Circular Plastic – NILIT, a global leader in Nylon 6.6 production for apparel and the owner of the SENSIL® brand, introduces SENSIL® Flow, an innovative approach to Nylon 6.6 circularity 09-04-2024

Circular Plastic

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Indorama Ventures is reassessing the future of its Rotterdam PET and PTA plants amidst industry challenges

The move aligns with its strategic goals for sustainable solutions amid competitive pressures.

The evaluation involves discussions with site employees to determine the plants’ future activities.

Rising costs and industry shifts are driving the need for asset optimization to boost resilience.

Despite challenges, Indorama Ventures assures seamless operations globally, minimizing customer impact. Mr. DK Agarwal highlights the importance of prudent decision-making amidst economic uncertainties.  Circular Plastic

The company emphasizes its global reach as a strength to ensure continued customer service excellence.

Mitigation measures will be implemented to support affected individuals. This decision coincides with the launch of ‘IVL 2.0,’ emphasizing financial optimization and customer value.

Strategic actions include maximizing asset efficiency, operational excellence, and market leadership maintenance.  Circular Plastic

Indorama Ventures, a PET industry leader, operates across Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Indorama Ventures is reassessing the future of its Rotterdam PET and PTA plants amidst industry challenges

EU imposes anti-dumping duties on Chinese PET imports

The European Commission has enforced definitive anti-dumping duties on specific polyethylene terephthalate (PET) imports from China, safeguarding EU companies and over 1,500 jobs while protecting the €5.5 billion PET market. These duties, ranging from 6.6% to 24.2%, were finalized following a comprehensive investigation exposing dumping practices that undercut EU industry prices. Lasting five years, these measures aim to uphold market stability.

The imposition of definitive anti-dumping duties on certain PET imports from China by the European Commission aims to protect EU companies and preserve more than 1,500 jobs while securing the €5.5 billion PET market.  Circular Plastic

The duties, which range from 6.6% to 24.2%, were confirmed after an extensive investigation revealed dumping practices undermining EU industry prices. Set for a duration of five years, these measures seek to maintain market integrity.

The European Commission has instituted lasting anti-dumping duties on particular PET imports from China, aiming to shield EU companies and sustain over 1,500 jobs, thus safeguarding the €5.5 billion PET market.

Ranging from 6.6% to 24.2%, these duties were affirmed post a thorough investigation exposing dumping practices eroding EU industry prices. Implemented for five years, these actions are intended to ensure market stability. Circular Plastic

EU imposes anti-dumping duties on Chinese PET imports

NILIT, a global leader in Nylon 6.6 production for apparel and the owner of the SENSIL® brand, introduces SENSIL® Flow, an innovative approach to Nylon 6.6 circularity

SENSIL® Flow facilitates yarn, fabric, and apparel recycling, aiming to eliminate waste and reduce environmental impact. It engages the entire supply chain, emphasizing product design and partnerships to achieve true circularity.

Ilan Melamed, NILIT General Manager, emphasizes the necessity of a sustainable textile industry mindset shift. SENSIL® Flow enables yarn and fabric recycling, setting the stage for apparel recycling. Collaboration is key to this transformation.

Michelle Lea, NILIT’s Chief Marketing and Sustainability Officer, highlights the massive apparel waste issue. SENSIL® Flow reduces waste throughout production, enabling brands to design longer-lasting apparel that is easier to recycle. Circular Plastic

Current apparel recycling challenges include material sorting complexities, especially with blended fibers. SENSIL® Flow addresses these obstacles by providing mono-component fabrics, suitable for various end uses. These fabrics offer comfort stretch and are easily recyclable post-consumption, promoting circularity.

NILIT partners with recycling experts to efficiently recover and recycle fabric waste. High-quality recycled Nylon chips are reintroduced into the manufacturing process, promoting circularity. Certificates ensure transparency and accountability among partners committed to a circular textile economy. Circular Plastic

NILIT celebrates 50 years of excellence, offering premium Nylons like SENSIL® ByNature, BioCare, EcoCare, and WaterCare, all promoting sustainability. These responsible yarns provide designers with environmentally considerate performance fabrics to meet consumer demands.

Circular Plastic

Is natural hydrogen the key to a green revolution?

Burning it for electricity produces only water, paving the way for eco-friendly cities. In Mali’s Bourakebougou village, a plant has been running successfully for twelve years, setting a precedent for hydrogen extraction and management. Surprisingly, there’s been no pressure drop in 11 years of operation, unlike traditional gas and oil plants. Shallow basins are proving most promising, with hydrogen replenishing as it’s used.

This success sparks a global race for hydrogen, with investments pouring in from the US, Brazil, Morocco, France, and Australia. Circular Plastic

Estimates suggest vast untapped reserves underground, offering a potential solution to climate change and geopolitical energy concerns.

