PET aerosol container – PET-bottle-chip 16-04-2022

PET aerosol container – PET-bottle-chip

-Sidel launches PressureSAFE™ a new safe PET aerosol container offering brands a sustainable and competitive edge

Sidel launches PressureSAFE™, an innovative PET aerosol container design that will give home and personal care brands the opportunity to offer more environmentally sustainable dispensing spray packaging. This new PET product-packaging solution is approved for the traditional PET recycling stream.

Intended for use with products such as perfumes and deodorants, PressureSAFE™ will offer home and personal care brands a more competitive choice of pressurised container than the traditional metal aerosol container. This will enable these brands to choose PressureSAFE™ so that they can demonstrate their carbon-saving credentials, while responding to sustainability demands of consumers.

A unique and safe PET aerosol container enabling maximum packaging performance

PressureSAFE™ maintains the highest standards of product safety, making PET containers as safe as metal aerosol containers. This innovative design’s name refers to the PET dispensing spray’s resistance to pressure in order to maintain a safe structure, protect against leakages, breakages and roll-out during transportation and storage. PET aerosol container – PET-bottle-chip

Sidel expects PressureSAFE™ to transform the way that companies specialising in home and personal care products can respond to high consumer expectations, while addressing operational challenges and withstanding extreme supply chain conditions. Sidel’s unique and patented PressureSAFE™ container base design provides maximum packaging performance by combining an optimised preform design and viscosity level with a specific container’s vault shape. This ensures that the final product is fully compliant with FEA and PARG aerosol regulations and material specifications. A specific active mould base solution, Sidel’s proven Base Over Stroke System, provides the on-site production-line blower configuration to produce the desired aerosol spray design. Sidel also offers customers laboratory bench tests to qualify the package’s performance.  PET aerosol container – PET-bottle-chip

PET aerosol container - PET-bottle-chip

-Röchling Industrial, Polysecure partner on use of SmartMarker technology

Polysecure GmbH and plastics processor Röchling Industrial have entered into an exclusive partnership agreement under which Röchling will make use of an innovative marker technology in plastic products developed by Polysecure.

Polysecure GmbH has been developing innovative marker materials and detection technologies at its site in Freiburg, Germany, since 2009 and is one of the leading companies in marker technology. Röchling will use the technology, which it calls SmartMarker, to provide its plastic products with an identifier, allowing customers to authenticate and identify their components and providing enhanced options for counterfeit protection, the development of digital material passports and sorting for recycling purposes.  PET aerosol container – PET-bottle-chip

“We give our plastic products a distinctive identifier made of tiny marker particles. The markers are invisible and do not affect the technical properties of the material. Every component complies with our high standard technical requirements,” explained Axel Höfter, general manager Corporate R&D at Röchling Industrial.

Used for authentication purposes, SmartMarker can serve to prove which company manufactured a component. Scanning the marker in the component with the pocket detector developed by Polysecure offers proof of origin, said Höfter, and each marker is associated with a particular customer.

The marker can also be used to to identify certain components. In that case, a reference surface on the component is determined. “This reference surface contains a random, and thus individual, irreproducible particle pattern.

The pattern gives the component an unmistakable particle fingerprint,” said Jochen Moesslein, managing director of Polysecure GmbH. Such authentication and identification applications can also help prevent counterfeits and unjustified complaints from occurring.  PET aerosol container – PET-bottle-chip

PET aerosol container - PET-bottle-chip

-Indian Oil, Larsen and Toubro, ReNew to form JV to develop green hydrogen sector in India

India’s state-run Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), engineering and construction major Larsen & Toubro (L&T), and renewable energy player ReNew Power have announced a joint venture (JV) company to develop the nascent green hydrogen sector in India, according to Kemicalinfo.  PET aerosol container – PET-bottle-chip

The tripartite venture is a synergistic alliance that brings together the strong credentials of L&T in designing, executing, and delivering EPC projects, IndianOil’s established expertise in petroleum refining along with its presence across the energy spectrum, and the expertise of ReNew in offering and developing utility-scale renewable energy solutions.

Additionally, IndianOil and L&T have signed a binding term sheet to form a JV with equity participation to manufacture and sell Electrolyzers used in the production of Green Hydrogen.

SN Subrahmanyan, chief executive officer and managing director of L&T, said the JV would focus on developing the projects in a time-bound manner to supply green hydrogen at an industrial scale.

“While L&T will bring its strong EPC credentials to the table, IOC being India’s premier oil refiner with extensive capabilities in chemical processes and refining has established deep R&D capabilities in many aspects of the green hydrogen value chain. ReNew Power has in a short time established itself as a leading renewable energy supplier and has built itself a very strong reputation,” he said.

Additionally, IndianOil and L&T have signed a binding term sheet to form a JV with equity participation to manufacture and sell electrolyzers used in the production of green hydrogen.  PET aerosol container – PET-bottle-chip

“Both these JVs aim to enable the nation’s ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ mission to rapidly build, expand, and bring in economies of scale to make green hydrogen a cost-effective energy carrier and a chemical feedstock for many sectors,” Subrahmanyan said.

The planned JVs aim to enable India’s transition from a grey hydrogen economy to a greener economy that increasingly manufactures hydrogen via electrolysis powered by renewable energy.

