Staple-fibre-technology – Chemical-recycling 17-03-2022

Staple-fibre-technology – Chemical-recycling

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-AIMPLAS turns its expertise to lightweight automotive materials

It is no secret that the automotive industry is among the numerous manufacturing sectors facing challenges in environmental sustainability. One method of making progress is by reducing CO2 emissions as is consistently demanded by both policy makers and the increasingly environmentally aware society as a whole.

AIMPLAS turns its expertise to lightweight automotive materials

One method of successfully reducing emissions in the automotive sector includes weight reduction in electric vehicles. Lighter vehicles require less energy to run, resulting in increased range. The industry therefore aims to replace metal parts with new composite materials that help reduce battery weight by 50-70 per cent.

The LIGHTCAR Project, co-ordinated by Industrias Alegre, is one such Europe-based initiative working towards this aim. The consortium includes engineering consultant ITERA Soluciones de Ingeniería, automation specialists Sinfiny Smart Technologies, and AIMPLAS, the Plastics Technology Centre. Staple-fibre-technology – Chemical-recycling

Funded by the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI), the project is developing new lightweight long-fibre thermoplastic composites. The additional qualities of these materials include impact resistance and rigidity, recyclability, and processability using conventional, efficient manufacturing methods with low waste generation.

For processing, the project will also design a flexible, high-speed production cell for the manufacture of parts in which electronic components can be fitted.

Staple-fibre-technology - Chemical-recycling

-Dilo to exhibit staple fibre technology at IDEA

Nonwovens technology supplier Dilo Group will demonstrate the latest developments for the supply of complete lines for staple fibre nonwoven fabric production at the upcoming IDEA exhibition. Staple-fibre-technology – Chemical-recycling

The most recent machine concepts from DiloGroup companies DiloTemafa, DiloSpinnbau and DiloMachines will be on show with an emphasis on new equipment components which improve product quality, increase line capacity and also enable new opportunities in nonwoven production.

DiloTemafa will promote its Baltromix Pro improved bale opener series which is equipped with a number of design features to improve operating assistance, such as the Bale Timer I4.0 components, cleaning control, better accessibility for maintenance and the DI-LOWATT system for energy savings in fibre transport. The proven carding willow with modified workers and separate drives to create the prerequisites for a good fine opening will also be part of the presentation as well as the fine opening stage which may be installed over the material box of the new FRS-P card feeder to achieve a high dosing accuracy in cross and longitudinal directions.

DiloSpinnbau has developed a new Unifeed card feeder (VRS-P) which combines the principle of volumetric charged feeding with the characteristics of a chute feeder but without the conventional overhead trunk which allows for lower ceiling height requirement. Staple-fibre-technology – Chemical-recycling

Dilo to exhibit staple fibre technology at IDEA

AIMPLAS turns its expertise to lightweight-automotive-materials

Dilo to exhibit staple-fibre-technology-at-IDEA

Encina secures USD55 mln for plastic-waste-to-aromatics-recycling business

SÜDPACK and Clean-Cycle invest in CARBOLIQ-chemical-recycling technology

Turkish businesses eye $7-bn bilateral-trade-volume with Greece

-Belgium-Solvay to split into two public companies

Bio-Fed signs distribution agreement with KBK-in-Japan

-R|Elan™-GreenGold – enabling eco-conscious-fashion – now available in PTY&FDY

Staple-fibre-technology – Chemical-recycling

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