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rPET Bottles

-Coca-Cola Launches 100% rPET Bottles in Indonesia

Coca-Cola Indonesia has partnered with Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) to introduce a nationwide rollout of bottles made entirely from 100% recycled PET (rPET) plastic, excluding the cap and label. rPET Bottles

This pioneering move brings rPET packaging to Coca-Cola’s Trademark brands, including Fanta, Sprite in 390ml size, and Sprite Waterlymon in 425ml size, making it the first of its kind in the country.

The launch of these 100% rPET bottles signifies a significant step towards establishing a closed-loop circular economy in Indonesia. It also highlights CCEP’s commitment to achieving its goal of incorporating 50% recycled plastic in its packaging by 2025. This aligns with the sustainability vision of The Coca-Cola Company, known as “A World Without Waste.” rPET Bottles

Coca-Cola emphasizes that the introduction of these bottles will make a substantial contribution to reducing the reliance on new plastics in Indonesia and lowering carbon emissions in the production process.

To manufacture the recycled bottles, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Indonesia (CCEP) and Dynapack Asia have established a state-of-the-art recycling facility in West Java. This facility utilizes post-consumer PET and boosts recycling capabilities in the region.

Furthermore, the facility houses a foundation called Mahija Parahita Nusantara, jointly established by the two companies. The foundation’s primary objective is to promote circular outcomes for PET bottles while ensuring fair and responsible waste collection practices and stabilizing feedstock pricing.rPET Bottles

It supports The Coca-Cola Company’s goal of collecting the equivalent of each can and bottle it sells by 2030. The foundation achieves this by developing collection infrastructure through collection micro-enterprises, social enterprise, and community support. Additionally, Mahija provides stable employment and essential social care to the informal waste-picker community, serving as a vital source of feedstock for the facility. The foundation strictly adheres to human rights principles and regulations within the waste collection supply chain, including the elimination of child labor and the provision of safe work environments. rPET Bottles

For more information, please visit Coca-Cola EP’s official website.

rPET Bottles

-Syclus has chosen Axens, a French company, to collaborate on the establishment of Europe’s inaugural renewable ethylene plant using sustainable ethanol technology

The plant is set to be constructed and operated in Chemelot Industrial Park, Geleen, The Netherlands, as reported by Hydrocarbonprocessing.

This groundbreaking facility, with an annual capacity of approximately 100,000 tonnes, aims to revolutionize the production of plastics by employing renewable ethanol-to-ethylene technology in Europe. rPET Bottles

Axens’ Atol technology will serve as the foundation for the plant. Atol boasts numerous advantages, including cost-effective and high-yield ethylene production facilitated by a superior catalyst. Additionally, it enables optimized energy usage, resulting in minimized emissions. The ethylene produced using this technology meets the stringent specifications required by Chemelot and the ARG (ethylene pipeline network in Northwest Europe), and is widely acknowledged as the highest-quality ethylene on the market.

The project’s initial engineering phase is scheduled to commence in late 2023, with production slated for 2026. The regional production of ethanol will be handled by CropEnergies, a company that operates a nearby renewable ethanol plant and acquired a significant stake in Syclus in 2022. The estimated investment for the project exceeds EUR 130 million.rPET Bottles

Igor Hensing, the General Director of Syclus B.V., expressed confidence in the partnership with Axens, stating, “Syclus has chosen Axens as the licensor for the ethanol-to-ethylene project. Axens’ Atol technology combines high efficiency, low energy consumption, exceptional product quality, and safety performance. This aligns with Syclus’ goal of establishing a new standard in renewable ethylene. Through our collaboration, Axens has demonstrated their shared ambition, and we believe we have selected the right partner to ensure the success of the plant’s design, construction, and operation.”

Stephan Meeder, the CEO/CFO of CropEnergies AG, expressed satisfaction with Syclus’ decision, as the company holds a 50 percent stake in Syclus. He stated, “Renewable ethylene represents a significant milestone in decarbonizing plastic production, making it more sustainable. Pending the results of the ongoing feasibility study, CropEnergies anticipates making a decision on the next phase, which entails basic engineering, by the end of this year.” rPET Bottles

Jacques Rault, the Executive Vice President of Technology & Technical Support at Axens, conveyed his delight at being chosen by Syclus and spearheading the introduction of Atol technology in Europe. He affirmed, “Atol is a well-established technology with five references worldwide. We are thrilled to be involved in Atol’s first European reference and honored to have been selected by Syclus. Atol is a safe, reliable, and low-carbon solution, and we strongly believe it represents the future of renewable ethylene.”

