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Petrochemicals Environmentally Friendly

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

-M&G intends to take more active role in Trinseo

M&G Investment Management plans to take a more active role in Trinseo after it recently raised its stake in the company, the UK investment company said on Friday.

M&G recently bought more shares in Trinseo, prompting it to disclose its latest holdings to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The company now owns 7.84m shares of Trinseo, which represents 20.1% of the outstanding shares of the company as of 12 November 2019.

M&G said it is “enthusiastic about the strategic direction” of the company. With proper board oversight, Trinseo’s “existing management team will be capable of executing on the exciting opportunities available to the company”.

Petrochemicals Environmentally Friendly

-SASA Polyester Sanayi A.Ş. Selects INVISTA PTA Technology

INVISTA’s technology and licensing group, INVISTA Performance Technologies (IPT), and SASA Polyester Sanayi A.Ş. (SASA) signed a “Letter of Intent (LOI)” on the 3rd of February 2020, confirming the selection of IPT as the PTA Licensor for the license of INVISTA’s P8 Process Technology for SASA’s PTA project in Turkey with an annual production capacity of 1.5 million tonnes.

The signing of the LOI has great significance in terms of long-term collaboration between SASA & INVISTA.

Petrochemicals Environmentally Friendly

-South African Dairy First to Use Bio-Based Closure

A new package for Woodland Dairy’s extended shelf-life milk is made from 80% renewable materials and uses a closure partly made from bio-based material, making it 100% recyclable.

Woodlands_Dairy.jpgOne of the largest milk producers in South Africa, Woodlands Dairy has become the first in that country to introduce a package with a bio-based closure for extended shelf life (ESL) milk. Sporting a bio-based closure along with a new look and feel, including messaging on the package’s sustainability attributes, Woodland Dairy says the new packaging for its First Choice Fresh ESL milk is another move by the company to show its commitment to making small changes for the greater good and earnestly driving its sustainability agenda.

Petrochemicals Environmentally Friendly

-MCG makes use of plastic waste in road construction a must

Gurgaon: In a move aimed at dealing with tonnes of plastic waste generated in the city daily, MCG has made the use of such trash mandatory for the construction of all bitumen roads under its jurisdiction.

The decision was taken by MCG commissioner Vinay Pratap Singh in a meeting on Thursday over the poor performance of the corporation’s engineering wing in using plastic waste for building roads.

MCG officials said the decision comes following the directions of the NGT to become utilise such waste and become plastic waste-free.

The Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016, also state that recycled waste should be utilised.

Petrochemicals Environmentally Friendly

-Only 43% of Japanese companies to resume in China on Monday

Poll shows many still cautious as outbreak throws wrench into supply chains

Less than half of major Japanese businesses that have halted Chinese operations plan to resume them from Monday, a Nikkei survey shows, demonstrating the chilling effect of the coronavirus outbreak.

Friday’s poll targeted companies with office, factory, store and other locations in China, drawing 124 respondents.

Petrochemicals Environmentally Friendly

-China struggles as coronavirus takes its toll on oil markets

The OPEC+ group could roll over existing production cuts through June, figuring the crisis is temporary and it can weather the price volatility.

The spread of the coronavirus is causing major distress in oil markets, sending crude prices tumbling and forcing Saudi Arabia and fellow oil producers to consider further cutting output to stem the most recent price erosion.

Chinese oil demand has taken a solid hit and there are fears that global oil demand will weaken should the crisis escalate into a pandemic.

As China struggles to contain the deadly virus, the Asian giant’s economy is being battered with travel, tourism and manufacturing sectors experiencing steep losses.

Petrochemicals Environmentally Friendly

-Consumers confused by distinction between biobased and biodegradable plastics

The difference between biobased and biodegradable plastics is confusing to the average consumer, to say the least.

When I read a new report claiming that consumers are demanding “environmentally friendly” packaging, I had to wonder if they actually know what they are demanding.

Petrochemicals Environmentally Friendly

-New Method for Circular Chemical Recycling of PLA

In existing mechanical recycling processes, plastic items are chopped into fine pieces, melted and extruded into new plastic feedstock, which causes them to degrade in quality.

Recycled virgin plastic is often used for lower grade applications, including park benches, water pipes, and traffic cones.

For that reason, scientists from the Universities of Bath and Birmingham are researching a method of chemical recycling that breaks polymers like PLA and PETG into their base molecules.

New Method for Circular Chemical Recycling of PLA

-PE resin prices on the move in January

A battle over polyethylene resin prices throughout January has been decided in favor of producers.

North American commodity PE prices climbed 4 cents when suppliers were able to get the increase through, as some major buyers accepted the move and began sending out price increases of their own for PE finished goods.

Market sources said the move was based on PE makers’ desire to increase margins after seeing prices fall throughout 2019.

PE resin prices on the move in January

-Aerie’s new swim collection is made from 1.2 million recycled plastic bottles

Aerie has committed to showing unretouched model photos and offering Abilitee accessible accessories, and now it’s showing its commitment to sustainability. Real Good Swim, the new Aerie swim collection, is made from 1.2 million recycled plastic bottles, and it’s just one part of the brand’s plan to introduce more green practices over the longterm.

Real Good Swim is a new, 10-piece, mix-and-match collection. It includes bikini styles in solid colorways and stripe colorways for each, as well as one-piece swimsuits. Pieces range from $19.95 to $54, and everything is marked down right now for less. So now’s the time to prep for your warm-weather getaway this winter.

Aerie’s new swim collection is made from 1.2 million recycled plastic bottles

Petrochemicals Environmentally Friendly

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