PET-bottle-chip – Chemical-Recycling 03-05-2022

PET-bottle-chip – Chemical-Recycling

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-RadiciGroup, focus on Renycle® at the Greenplast fair – Milan, 3 – 6 May 2022

New technopolymers that combine mechanical and environmental performance for customers who have chosen sustainability as a strategic goal

RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers participates in Greenplast (Hall 14P – Stand C72) focusing attention on Renycle®, a brand that identifies the range of technopolymers for engineering use made with variable percentages of recovered polyamide of both post-industrial and post-consumer origin .

This new line of products based on PA 6 and PA 66 concretely testifies to the Group’s long-standing commitment to sustainability.

“We have been dealing with the circular economy for over 40 years – underlines Erico Spini, Global Marketing Manager of RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers – At RadiciGroup every production waste becomes a new resource: we have many years of experience in the selection of different materials and in choosing the best way. to give them a second life. More recently, we have also gained important skills in post consumer recycling and today we therefore present ourselves as a trusted partner for those customers who in turn make environmentally friendly choices and want to offer safe, reliable, traceable and quality products “.

Renycle® products are the result of a careful selection of incoming raw materials and an advanced mechanical characterization both from the point of view of mechanical, chemical, physical and electrical performance and in reference to the reduction of the environmental impact in comparison with products with 100% virgin polymer (LCA comparison). PET-bottle-chip – Chemical-Recycling

«Renycle® – says Spini – is intended for applications of interest to all the reference markets of RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers: automotive, e-mobility, electrical-electronic, industrial and consumer goods sectors. In addition to so-called “general purpose” materials, the range includes specific products such as, for example, a polyamide 66 with 30% glass fiber formulated to provide resistance to coolants used in the automotive sector or a material with interesting retarding performance flame dedicated to the electricity sector, also with a view to an ever wider future development of e-mobility ».

RadiciGroup, focus su Renycle® alla fiera Greenplast

-Challenge: Chemical Recycling Technology for Waste Plastics

NineSigma, representing a major Japanese chemical manufacturer (the Client), seeks chemical recycling technology for recycling waste plastics. The Client desires to decompose plastic without any precious metal catalyst under a mild condition.

Specifically, proposals of technology that can retrieve high-value-added chemicals such as benzene, toluene, and xylene (BTX) from the degradation of polyolefins, or highly efficient technology that can decompose polyurethane, etc. are expected.

As a company socially responsible for the environment, the Client has been studying chemical recycling technology for decomposing and recycling plastic waste to establish a sustainable recycling system. The commercial practice of chemical recycling needs to obtain high-value-added degradants (e.g., BTX), use universal catalysts, and decompose under mild conditions. However, such technology has not been identified by the Client yet. PET-bottle-chip – Chemical-Recycling

Meanwhile, it seems there are promising approaches to the issue in the world as chemical recycling technologies have been widely researched and developed.

PET-bottle-chip - Chemical-Recycling

RadiciGroup, focus on Renycle® at the Greenplast-fair-Milan, 3 – 6 May 2022

Challenge: Chemical-Recycling-Technology for Waste-Plastics

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PET-bottle-chip – Chemical-Recycling

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