PVC-resin – Graphene-Additive – Ukraine 10-03-2022

PVC-resin – Graphene-Additive – Ukraine

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-MITO Materials Raises Funding for Graphene Additive Technology

MITO’s additives said to enhance fiber-reinforced composites and thermoplastics up to 135% beyond standard performance metrics

Indianapolis-based specialty chemicals company MITO Materials Solutions raised $4.6 million dollars in a recent funding round that came from a seed extension by existing and new MITO investors such as specialty chemicals solutions provider, Ingevity Corporation, and will be used to expand MITO’s Indianapolis operations, including new lab space for developing industry leading products and new composite material technologies. MITO’s portfolio of advanced polymer additives includes a proprietary graphene-functionalization technique that creates E-GO, the hybrid polymer modifier currently in production and in use in several industries.

All MITO additives reportedly enhance fiber-reinforced composites and thermoplastics well beyond standard performance metrics (up to 135%) and are engineered to integrate into existing production lines at an extremely low concentration with proven compatibility in a variety of material combinations. MITO recently relocated their lab and office space to an inclusive office and lab facility in Indianapolis, bringing their team to the center of Midwest manufacturing.

This location change and the additional capital from the latest seed round has positioned MITO to grow.  PVC-resin – Graphene-Additive – Ukraine

Said MITO CEO Haley Marie Keith, “We appreciate the backing of all our investors, including our strategic partnership with Ingevity, a leader in specialty polymers. As we build on the recent success of MITO’s graphene additive in a sporting product, we welcome the years of polymer chemicals experience that Ingevity’s Steve Hulme brings to our board of directors….U.S. manufacturers are looking for solutions to help them create lightweight materials that address global climate change issues and contribute to a sustainable future.  PVC-resin – Graphene-Additive – Ukraine

MITO Materials Raises Funding for Graphene Additive Technology

-Call for PVC resin producers to achieve Best Environmental Practice PVC accreditation

The Vinyl Council of Australia has advised PVC product manufacturers supplying the Australian market to ensure Best Environmental Practice accreditation if they are to meet environmental procurement requirements.  PVC-resin – Graphene-Additive – Ukraine

In 2010, the Green Building Council Australia (GBCA) developed its Best Practice Guidelines for PVC manufacturing. Under GBCA’s Green Star building rating tool, product suppliers of common PVC applications need to provide a third-party verification certificate that their products meet these Guidelines.

The Vinyl Council of Australia issues a Best Environmental Practice (BEP) PVC licence mark and provides an online register of PVC product manufacturers that are confirmed as meeting the Guidelines’ required stringent compliance conditions.

A key aspect is verifying resin used in the product has met specific ‘best practice’ manufacturing standards to reduce environmental, health and safety impacts. Comprehensive documentary evidence is required from the resin suppliers as part of the conformance assessment.

It is sometimes difficult for the product manufacturer to obtain this information from upstream suppliers and some resin producers are unwilling to share sensitive manufacturing documentation. PVC-resin – Graphene-Additive – Ukraine

Sophi MacMillan, Vinyl Council of Australia Chief Executive, clarified: “If major PVC resin producers around the world secured accreditation themselves, they can then pass this certification to their customers, rather than reams of documentation, greatly facilitating their customers’ product verification process.

PVC-resin - Graphene-Additive - Ukraine

MITO-Materials Raises Funding for Graphene-Additive-Technology

-Call for PVC-resin producers to achieve Best Environmental-Practice-PVC-accreditation

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PVC-resin – Graphene-Additive – Ukraine

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