Petrochemical PET Polyolefin LLDPE News 05-12-2019

Petrochemical PET Polyolefin LLDPE

-Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-Constructing pillars for a circular economy

Tim Sykes caught up with Tony Kingsbury, director of sustainability EMEA, Dow Packaging & Specialist Plastics, at K 2019 to discuss how Dow defines the environmental challenges facing packaging, and where it can insert itself to make a difference.


Judging by your exhibit at K 2019, the circular economy appears to be the central driver for innovation at Dow right now. To what extent is Dow’s approach being driven top-down by the need to come up with solutions to the industry’s broad 2025 commitments and goals, as opposed to looking to the hundreds of expert chemists in your organisation and saying, “let’s see what our knowledge can do and how can it be leveraged?”

Petrochemical PET Polyolefin LLDPE

-Weekly resin report: Get ready for end-of-year deals

Overall spot resin prices were steady during the short Thanksgiving week. Sharp discounts continued to fly for off-grade railcars, while resellers maintained their efforts to trim uncommitted warehoused resins, reports the PlasticsExchange (Chicago) in its Market Update.Petrochemical PET Polyolefin LLDPE

Buying was generally good: Some procured material for December usage, while others required rush deliveries to stay in production over the long Thanksgiving weekend.

November brought price relief to processors, as polyethylene (PE) contracts decreased $0.03/lb, while most polypropylene (PP) contracts followed PGP $0.025/lb lower.

Exports remained robust, and Houston-area warehouses tried to keep up with the packaging flow.

Petrochemical PET Polyolefin LLDPE

-Klöckner Pentaplast secures supply of post-consumer recycled PET

Klöckner Pentaplast (kp) and Viridor have agreed a transformative five-year collaboration, securing an annual supply of 8,000 tonnes of post-consumer recycled PET.

The agreement strengthens a longstanding partnership and common sustainability commitments for food packaging.Petrochemical PET Polyolefin LLDPE

Securing a stable supply of post-consumer material is fundamental to drive change at scale for an improved recycling system in the UK.

Petrochemical PET Polyolefin LLDPE

-Yanfeng Automotive Interiors opens Serbia plant

Leading Chinese manufacturer Yanfeng Automotive Interiors (YFAI) has opened a new plant in the Sumadija district, in Serbia.Petrochemical PET Polyolefin LLDPE

With a production area of 18,500 square meters, the new plant employs 180 people and will, at full capacity, create 800 jobs in the coming years.

Petrochemical PET Polyolefin LLDPE

-Vertellus projects growth in plastic additives

Specialty chemicals firm Vertellus sees a lot of opportunity in the plastics market, company officials said at the K 2019 trade show.

The Indianapolis-based firm currently generates about 20 percent of its annual sales from the plastics market, but that number is expected to grow, CEO John Van Hulle said.

“The fun part of Vertellus is that we have so many diverse markets for a company our size,” he explained. “In plastics, we can sell into everything from intermediates to personal care.”Petrochemical PET Polyolefin LLDPE

Petrochemical PET Polyolefin LLDPE

-Eurozone industry improves but remains in contraction on lower output, new orders

Manufacturing in the eurozone performed better than expected in November but recorded decreases in output and new orders, hurting employment, analysts at IHS Markit said on Monday.Petrochemical PET Polyolefin LLDPE

The November Purchasing Manager’s Index (PMI) stood in November at 46.9 points, up from the 46.6 flash estimate, and up from 45.9 points mark reached in October.

Despite hitting a three-month high, manufacturing remains below the 50.0 neutral mark, meaning the sector gas been in contraction for ten months.

The trend was reflected in the intermediate and investment goods sectors, with both recording slower rates of decline in November, while consumer goods remained stable on the previous month.

-EUBP elects new board

European Bioplastics (EUBP), the association representing the interests of the bioplastics industry, has elected a new board with François de Bie of Total Corbion PLA as its chair.

The new Board of European Bioplastics (L-R): Paolo La Scola (Novamont), Patrick Zimmermann (FKuR), François de Bie (Total Corbion PLA), Mariagiovanna Vetere (NatureWorks), Lars Börger (Neste), Jean-Marc Nony (Sphere), Erwin Lepoudre (Kaneka) and Michael von Ketteler (BASF SE, not in the picture  Petrochemical PET Polyolefin LLDPE

EUBP elects new board

-APK deploys downstream melt processing system

APK AG has deployed a complete downstream melt processing system from Nordson Corporation for use with its innovative Newcycling process, which carries out the dictates of the circular economy by transforming mixed and multi-layer waste into purified polymer with properties close to virgin resin.)  Petrochemical PET Polyolefin LLDPE

The first Newcycling plant, located in Merseburg, Germany, began commercial operation in June with an annual capacity of 8,000 tonnes and is used for separating polyethylene and polyamide from multi-layer packaging films (post-industrial source).

APK deploys downstream melt processing system

-KRAIBURG TPE supplies co-extruded TPEs with optimum adhesion to PA for high-quality corrugated tubes

An innovative new TPE family by KRAIBURG TPE transfers the established properties of injection mouldable TPEs for multicomponent applications with polyamide (PA) to extrusion.

Cable management systems in motor vehicles are the first application for which the Schlemmer Group is producing new types of Polyflex corrugated tubes by co-extruding PA and a THERMOLAST K AD/PA/CS2 compound.

Petrochemical PET Polyolefin LLDPE

Petrochemical PET Polyolefin LLDPE

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