Recycled polyester textiles – Malaysian 2024 biofuel output could rise if B20 biodiesel usage expanded 11-03-2024

Recycled polyester textiles

Polymers prices – PET bottles banned? the environment doesn’t always thank you


Recycled polyester textiles

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend by Polyestertime

Crude Oil Prices Trend by Polyestertime

Monterey Mushrooms unveils rPET with NIR Sortable Colorant

Monterey Mushrooms is championing sustainability by introducing a significant enhancement to its mushroom packaging this Spring. By incorporating near-infrared (NIR) sortable material into their recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET) thermoformed tills, the company is taking strides towards a more recyclable future.

These rPET tills are manufactured using 100% post-consumer recycled materials, sourced entirely from North America, thereby reducing plastic waste in landfills and contributing to a circular economy. The use of NIR sortable colorant ensures effective sorting and recycling of the packaging into new products. Recycled polyester textiles

PET and PETE, both abbreviations for Polyethylene Terephthalate, are commonly used plastics denoted by recycling number 1. However, rPET stands out by virtue of its recycled content, denoted by the ‘r’. This recycled material grants a new lease of life to mixed-color PET materials, potentially offering long-term cost advantages over alternatives like clear rPET.

Through this initiative, Monterey Mushrooms not only fosters sustainability within the mushroom industry but also sets a precedent for other sectors to embrace eco-friendly packaging solutions.

By prioritizing recyclability and incorporating innovative materials, they pave the way for a greener, more environmentally conscious future.  Recycled polyester textiles

Recycled polyester textiles

H&M, Vargas Holding launch Syre: scaling recycled polyester textiles

H&M Group and Vargas Holding have joined forces to launch Syre, a new venture aimed at scaling textile-to-textile recycling of polyester.

Backed by TPG Rise Climate, the venture seeks to accelerate the adoption of recycled polyester in the textile industry, fostering sustainability.

H&M Group has secured a substantial USD 600 million offtake agreement with Syre over seven years, fulfilling a significant portion of its long-term demand for recycled polyester. This move is pivotal as it shifts focus from traditional bottle-to-textile recycling to a closed-loop alternative, reducing reliance on virgin polyester.  Recycled polyester textiles

CEO Daniel Ervér emphasizes the importance of Syre in H&M Group’s journey towards circularity, urging industry-wide participation in driving sustainability.

Additionally, H&M Group has bolstered its commitment to recycled materials, targeting 30 percent by 2025 and aiming for 50 percent by 2030, aligning with its broader goal of achieving 100 percent recycled or sustainably sourced materials by 2030.

This strategic shift reflects H&M Group’s dedication to decoupling growth from virgin resource consumption, marking a significant step towards a more sustainable future.

Recycled polyester textiles

Malaysian 2024 biofuel output could rise if B20 biodiesel usage expanded

Hydrocarbonprocessing predicts Malaysia’s biodiesel production could reach 1.8 million metric tons (MMt) in 2024 with the expansion of the B20 biodiesel program by the government. Currently, Malaysia has initiated a phased rollout of the B20 program, mandating a 20% blend of palm-based biodiesel with diesel for transportation, with most regions implementing a B10 program.  Recycled polyester textiles

According to MBA president U.R. Unnithan, the acceleration of blending facilities could facilitate the transition to B20, albeit with considerations of time and cost for nationwide implementation. The group has proposed expanding the program to the government, aiming for implementation in the latter half of the year, pending discussions with stakeholders.

Since its introduction in 2020, the nationwide 20% palm-based biodiesel blending program has faced obstacles due to the COVID-19 pandemic and governmental changes. Plans to extend the B10 program to the industrial sector and mandate a 30% palm oil blend by 2025 are under consideration.  Recycled polyester textiles

Malaysia exported approximately 300,000 tons of biodiesel in the previous year, with domestic consumption standing at around 1.1 MMt. Unnithan cautions that potential revisions in price controls and fuel subsidies by the government could impact domestic biodiesel demand negatively.

