Petrochemicals Bioplastic Crude Oil 16-01-2020

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Crude Oil

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

-What to Analyze About the China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (SNP)?

Performance of the SNP Stock:

China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation revealed performance of -1.68% during the period of last 5 trading days and shown last 12 months performance of -21.54%.

The stock moved to -8.35% in last six months and it maintained for the month at 8.15%.

The stock noted year to date 2019 performance at 1.26% and changed about 1.72% over the last three months.

The stock is now standing at -30.13% from 52 week-high and is situated at 10.87% above from 52-week low price.

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Crude Oil

-NexTex To Launch TurboDry™ At OutDoor Retailer

NexTex Innovations announced today that it will introduce TurboDry Technology, a new category of high-performance fabric at January’s Outdoor Retailer Show.

TurboDry patent-pending fabrics incorporate a revolutionary drying technology that relies on the principals of biomimicry — design inspired by nature — to quickly transport moisture, in one direction, away from the wearer’s skin to its exterior.

This process, based on the physics of contact angles and capillary action, keeps wearers dry and is more durable and sustainable than chemically-coated alternatives. Petrochemicals Bioplastic Crude Oil

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Crude Oil

-Static Bottle Recycling Rate is Insufficient to Meet CPG Demands for rPET

A new report shows a U.S. recycling rate for PET and HDPE bottles of 28.9% in 2018, far below the volume needed to meet CPG’s upcoming goals around the use of recycled content.Petrochemicals Bioplastic Crude Oil

While a recent press release from the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) and the American Chemistry Council proclaims, “Plastic Bottle Recycling Strong Despite Challenges,” a 28.9% recycling rate for PET and high-density polyethylene bottles in 2018 lags far behind the rates recorded in Europe—and far behind the rates that will be needed to fulfill the numerous commitments made by Consumer Packaged Goods companies to use more recycled content in their packaging by 2025.

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Crude Oil


Plastic, in the form of bottles, bags, packaging materials, furniture and more, has become an integral part of our current life.

However, there are increasing problems due to excessive use of plastic, which has caused a global alarm. Today’s world strives for a plastic detox.

Starting with petitions for plastic-free shopping in supermarkets to ensuring that only recyclable packaging is used to transport products as much as possible; both companies and individuals are taking advantage of the plastic-free bandwagon.

While some switch to natural alternatives to plastic, others look for biodegradable plastic options. Is there really such a thing as biodegradable plastic?Petrochemicals Bioplastic Crude Oil

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Crude Oil

-Studio Aisslinger and Trevira Predict Textiles’ Future at Heimtextil 2020

In a future according to Werner Aisslinger, public transportation is cozy, healthcare environments are inviting, and cars—self-driving—are communicative lounges.

Last week at home and contract textile trade show Heimtextil, the German designer, founder of his namesake firm Studio Aisslinger, teamed up with Trevira, manufacturer of flame retardant polyester fiber Trevira CS, to present “Textile Future by Trevira CS.”

The 21,500-square-foot installation addressed the potential of textiles in tomorrow’s public spaces, hospitality, healthcare, mobility, and workspace design. Some 250 Trevira CS products were used in the stand, in order to demonstrate various possibilities and applications.Petrochemicals Bioplastic Crude Oil

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Crude Oil

-First Dornbirn global fiber congress in Asia

The first edition of the congress will take place on 3 and 4 in March of 2020 in Daegu, South Korea

The close collaboration between the Austrian Fibers Institute, the Korean textile federation KOFOTI and the technological institute DYETEC has allowed the organization of 1r Dornbin-GFC Congress For the Asian market.

Participants from the entire value chain of the textile sector are expected to attend this event between 300 and 400.Petrochemicals Bioplastic Crude Oil

The collaboration agreement for the organization of the event was signed on October 21 of 2019 in Porto, Portugal.

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Crude Oil

-Richmond Businesses Expanding

The Economic Development Corp. of Wayne County has announced two businesses are looking to grow in Richmond this year.

DAK Americas LLC and Holland Colours Americas Inc. have planned multi-million-dollar facility expansions.

DAK Americas plans to invest $32 million in its PET recycling company and hire 30 new full-time employees in Richmond.Petrochemicals Bioplastic Crude Oil

The EDC of Wayne County is providing a $140,000 grant to help with new equipment and machinery expenses, along with building construction, nearby land and new employee training.

Richmond Businesses Expanding

-Celanese’s Ethylene-based VAM Awarded Green Technology Tag

Celanese Corporation CE announced that its ethylene-based Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM) technology has been awarded the “Green Technology” designation by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation.Petrochemicals Bioplastic Crude Oil

Notably, the designation was awarded to the company’s ethylene-based VAM technology due to its low carbon emissions, low content of heavy components, low energy consumption and high product quality.

Celanese's Ethylene-based VAM Awarded Green Technology Tag

-Lycra to showcase latest innovations at ISPO

The Lycra Company, a global leader in developing innovative solutions for the apparel industry, will showcase the most ground-breaking line up of innovations at ISPO Munich in years. Petrochemicals Bioplastic Crude Oil

Attendees can learn about new LycraFitSense technology, LycraMyFit fibre, LycraEcoMade fibre and Planet Agenda, The Lycra Company’s sustainability platform.

“We are very excited to showcase our latest innovations for activewear, sportswear and athleisure apparel at ISPO,” said Julien Born, President, Apparel, The Lycra Company. “We look forward to working with brands, and their supply-chains, to create offerings that bring tangible value to garments, consistent with consumers’ active lifestyles and their desire for lasting comfort, fit and shape.”

Lycra to showcase latest innovations at ISPO

-Biodegradable plastic packaging developed for use in pharma

A new ‘green plastic’ alternative that degrades in 10 years has been created, which can be used in the pharmaceutical packaging industry.Petrochemicals Bioplastic Crude Oil

A novel completely recyclable and fully biodegradable plastic packaging solution which could be used in the pharmaceutical industry has been developed.

After initial testing to create environmentally friendly packaging, researchers used a biodegradable plastic additive which they combined with sugarcane to make a ‘green plastic’.

Biodegradable plastic packaging developed for use in pharma

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Crude Oil

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Biodegradable 15-01-2020

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