At the recent CERAWeek conference, hydrogen demand was a hot topic. The Biden administration is planning subsidies to boost its use, especially in energy-intensive industries where electricity falls short.

Natural hydrogen eliminates costly production processes, offering a cheaper, carbon-free, and renewable alternative. Projects like Neom in Saudi Arabia and European investments in green hydrogen are already underway. France may harbor the world’s largest natural hydrogen deposit. Circular Plastic

Italy too is exploring natural hydrogen, reflecting a global rush towards this promising energy source. With demand expected to skyrocket, the race for hydrogen supremacy has officially begun.

Circular Plastic

Talent New Energy, a Beijing-based company founded in 2018, has unveiled a breakthrough in solid-state batteries crucial for electric vehicles (EVs)

Solid-state batteries represent a significant advancement in energy density and charging capacity for EV batteries. Talent’s latest development boasts an impressive energy density of 720 Wh/kg, surpassing existing technologies.  Circular Plastic

Compared to WeLion’s cells for NIO’s semi-solid-state battery, which offer 360 Wh/kg, Talent’s innovation demonstrates a substantial leap. This breakthrough holds promise for enhancing EV performance, particularly in extending their range. Current EV batteries, including those utilized by WeLion, offer even lower energy densities.

The potential of Talent’s solid-state cells lies in their ability to significantly enhance EV autonomy while enabling the creation of lighter and smaller battery packs. This advancement could revolutionize EV efficiency and mileage.

However, it’s important to note that Talent’s announcement is still in the realm of laboratory results, with no immediate plans for mass production or collaboration with automakers. Nevertheless, it underscores the potential of solid-state battery technology, signaling a promising future for electric mobility.  Circular Plastic

Circular Plastic

The inauguration of the new Iren “Circular Plastic” plant marks a significant step towards addressing the challenges posed by plastic waste

Recognizing the pivotal role of plastics in Italy’s industrial landscape, efforts to align its use with long-term climate goals are imperative. In response, the Iren Group has unveiled Circular Plastic, a cutting-edge facility dedicated to the sorting and storage of plastic waste.

Representing an investment of 45 million euros, Circular Plastic boasts state-of-the-art technology capable of processing up to 100 thousand tons of plastics annually. Situated in Borgaro Torinese, the plant covers 77 thousand square meters and handles loose waste from separate collection systems or pre-selected operations. Its construction involved a three-year effort with 150 workers.  Circular Plastic

Operational efficiency lies at the core of Circular Plastic’s design. With 130 conveyor belts and 22 optical readers, the plant meticulously sorts incoming materials. Following size-based selection, further separation occurs based on rigidity, flexibility, and color, with PET bottles receiving additional scrutiny. Recyclable plastics are stored for processing by authorized consortia, while non-recyclables are prepared for energy recovery.

Luca Dal Fabbro, President of the Iren Group, emphasizes the project’s contribution to waste management and energy production. Moreover, Circular Plastic‘s advanced capabilities extend to artificial intelligence, as it participates in the ReBioCycle project to enhance bioplastic selection using robotic systems and AI algorithms.

Circular Plastic represents a beacon of innovation, promoting significant circularity in material reuse and advancing Italy’s position in sustainable waste management practices. Circular Plastic

The inauguration of the new Iren "Circular Plastic" plant marks a significant step towards addressing the challenges posed by plastic waste

StoreDot’s latest testing reveals a significant breakthrough with its XFC battery, maintaining over 80% of its initial capacity after 2,000 charge and discharge cycles

This achievement guarantees a remarkable 600,000 km of travel, marking a historic milestone according to the Israeli company.

“We have demonstrated that drivers of electric vehicles can quickly recharge their cars, allowing for worry-free travel with just a few minutes of charging at the station,” stated StoreDot.  Circular Plastic

Let’s crunch the numbers. With an estimated total mileage surpassing 600,000 km, even factoring in battery degradation and partial recharges, this advancement is substantial. Laboratory evaluations indicate over 400 miles (approximately 650,000 km), surpassing typical market standards.

Furthermore, StoreDot’s XFC battery complies with the upcoming Euro 7 regulations, ensuring durability and maintaining at least 80% performance over 5 years or 100,000 km, meeting stringent industry requirements.

“The results obtained provide ample margins even against external aging factors encountered in real-world scenarios,” affirmed the company. Circular Plastic

Named 100×5 for its ability to gain 100 miles (160 km) in just 5 minutes of charging, this battery has undergone independent testing by 15 automakers and is slated for market release later this year. StoreDot’s roadmap outlines plans for even faster charging, with a battery set to gain 160 km in 4 minutes by 2026 and 160 km in just 3 minutes by 2028.


StoreDot's latest testing reveals a significant breakthrough with its XFC battery, maintaining over 80% of its initial capacity after 2,000 charge and discharge cycles

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