Bioplastic CrudeOil rPET Recycling 18-01-2020

Bioplastic CrudeOil rPET Recycling

-RKW showcasing sustainable film solutions at Upakovka

At this year’s Upakovka, Russia’s largest trade fair for processing and packaging machinery, RKW will be presenting its sustainable plastic packaging solutions for industrial purposes.

This topic is currently gaining traction in the Russian market, which is why film specialist RKW will be attending the fair for the first time since 2015 – sending a clear signal and underlining its position as the leading provider of sustainable industrial packaging in Russia.

Bioplastic CrudeOil rPET Recycling

-Nestlé Invests €1.9bn In Innovative Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Nestlé today announced that it will invest up to €1.9 billion (CHF 2 billion) to lead the shift from virgin plastics to food-grade recycled plastics and to accelerate the development of innovative sustainable packaging solutions.

Building on its 2018 commitment to make 100% of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025, Nestlé will reduce its use of virgin plastics by one third in the same period whilst working with others to advance the circular economy and endeavor to clean up plastic waste from oceans, lakes and rivers, the confectionary giant said.Bioplastic CrudeOil rPET Recycling

Bioplastic CrudeOil rPET Recycling

-Inside Henkel’s plastics packaging strategy

EXCLUSIVE: Henkel’s international director of packaging technology Thorsten Leopold has outlined how and why the company developed its three-pronged plastics strategy, and how the framework’s targets have helped the multinational take plastic action “beyond its own four walls”. Bioplastic CrudeOil rPET Recycling

Launched in September 2018, when the Blue Planet effect was undeniably dominating the sustainability conversation, Henkel’s plastics strategy covers three core pillars: using materials from sustainable sources, using smart design and closing the loop.

Bioplastic CrudeOil rPET Recycling

-NGOs demand EPR for carpets

Two years ago, the European Carpet and Rug Association (ECRA) announced actions to strengthen the reuse and recycling of carpets in Europe.

Environmental Action Germany (DUH), Zero Waste Europe (ZWE), Zero Waste France, Changing Markets, the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) and United Kingdom Without Incineration Network (UKWIN) have today criticised the progress made to be insufficient, stating that the carpet industry is stalling for time instead of developing efficient circular economy measures.Bioplastic CrudeOil rPET Recycling

Mandatory Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes at EU level are needed to push for a transition to a toxic-free circular economy in the carpet industry.

Bioplastic CrudeOil rPET Recycling

-Biodegradable packaging additive claims spark debate

Numerous commercial trials of a packaging additive said to “enhance biodegradability” in landfill and the ocean, while not interfering with recycling, and which can be added to standard fossil-derived plastics, are under way.

However, the substance is coming under close scrutiny following ambitious claims made by the additive supplier and by converters.Bioplastic CrudeOil rPET Recycling

Bioplastic CrudeOil rPET Recycling

-First COMPEO compounding system for colour masterbatch in operation

Only announced to the plastics industry in the run-up to K 2019, a COMPEO 88 compounder from BUSS is already in industrial use. The first user is a multinational masterbatch manufacturer, which has been producing color masterbatches with this system since late October 2019.Bioplastic CrudeOil rPET Recycling

Gentle yet emphatic pressure build-up in the conical twin-screw discharge unit contributes significantly to high process consistency and uniform product quality

First COMPEO compounding system for colour masterbatch in operation

-Debenhams launches new sustainability programme

Debenhams, has launched a new sustainability programme with ambitious targets as it aims to set new benchmarks for UK department store retailing in the 2020s.

The new targets build on the progress made by Debenhams in the last year. In 2019, the business reduced by 22% the amount of packaging it uses, sourced over 2m garments made from sustainable cotton and reduced the number of clothes hangers sent from its stores to landfill to zero.Bioplastic CrudeOil Plastic Recycling

Debenhams launches new sustainability programme

-Avangard to supply Dow with PCR pellets

Dow signed a deal to buy recycled polyethylene pellets from Avangard Innovative, allowing the petrochemical giant to provide recycled-content plastic to North American customers for the first time.Bioplastic CrudeOil rPET Recycling

Dow, a global plastic and chemical company, announced today it will combine its virgin PE with Avangard Innovative’s post-consumer resin (PCR), as part of the exclusive agreement. Potential end markets for the resulting recycled-content LLDPE and LDPE pellets include garbage bags, shrink wrap and protective packaging. The PCR-based pellets are expected to be available to Dow’s customers later this year.

Avangard to supply Dow with PCR pellets

-The Rapid Interview: “A more valuable commodity is inherently less disposable”

Tom Mowat, CEO and Co-founder at Vesta Smart Packaging talks disposability, disruption, and smart packaging.

Your elevator pitch: introduce and sell us your company in no more than 280 characters.Bioplastic CrudeOil rPET Recycling

We all need to use less plastic. Vesta uses smart packaging to help manufacturers and consumers do this by making packaging work for them; providing convenience for consumers and new direct customer relationships for manufacturers.

The Rapid Interview: "A more valuable commodity is inherently less disposable"

Bioplastic CrudeOil rPET Recycling

Bioplastic CrudeOil Plastic Recycling 17-01-2020

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