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Polymers Recycling Environmentally Friendly

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-How will polyester polymerization rate fare?

The appearance of the epidemic near the Spring Festival hit market and reversed the tendency on polyester market.

Downstream companies successively shut down for holiday in mid-Jan, and more polyester units started having turnaround, but most finished maintenance before the Lunar New Year holiday, with the polyester polymerization rate staying around 74%. Some polyester units were supposed to resume operation in early-Feb, and the polyester run rate was anticipated to be under upward course, which was estimated to near 85% in Feb before the Spring Festival holiday.

However, the recovery of companies was delayed affected by the epidemic. Units that intended to resume operation in early-Feb mostly postponed it into Feb 10 and afterward. Some polyester companies witnessed apparently ascending stocks amid high run rate during the Spring Festival holiday, and the inventory burden continued heightening after the recovery of end-users being delayed. Besides, price of crude oil and petrochemical products has obviously declined dragged down by demand, so the inventory at hand faced devaluating pressure.

Tendency assumption of Polyester run rate

-China’s benzene prices down

Benzene consumption in China may face downward pressure due to uncertainty about the timing of resumption of production in the consumption sector, ICIS reports.

In the first week after the Chinese Lunar New Year, spot prices for benzene in China and weekly futures prices in East China fell due to a sharp drop in oil prices and foreign prices and a decrease in demand amid an outbreak of coronavirus. Futures prices were lower than spot prices.

Benzene prices in eastern China fell last week amid falling oil prices. One supplier’s benzene prices have been adjusted to CNY5,500 per tonne. The new price has an import parity of USD685 per tonne, CFR China, LC with immediate payment on a letter of credit, or USD694 per tonne, CFR China, with a delay of 90 days on payment of a letter of credit.

Polymers Recycling Environmentally Friendly

-BASF and Fabbri Group develop certified compostable cling film for fresh-food packaging

BASF and Fabbri Group have developed a sustainable solution for cling film used in fresh-food packaging. Polymers Recycling Environmentally Friendly

Based on BASF’s certified compostable ecovio, Fabbri Group produces the highly transparent stretch film Nature Fresh.

The new certified compostable ecovio enables the production of a cling film that prolongs shelf life of fresh food and at the same time can be composted after use together with organic waste according to national legislation.

Polymers Recycling Environmentally Friendly

-Coronavirus impact: PTA prices decline by 10% in a week on duty cut

Decline in crude prices also contributes to lowering the key textile raw material

In a major relief to synthetic yarn manufacturers, Purified Tephthalic Acid (PTA) has become cheaper by 10 per cent during the past one week following temporary suspension of import from China due to the spread of coronavirus there.

Withdrawal of anti-dumping duty on this critical synthetic textile raw material has made it cheaper in India. Polymers Recycling Environmentally Friendly

Trading currently at $600-$620 a tonne, PTA prices has slumped from around $660-$700 about a fortnight ago. PTA prices are determined by the movement in crude oil prices which have also slumped by 10-12 per cent in the past one week. Since PTA is linked to crude oil, its prices are quoted in dollars even by domestic manufacturers.

Polymers Recycling Environmentally Friendly

-Coca-Cola Sweden unveils new labels to support launch of 100% rPet bottles

With Coca-Cola set to roll out its range of rPET bottles in Sweden, the company has unveiled new labels to deliver a message about recycling.

Coca-Cola Sweden’s new labels will be introduced across the Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite and Bonaqua brands and represent a radical departure from its standard international label design. This move marks the kick-off of the company’s sustainability initiative to encourage consumers to recycle, in the hopes of helping it to create a circular economy for its plastic packaging.Polymers Recycling Environmentally Friendly

Polymers Recycling Environmentally Friendly

-EU TiO2 makers require clarity, common approach for carcinogen classification implementation

European titanium dioxide (TiO2) producers are hoping to get more clarity on the upcoming EU classification of the material as a carcinogen in inhalable powder form.

The Europe-wide trade group Titanium Dioxide Manufacturers Association (TDMA) said to ICIS on Monday that the classification needs a consistent and common approach across the EU’s 27 countries.

TiO2 producers also said that waste disposal concerns also need to be addressed during the  implementation period.Polymers Recycling Environmentally Friendly

Polymers Recycling Environmentally Friendly

-Publication of EU titanium dioxide classification law imminent

Attempts to overturn the decision have been rejected

The European Commission will publish its delegated Regulation containing the classification of titanium dioxide as a carcinogen on 17 February, sources at the EU executive have said.

Attempts to overturn the controversial decision were rejected twice by MEPs during an extended scrutiny period, which ended on 4 February.Polymers Recycling Environmentally Friendly

Polymers Recycling Environmentally Friendly

-Henniez commits to making bottles with 75% rPET content

Swiss mineral water supplier and Nestlé brand Henniez has committed to making its plastic bottle range with 75% recycled PET plastic (rPET) content.

Since 2013, the company has been using 30% Swiss recycled PET and is planning to transition to 100% locally recycled PET.Polymers Recycling Environmentally Friendly

The commitment will support the PET circular economy, as discarded PET bottles will be made into new Henniez recycled plastic bottles without using new oil resources.

Henniez commits to making bottles with 75% rPET content

-Fulgar expands green portfolio with Q-NOVA Pure Black

Fulgar, a leader in the manufacture of innovative, and increasingly sustainable man-made fibre yarns, has launched eco-friendly Q-NOVA Pure Black yarn developed in line with ‘advanced eco design criteria’. This new speciality yarn joins the highly successful Q-NOVA yarn and together, Fulgar says, they have inspired the creation of a new family of yarns.

Launched by Fulgar in 2013, Q-NOVA by Fulgar, 100% Made in Italy is a polyamide yarn made using regenerated raw materials through a mechanical, non-chemical process that renders the entire production cycle more sustainable, making it possible to achieve reductions in CO2 emissions and water consumption.

This virtuous yarn is further enhanced in the version given stretch performance by combining it with the Lycra EcoMade recycled elastomer, which has also been awarded Global Recycled Standard certification for fabrics and garments that are ‘friends of the environment’. Polymers Recycling Environmentally Friendly

Fulgar expands green portfolio with Q-NOVA Pure Black

-Coronavirus overreaction risks disrupting business far beyond China

World now ever-more dependent on Chinese high-end manufacturing

Hopes that China will return to work this week appear dashed as factory gates remain locked and authorities struggle to halt the coronavirus. This will dent China’s growth — but it also suggests the virus’s international economic implications could be more far-reaching than many realize.Polymers Recycling Environmentally Friendly

Pandemics have cut output in multiple ways. Tourism is one, as visitors busily cancel Asian trips. Consumption is another, with shops and restaurants closed. Globally, however, the most significant hit will come from shocks to international supply chains.

Coronavirus overreaction risks disrupting business far beyond China

-Woolmark named technical partner for Dark Ice Project

The Woolmark Company has been named an official technical partner for the Dark Ice Project – an expedition strategised by three of Britain’s most accomplished polar explorers: Alex Hibbert, George Bullard and James Wheeldon. Technical performance leaders are creating a kit to meet the athletes’ physiological and environmental needs in harsh conditions.Polymers Recycling Environmentally Friendly

Besides the Woolmark Company, the other technical performance leaders are adidas Terrex, Byborre and Gore-Tex.

Woolmark named technical partner for Dark Ice Project

Polymers Recycling Environmentally Friendly

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