Indorama-Ventures – PET-closing-loop 11-03-2022

Indorama-Ventures – PET-closing-loop

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-Indorama Ventures Acquisition of UCY to Boost rPET Supply

Indorama Ventures, the world’s largest producer of recycled PET for beverage bottles, has acquired an 85% equity stake in the PET plastic recycler, UCY Polymers CZ. According to Indorama, this will allow it to recycle over 1.6 billion PET beverage bottles per year by 2025.

Indorama will recycle around 1.12 billion additional post-consumer PET plastic bottles in the Czech Republic every year by 2025, which would increase the total amount of bottles recycled by UCY across the Czech Republic, Germany, and Central Europe to 1.6 billion bottles per year.

According to Indorama, UCY is a “strategic fit” to help it to secure feedstock for rPET products as UCY can produce 40,000 tonnes of rPET flake per year. UCY will work with IVL’s existing PET flake production facilities in the region, which provide the washed and shredded post-consumer bottles as PET flake feedstock to produce recycled PET resin that is suitable for food contact use.

Indorama Ventures has plans to develop UCY to serve the increasing demand for rPET in Europe, as a number of key players in the European beverage industry are calling for priority availability of recycled and food-grade materials; and rPET prices have reached an all-time high. Indorama-Ventures – PET-closing-loop

Indorama Ventures also recently announced a partnership with Carbios on a manufacturing plant that will use the latter’s enzymatic PET recycling technology, with the aim to be operational by 2025.

D K Agarwal, CEO and CFO at Indorama Ventures, comments: “IVL will use our know-how to grow capacity and recycle more and more bottles. As part of our commitment to sustainability and the circular economy, we are building the recycling infrastructure needed to divert PET waste from the environment. By recycling post-consumer PET bottles into new bottles, we give waste an economic value. This drives improvements in waste collection systems, meaning less waste and a cleaner environment.”  Indorama-Ventures – PET-closing-loop

Indorama Ventures Acquisition of UCY to Boost rPET Supply

-RadiciGroup at Plastimagen: focus on sustainability and performance

On display, the Group’s innovative automotive products and latest-generation flame retardant materials meeting the most stringent requirements of the electrical & electronics and e-mobility markets. A new manufacturing site with increased production capacity to strengthen the Group’s presence in Mexico. Radici Plastics Mexico awarded the prestigious “Distintivo Azul” for its contribution in the fight against pellet and powder loss to the environment, as part of Operation Clean Sweep®.  Indorama-Ventures – PET-closing-loop

RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers is participating in Plastimagen 2022 (Stand 859), an important trade fair for the Latin American region that attracts the major industry players in North and South America to Mexico City, the capital of Mexico.

RadiciGroup boasts many years of presence in Mexico. Since 2015, it has owned and operated Radici Plastics Mexico (Ocotlán, Jalisco – MX), a manufacturer of high performance materials for the automotive, electrical & electronics and other industries.

“The company has recently relocated its headquarters to a new site and plant with a surface area of 20,000 square metres, doubling its production capacity,” said Gianluca Cesco Frare, Mexico country manager of RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers. “This move became necessary to ensure our support for future development in the sector and strengthen the Group’s presence in the North American market. Furthermore, significant investments have already been made in a new project to achieve a further increase in capacity in 2022 that will help meet the growth in demand and take advantage of the opportunities offered by an extremely dynamic market.”  Indorama-Ventures – PET-closing-loop

RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers is showcasing a wide range of products at the Plastimagen show to promote its regional leadership in the engineering polymer sector, especially polyamides.

Edi Degasperi, CEO North America of RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers pointed out: “Mexico is an important market in continual expansion for automotive, particularly e-mobility, and other sectors such as E & E, where we can provide our flame retardant materials resulting from the Group’s research and innovation efforts.”

Indorama-Ventures - PET-closing-loop

IndoramaVentures Acquisition of UCY to Boost rPET-Supply

RadiciGroup at Plastimagen: focus on sustainability and performance

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Indorama-Ventures – PET-closing-loop

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