Malaysian 2024 biofuel output could rise if B20 biodiesel usage expanded

Indorama Ventures, Thai petrochem firm, plans asset sale, IPO

Thailand’s Indorama Ventures, a leading petrochemical firm, is set to divest assets and pursue organic growth by listing its businesses, according to founder and CEO Aloke Lohia. Facing industry shifts post-pandemic, the company aims to boost its EBITDA to $2.1 billion by 2026, prioritizing organic expansion over debt-driven acquisitions.

Acknowledging recent financial challenges, including a $310 million loss in 2023, Lohia emphasizes a strategic shift towards reducing debt by $2.5 billion and selling $1.3 billion worth of non-core assets, particularly in Europe. Additionally, Indorama Ventures plans to list certain segments, potentially raising $1 billion in funds. Lohia suggests listing the integrated oxides and derivatives business in the West and the packaging business in India or elsewhere in Asia.  Recycled polyester textiles

Since its establishment in 1994, Indorama Ventures has grown through 50 acquisitions, totaling a $10.9 billion enterprise value. With over 140 facilities across 35 countries, the company specializes in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) production for plastic bottles and integrated oxides and derivatives (IODs) used in personal care and agriculture.

Forbes ranks Lohia, an India-born entrepreneur, as Thailand’s 17th richest, with a net worth of $1.96 billion. As Indorama Ventures adapts to evolving market dynamics, its strategic focus on organic growth and asset optimization underscores its commitment to long-term sustainability and profitability. Recycled polyester textiles

Indorama Ventures, Thai petrochem firm, plans asset sale, IPO

Amazon invests in ai-powered sorting technology for MRS

MRF robotics company Glacier has raised $7.7m in funding from Amazon and other investors to refine AI-enabled sorting technology able to identify ‘novel packaging materials’.

Glacier, a US-based robotics sorting company, has announced that it has raised $7.7 million in funding from a combination of investors including Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund, New Enterprise Associates and other venture capitalists. Glacier plans to allocate a significant amount of the investment towards the development of low-cost, high-performance AI-enabled robotics, which streamline the sorting of the recyclable materials and gather real-time data on the waste streams.  Recycled polyester textiles

AI systems for recycling

Amazon is hoping to use the data gleaned from the technology to reveal actionable insights about packaging’s end-of-life journey that can be fed back to its supply chain and help the retail giant meet its Climate Pledge Fund goals. Packaging suppliers would use the information to design more recoverable packaging formats to deliver higher volumes and higher quality of post consumer recycled (PCR) packaging materials, leading the way to greater circularity. And, Amazon is as much a consumer of PCR packaging material as it is a supplier – higher volumes would reduce the costs associated with PCR, to the point at which it may even become competitive with virgin materials. Higher quality would unlock a greater range of uses.  Recycled polyester textiles


Amazon invests in ai-powered sorting technology for MRS

Global EV battery companies to unveil tech at Seoul’s ‘InterBattery’ expo

The InterBattery exhibition in Seoul, held from March 6 to March 8, will feature 579 electric vehicle (EV) battery companies from 18 countries. Hosted at the COEX Convention & Exhibition Center in Seoul’s Gangnam District, renowned for its fashion and finance, the event will showcase cutting-edge battery-related technologies and products.

Organized by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, InterBattery stands as one of South Korea’s premier battery exhibitions. This year, it anticipates over 75,000 attendees, surpassing the 60,000 visitors in 2023.  Recycled polyester textiles

Leading South Korean battery manufacturers will unveil their latest innovations. Samsung SDI will present its solid-state battery mass production roadmap, promising higher energy density and faster charging. Additionally, Samsung will showcase its rapid charging technology, capable of reaching 80% capacity in nine minutes.

LG Energy Solution will highlight its cell-to-pack (CTP) technology, eliminating the need for intermediate modules, thereby enhancing pack energy density and cost-effectiveness.

Domestic exhibitors include SK On, SK Group’s battery arm, and Dongwon Systems, Dongwon Group’s packaging solutions developer. COEX President Lee Dong-ki expressed hopes for InterBattery to serve as a global platform for South Korea’s battery industry, reinforcing its position in the global secondary battery market.  Recycled polyester textiles

Global EV battery companies to unveil tech at Seoul's 'InterBattery' expo