rPET Bottles

-A journey to sustainability

Dennis Siepmann talks about how sustainability became a career

Could you tell us something about yourself and your journey at Actega? What inspired you to pursue a career in sustainability? rPET Bottles

I have been working at Actega for over 12 years and during this time I have had the opportunity to work in various roles across sales, marketing, and product development. My time at Actega has allowed me to acquire a deep understanding of the company globally and has given me insights into the company’s different functions, the people who make it work, and the complexities of different sites and businesses. rPET Bottles

In August last year, I took the role of global head of sustainability, a role that I am very passionate about. In this function, my focus is on bringing our sustainability approach into the market and working closely with customers, suppliers and our R&D team to enhance our sustainability efforts. We want to accelerate our progress and have already taken bold actions and proactive steps to do so. Examples include analysing the current product portfolio from a sustainability perspective or launching initial initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of materials. rPET Bottles

What does sustainability mean to you both  from an individual and a business perspective?

Sustainability, to me, means being mindful of our impact on the environment and taking responsible actions to reduce waste and inefficiency. As a parent of three, it is a personal priority of mine to ensure that we can leave a positive legacy for our children’s future. This belief also carries over into my professional life at Actega, where we are an integral part of the packaging industry. While there has been increased scrutiny placed on the sector due to the environmental impact of plastic and packaging in general, it’s essential to recognise that these are vital for providing durability and extended shelf life to products. Our role is to make sure that packaging materials are used in the most efficient way and to contribute to this with our coatings, printing inks, varnishes and compounds. rPET Bottles

Generally speaking: Our aim is to strike the right balance between preserving our planet and ensuring that businesses remain profitable.

Can you tell us what are the significant opportunities for businesses in terms of sustainability?

Absolutely. In the world of sustainability, challenges should always be viewed as opportunities. This approach not only makes companies more innovative and future-focused, but it also positively impacts their resilience in the long run. One of the top agenda points in our industry has been recyclability. Whether it is the challenges of sorting and recycling multi-layer films, the trend towards mono-materials or the increase in paper-based packaging, we are committed to meeting the current needs. rPET Bottles

Recognising the importance of recycling as an integral part of our sustainability program has led us to develop innovative solutions and processes, for example, to contribute to end products that can be recycled with minimal impact on the recycling process.

rPET Bottles

-China’s Premier Li Qiang has pledged his support for the economy, leading to a recovery in the stock markets

After a turbulent period marked by selloffs, the Asian markets are regaining stability on July 7. The previous session witnessed a surge in the markets, particularly in Europe, as investors were initially alarmed by the hawkish FOMC minutes and the stronger-than-expected US services sector. rPET Bottles

As of 7:20 am Italian time, the Nikkei has experienced a 0.4% loss, while Hong Kong and Shanghai are nearing parity. Meanwhile, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who recently concluded a two-day visit to China, is scheduled to meet with Premier Li today. The aim of their meeting is to establish a dialogue between the two nations, amidst an ongoing technological war.

In other news, American WTI oil has risen by 0.5% to reach $72.14 per barrel, while futures on Wall Street remain slightly below parity. rPET Bottles

Furthermore, China has taken the step to halt exports of two crucial metals used in chip manufacturing. This decision has created cautiousness in Asia, which was already surprised by the actions of the Australian central bank.

During a seminar, Premier Li emphasized the urgency of implementing a series of policies to strengthen the country’s economic recovery from the pandemic. He stressed the need for targeted, comprehensive, and well-coordinated measures that can stabilize growth, employment, and mitigate risks. However, specific details regarding these interventions were not disclosed. rPET Bottles

The stock exchanges have responded positively to the news, witnessing a rise across the board.

Additionally, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s meeting with Premier Li in Beijing today marks her first formal engagement during her visit to the Chinese capital.

Despite concerns about potential interest rate hikes that could dampen global growth and energy demand, WTI crude futures have remained stable around $72 a barrel. The prospect of tight global supply has outweighed these concerns, resulting in a 2.5% increase in crude oil prices over the course of the week. rPET Bottles

China's Premier Li Qiang has pledged his support for the economy, leading to a recovery in the stock markets

Mr. Xi Jinping – President of China

-Stellantis and NioCorp have signed a Rare Earth Offtake Term Sheet, demonstrating their commitment to sustainable practices and the development of a resilient supply chain

The agreement supports Stellantis’ goal of achieving carbon net zero by 2038 and accelerates NioCorp’s path to commercial production of magnetic rare earth oxides in the United States. rPET Bottles

The Term Sheet outlines a 10-year offtake contract for specific amounts of neodymium-praseodymium oxide, dysprosium oxide, and terbium oxide, which NioCorp plans to produce at its Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project in Nebraska. The final volumes will be determined in a definitive agreement, contingent upon sufficient project financing.

