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Fabric Carbon Fiber RePackaging

Petrochemical Polymers Polyamides rPET Prices

Fabric Carbon Fiber RePackaging

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

-UK researchers develop new method of recycling plant-based plastics

Researchers from the University of Bath and the University of Birmingham have developed a new way of recycling plant-based plastics instead of letting them rot in landfills.

The new method converts plastics into their constituent chemical molecules, potentially enabling products to be recycled repeatedly without reducing the quality.

The researchers used lower temperatures and more environmentally friendly catalysts compared with earlier methods.

Fabric Carbon Fiber RePackaging

-Oerlikon to show latest fibre systems at Egy Stitch & Tex

The Oerlikon Manmade Fibers segment will be presenting itself at the Egy Stitch & Tex 2020, which will be held in Cairo from March 5-8, 2020, with a clear focus on the needs of the African market, in hall 1, stand B2. Fabric Carbon Fiber RePackaging

Egy Stitch & Tex 2020 will display new equipment from weaving, spinning, knitting, and dyeing machinery, technologies, and spare parts.

The Oerlikon Barmag and Oerlikon Neumag experts will also be showcasing the comprehensive product and service portfolio of the world market leader for manmade fibre systems at the stand of Oerlikon’s representative ATAG Export & Import.

Fabric Carbon Fiber RePackaging

-Britain remains split on Brexit night

UK formally leaves the EU, but divorce wounds are still on display.

On Brexit night, Britain looked like it has for more than three years: split into two very different worlds.Fabric Carbon Fiber RePackaging

Brexiteers popped corks and cheered the 11 p.m. Brexit prize at parties around the nation, while pro-EU campaigners held vigils and worried about what the future might bring.

EU nationals concerned about their status in the U.K. wrapped themselves in a queue around the City Hall building in London Bridge — the office of London Mayor Sadiq Khan. Belgian buns and waffles were served as they flocked to seek legal advice and emotional support.

Britain remains split on Brexit night

-OPEC, Russia could meet to discuss emergency cuts as coronavirus crushes oil price

Oil plunged into bear market territory, after hitting a high in early January amid tensions between the U.S. and Iran.

Now OPEC and its allies are considering moving up their March meeting to discuss deepening their production cuts, amid worries the coronavirus will significantly curb demand.Fabric Carbon Fiber RePackaging

“This is a worst case scenario for them—a hit to demand in China,” said John Kilduff, partner with Again Capital.

OPEC and its allies could meet soon to discuss deepening their production cuts, in an effort to stem the sharp decline in oil prices due to a demand scare from the coronavirus outbreak.

-New natural colourants can be part of a bigger ‘natural’ story, says PolyOne

PolyOne used the PCD cosmetics packaging show in Paris, France, this week as a springboard not only to launch its OnColor Naturals range of colourants derived from plants and minerals but also to emphasise how these additives can be advantageously combined with other materials such as sugarcane-derived biopolymers.

The new colourants are formulated using a range of plant, flower, root and mineral extracts, and were especially well-received by visitors to the show from the cosmetics and personal care sector, said PolyOne.Fabric Carbon Fiber RePackaging

Fabric Carbon Fiber RePackaging

-S-Oil sees refining profit margins rebounding

South Korean refiner S-Oil expects profit margins in its core refining business to recover this year after plunging to a decade low in last year’s final quarter, with the implementation of new International Maritime Organisation (IMO) marine fuel rules and an easing of US-China trade tensions accelerating demand growth.

Global demand growth for refined fuels will rise to 1.23mn b/d in 2020, outpacing a 1.03mn b/d increase in refining capacity, S-Oil said.

Demand growth slowed to less than 1mn b/d last year and was overtaken by a 1.39mn b/d gain in refining capacity.Fabric Carbon Fiber RePackaging

Fabric Carbon Fiber RePackaging

-Denim sector makes major foray into sustainability: report

The December 2019 edition of Denim Premiere Vision (Denim PV) held in London indicated that the denim industry has made a major foray into sustainability, according to a report in issue 201 of Textile Outlook International published by global business information company Textiles Intelligence. Sustainable denim was a ‘most wanted’ consumer product category in 2019.

The December 2019 edition of Denim PV was marketed as ‘the responsible denim fashion event’.Fabric Carbon Fiber RePackaging

The major theme at Denim PV was environmental sustainability and exhibitors there represented nearly 33 per cent of the denim industry and 90 per cent of the ‘premium’ denim industry.

Fabric Carbon Fiber RePackaging

-Biffa expands UK recycling capacity with new R-PET plant

UK waste management major Biffa has opened its new £27.5m polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recycling facility in County Durham, UK, the company said in a press release on Wednesday.

The new plant, located in Seaham, is capable of converting up to 57,000 tonnes of PET per year, and will employ 100 full time jobs to the region.Fabric Carbon Fiber RePackaging

The company also announced a new £7m facility in Washington, UK, which will be capable of recycling 20,000 tonnes of plastic pots and trays.

Biffa expands UK recycling capacity with new R-PET plant

-Europe chems grow bearish on coronavirus outbreak

As the coronavirus reaches a death toll of 213 people in China, uncertainty about the impact the virus will have is fuelling a bearish sentiment across the European petrochemical markets.Fabric Carbon Fiber RePackaging

The Shanghai Municipal Government has extended the Lunar New Year break – already prolonged to 2 February across the country – until 9 February for most businesses, in the wake of confirmed cases in the city.

Europe chems grow bearish on coronavirus outbreak

-AZL and IKV launch long fibre-reinforced SMC project

In the AZL Workgroup ‘High-Performance SMC’, a project was developed in co-operation with M-Base, the IKV and the AZL partner network for the efficient and standardised provision of engineering data for sheet moulding compounds (SMC).

Within the scope of the project, companies can participate in the definition of the required characteristic material data, the guidelines for the production of test specimens, and the test specifications.Fabric Carbon Fiber RePackaging

AZL and IKV launch long fibre-reinforced SMC project

-Gurumurthy hails Modi govt for ending RIL”s 20 year PTA monopoly

New Delhi, Feb 2 (IANS) RSS ideologue S. Gurumurthy on Sunday hailed the decision of the Modi government to end the anti-dumping duty on purified terephthalic acid (PTA), which “gave monopoly and super profits to Reliance for 20 years”.

“Modi govt budget has ended $160/mt antidumping duty on PTA which gave monopoly & super profits to Reliance for 20 years.

Gurumurthy hails Modi govt for ending RIL''s 20 year PTA monopoly

-New Process Turns Carbon-Based Trash Into ‘Wonder Material’ Graphene

Scientists have developed a new technique for turning almost any carbon-based rubbish – from banana skins to car tyres – into graphene flakes, a process that may provide hugely positive environmental impacts.Fabric Carbon Fiber RePackaging

The ‘flash graphene’ technique is quick and cheap, and involves heating up waste products to 3,000 Kelvin (2,727 degrees Celsius or 4,940 degrees Fahrenheit). That breaks the carbon bonds inside the target materials, which are then reconstructed as graphene in mere milliseconds.

Not only does this give us ways to make use of trash that would otherwise get thrown away, but it’s an efficient and inexpensive way of producing graphene, which can then be used in a variety of eco-friendly ways.

New Process Turns Carbon-Based Trash Into 'Wonder Material' Graphene

Fabric Carbon Fiber RePackaging

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