INVISTA Adiponitrile Production Record

INVISTA’s Orange, Texas, Site Sets Adiponitrile Production Record  INVISTA Adiponitrile Production Record

INVISTA Adiponitrile Production Record

INVISTA ADN pilot plant in Orange, Texas (Photo: Business Wire)

INVISTA Adiponitrile Production Record

ORANGE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–INVISTA’s site in Orange, Texas, set a 12-month production record for adiponitrile (ADN), a key ingredient for nylon 6,6 plastics and fibers.

“Since deployment of our most advanced ADN technology at the Orange site in 2014, the facility has consistently set production volume records”

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“Since deployment of our most advanced ADN technology at the Orange site in 2014, the facility has consistently set production volume records,” said Bill Greenfield, president, INVISTA Intermediates.INVISTA Adiponitrile Production Record

“In today’s market, every pound is really important to our customers and the industry. I’m proud the team has continued this production trend through the third quarter of 2018 with another 12-month record.” INVISTA Adiponitrile Production Record

The performance increases can be attributed to the company’s latest ADN technology, which was developed at INVISTA’s global R&D facilities and piloted at the Orange site where it has been deployed for nearly five years.

The technology brings improved product yields, reduced energy consumption, lower greenhouse gas emissions, enhanced process stability and reduced capital intensity, compared to existing technologies. INVISTA Adiponitrile Production Record

Role of INVISTA’s advanced ADN technology in short-term support for the global nylon 6,6 value chain

INVISTA is deploying its latest ADN technology in existing facilities and working to optimize production to increase yield even further. INVISTA Adiponitrile Production Record

  • INVISTA Orange: Since deployment in 2014, improvements in performance have enabled the Orange facility to set numerous production volume records.
  • Butachimie (INVISTA joint venture with Solvay in France): Announced approval to deploy the latest technology in 2017. The project is scheduled to come online in 2019.
  • INVISTA Victoria: Announced $250 million project at Victoria site to upgrade its manufacturing technology and increase production of ADN. Targeted to come online in 2020.

INVISTA’s long-term support for the global nylon 6,6 value chain

INVISTA recently announced a new world-scale ADN plant that will be located in China. Engineering is underway for a minimum 300,000-ton plant at an estimated investment in excess of $1 billion. Construction is targeted for 2020 and production would begin in 2023.


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