Yen, was transferred to an antibacterial cloth production line. His company had begun making this new product following the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak.Polymers Recycling 100%BioPackaging

Textiles firms launch emergency production of antibacterial masks

-Recycled roads: the new norm?

Plastic may no longer go directly into landfills, but into the roads we drive on.  In downtown Los Angeles there will be a street made from recycled plastic. The city will be able to grind up existing roads and replace them with sustainable products. According to officials, the plastic will make the street stronger and more suitable for driving than before.

The company, TechniSoil Industrial, has completed trials to ensure the safety of the recycled roads. They even say that roads paved with plastic can last approximately 13 times longer than cement roads.Polymers Recycling 100%BioPackaging

Polymers Recycling 100%BioPackaging

-Comez’ four-in-one machine offers flexibility

Warp knitting machine builder Comez is now actively promoting its latest machinery offer. Shown for the very first time at ITMA 2019, the new DNB/EL-32 is an electronically controlled warp knitting machine with double needle bar that is especially designed for the development and production of complex and sophisticated textiles.

“Because of its versitality and flexibility,” Comez explains, “The DNB/EL-32 is the ideal machine for research and development processes in textile laboratories.”Polymers Recycling 100%BioPackaging

Comez’ four-in-one machine offers flexibility

-Chemical Recycling Improves Plastic’s Re-usability

Around 45 percent of plastic waste is recycled annually in the UK and is on the increase. However, one of the problems with current plastic recycling methods is that you end up with a lower quality plastic with worse properties than the original. This means that plastic drinks bottles cannot simply be recycled into new drinks bottles continuously, but instead are used for other lower grade products such as water pipes, park benches and traffic cones.Polymers Recycling 100%BioPackaging

Now scientists from the Universities of Bath and Birmingham have developed a new way of chemical recycling – converting plastics back into their constituent chemical molecules – so that they can be used to make new plastics of the same quality as the original.

Polymers Recycling 100%BioPackaging

-Carbios to establish demo recycling plant this year

Bioplastics firm Carbios has signed an exclusive joint development agreement with biological solutions provider Novozymes, through which Carbios secures a consistent supply of enzymes that will help scale its enzymatic polyester depolymerisation process.

Two years ago, Ecotextile News covered news from French firm Carbios that it had further developed its process – which breaks down PET into its core monomers to be upcycled into virgin-grade material once more – and was exploring new pathways to recycle polyester and potentially provide new solutions to upcycling polyesters without the use of raw materials derived from fossil fuels.Polymers Recycling 100%BioPackaging

Carbios to establish demo recycling plant this year

-Nouryon accelerates growth with carboxymethyl cellulose acquisition

Nouryon is continuing its growth acceleration plans with an agreement to acquire the carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) business of J.M. Huber Corporation.

The transaction will significantly broaden Nouryon’s portfolio of products in CMC, a sustainable, bio-based water-soluble polymer used as a thickener, binder, stabilizer and film former.Polymers Recycling 100%BioPackaging

The companies have largely complementary positions in CMC end markets, which include home and personal care, mining, food, pharmaceuticals, and paper and packaging.

Nouryon accelerates growth with carboxymethyl cellulose acquisition

-Genera announces top engineering hires as launch of sustainable ag-based pulp and molded fiber products nears

Plant engineer Timothy Watkins and production engineer Tyler Winston join innovative biomass solutions company

Genera, a manufacturer of domestically sourced and produced ag-based pulp and molded fiber products, has named Timothy Watkins and Tyler Winston to two top engineering positions at the company’s East Tennessee facility.Polymers Recycling 100%BioPackaging

The announcement marks continued progress toward full production of Genera’s innovative Earthable® line of sustainable, ag-based fiber products later in 2020.

Genera announces top engineering hires as launch of sustainable ag-based pulp and molded fiber products nears

Polymers Recycling 100%BioPackaging

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