Stellantis Chief Purchasing and Supply Chain Officer, Maxime Picat, expressed the company’s commitment to carbon neutrality and emphasized the need for innovative sourcing strategies. He stated that collaborating with partners like NioCorp is crucial for decarbonizing mobility and securing strategic supplies to support Stellantis’ global electrification plans. rPET Bottles

Mark Smith, Executive Chairman and CEO of NioCorp, highlighted the significance of the partnership in developing Stellantis’ magnetic rare earth supply chain. He noted that NioCorp’s potential as a U.S. supplier of critical minerals for vehicle electrification offers Stellantis valuable options to strengthen its supply chains and achieve its growth targets.

It should be noted that further economic analysis is required to determine the feasibility and viability of extracting rare earth elements from the Elk Creek Project. The binding off-take agreement is subject to due diligence, final terms negotiation, documentation settlement, and customary closing conditions, including regulatory approvals.

The parties cannot guarantee the entry into a binding agreement on the terms specified or at all. rPET Bottles

Visit : Stellantis

Stellantis and NioCorp have signed a Rare Earth Offtake Term Sheet, demonstrating their commitment to sustainable practices and the development of a resilient supply chain

-Yellen says US not seeking ‘winner-take-all’ competition with China

Chinese Premier Li Qiang (R) shakes hands with US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen during a meeting at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on July 7, 2023. (Mark Schiefelbein)

Chinese Premier Li Qiang (R) shakes hands with US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen during a meeting at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on July 7, 2023. (Mark Schiefelbein)

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told Chinese Premier Li Qiang on Friday that the United States is not seeking “winner-take-all” competition, in a visit to Beijing aimed at stabilising fraught ties. rPET Bottles

Yellen’s four-day trip is her first as Treasury chief to China, with which the United States is butting heads over trade curbs, human rights and a litany of other disputes.

But Washington is working to dial down the temperature, and on Friday Yellen underscored to Li that the United States does not seek an economic showdown.

“We seek healthy economic competition that is not winner-take-all but that, with a fair set of rules, can benefit both countries over time,” she told Li at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People. rPET Bottles

The United States has said it is seeking to “de-risk” from China by limiting the world’s second-largest economy’s access to advanced technology deemed crucial to Washington’s national security.

Yellen underlined to Premier Li that while Washington would “in certain circumstances, need to pursue targeted actions to protect its national security”, that should not derail ties.

“We may disagree in these instances,” she said. rPET Bottles

“We should not allow any disagreement to lead to misunderstandings that needlessly worsen our bilateral economic and financial relationship.”

Highlighting the challenges, just days before Yellen’s visit, Beijing unveiled new export controls on metals key to semiconductor manufacturing on national security grounds, in the latest salvo in the chips war.

The Treasury secretary Friday told American businesspeople Washington was “concerned” about the curbs. rPET Bottles

She stressed during her visit that Washington was not seeking a “wholesale separation of our economies”.

“A decoupling of the world’s two largest economies would be destabilising for the global economy,” Yellen told a meeting with representatives of US business at a session hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in the capital. rPET Bottles


Yellen says US not seeking 'winner-take-all' competition with China

-A soil monitoring law will put the EU on a pathway to healthy soils by 2050, by gathering data on the health of soils and making it available to farmers and other soil managers

The law also makes sustainable soil management the norm and addresses situations of unacceptable health and environment risks due to soil contamination. Today’s proposals will also boost innovation and sustainability, by enabling the safe use of technical progress in new genomic techniques, to enable developing climate-resilient crops and reducing the use of chemical pesticides, and by ensuring more sustainable, high-quality and diverse seeds and reproductive material for plants and forests.

Finally, new measures also propose to reduce food and textile waste, which will contribute to a more efficient use of natural resources and a further reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from these sectors. rPET Bottles

These measures will bring long-term economic, social, health and environmental benefits to everyone. By ensuring more resilient natural assets, the new rules in particular support people living directly from land and nature. They will contribute to prosperous rural areas, food security, a resilient and thriving bioeconomy, put the EU at the forefront of innovation and development and help reverse biodiversity loss and prepare for the consequences of climate change. rPET Bottles

A new EU Law to increase the value of soil and its resources

60 to 70% of soils in the EU are currently unhealthy. In addition, a billion tonnes of soil are washed away every year due to erosion, which means that the remaining fertile top layer is disappearing quickly. Costs associated with soil degradation are estimated at over €50 billion per year.


A soil monitoring law will put the EU on a pathway to healthy soils by 2050, by gathering data on the health of soils and making it available to farmers and other soil managers

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