The central government in February notified the Green Hydrogen policy aimed at boosting production of green hydrogen and green ammonia to help the nation become a global hub for the environmentally friendly version of the element.

PET aerosol container - PET-bottle-chip

-Morssinkhof-Rymoplast to build flexible R-LDPE plant in Germany

Plastic recycler Morssinkhof-Rymoplast will build a 30,000 tonne/year flexible recycled low density polyethylene (R-LDPE) plant in Markranstadt, Germany, said the company.  PET aerosol container – PET-bottle-chip

The new unit is scheduled to come onstream in Q1 2023. Once the plant is onstream it will bring Morssinkhof-Rymoplast’s overall R-LDPE flexible pellet capacity to more than 100,000 tonnes/year. The company is investing EUR30m in the new unit.

The R-LDPE flexible pellet market remains structurally short, and consumption from the packaging sector high – despite concerns of an impact on demand from any economic downturn created by the cost of living crisis.

There has been talk this month of delays to the onboarding of new capacity in the market from 2023 to 2024 because of delays to equipment delivery and building schedules because of wider backlogs in the construction industry. Some sellers are already sold out of material for the remainder of 2022.

As per MRC, PTT Global Chemical (PTTGC) shut its No. 2 linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) plant in Map Tai Phut complex last week after encountering an unexpected technical issue. At present, it is unclear on the restart schedule for this plant with the production capacity of 400,000 mt/year LLDPE. The company also operates No. 1 LLDPE plant at the same site, which has an annual output of 410,000 mt/year. Overall, PTT has a total capacity of 800,000 mt/year of high density polyethylene (HDPE), 345,000 mt/year of LDPE and 800,000 mt/year of LLDPE at the same site.  PET aerosol container – PET-bottle-chip

PET aerosol container - PET-bottle-chip

-PET bottle chip industry run sharply down 10% due to the delay of logistics

Recently, due to the spread of the epidemic, many major provinces and cities have closed highways and set up checkpoints, as a result, the previously not abundant logistics delivery time has been lengthened again.

So far as we know, the logistics in most parts of East China is seriously restricted and ports are congested, it is difficult for raw materials to enter, and difficult for products to be shipped out as well. Recently, the inventory of bottle factory is obviously rising. As of Apr 8, the average stock level of PET bottle chip factory has risen to near 11 days, partly lower within one week and higher at 15-20 days. The highs are basically found in factories based in E. China. PET aerosol container – PET-bottle-chip

In addition, Anyang Chemical has arranged annual maintenance, and the spot liquidity is quite difficult, which can’t guarantee the consumption of intermediate sectors and end-user customers. This phenomenon can also be seen from the fact that the spot price is still firm at above 8000yuan/mt.

Due to the disruption of logistics, only after one Tomb Sweeping Day holiday, the average O/R of PET bottle chip industry has dropped by 10%. O/R of some factory has declined from full rate to the current 20-30%. As of April 11, the average industry run has fallen to 80.5%, compared with the previous peak of 89.9%. Based on design capacity of 11.71 million tons, the figure has dropped from 100.1% to 89.6%.

Following this trend, April production is likely to fall from the original level of 950-960kt to 900kt. According to the historical data of domestic and export sales as well as assessment of to be delivered orders, Apr delivery volume is basically more than one million tons. Even with China Resources Zhuhai 500000-tonne line restarting, total PET bottle chip stock level may drop to slightly below 800kt end Apr, down more than 400kt from the end of 2021.  PET aerosol container – PET-bottle-chip

PET bottle chip industry run sharply down 10% due to the delay of logistics

-Navis Tubetex Acquires Gaston Systems

Move brings together two companies with complementary technologies

Navis TubeTex, a leading provider of high technology finishing machinery to the global textile and nonwovens industry, has purchased Gaston Systems, Inc.

Based in Stanley, NC, Gaston Systems designs and engineers advanced coating systems for the textile and nonwoven industries. Using propriety foam generation and application systems, Gaston Systems has an international reputation for offering high quality and innovative technologies to satisfy long-term sustainability requirements.  PET aerosol container – PET-bottle-chip

Founded in 1979, Gaston Systems has more than 500 installations worldwide and an international reputation for high quality and innovative technologies. Christoph Aurich, Managing Director of Gaston Systems states, “I have known and worked with Navis TubeTex for many years.  Our systems are frequently integrated with Navis Tubetex finishing lines making this the right fit for future growth and global expansion. I am very excited by the possibilities as a member of the team.”

Gaston Systems continues to develop new dyeing and finishing technologies. Applications for indigo, reactive and other dyeing concepts have a measurable positive environmental impact.

Gaston Systems’ technology for indigo dyeing eliminates waste water at the end of the manufacturing process while driving down energy usage. According to one of the leading denim jean brands, the foam process requires 60% less energy and mitigates by the same percentage.  Aurich adds, “Navis TubeTex is the right company to take this technology to the next level.”  PET aerosol container – PET-bottle-chip

Will Motchar, president and CEO of Navis TubeTex, comments, “We are very excited to expand our product line with the addition of Gaston Systems precision technology in the application of chemicals to a wide variety of substrates.

Navis Tubetex Acquires Gaston Systems

PET aerosol container – PET-bottle-chip

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