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Petrochemical PEF Resin Polyester

China – Polyethylene Terephthalate

PET and its chain continue to slide downward.

Crude oil price is steady.

Polyamide 6 and its chain are weak.

Acrylonitrile continues to decrease.

PET Bottle grade export 800/850 $/ton PET Bottle grade domestic market 6,650/6,750 yuan/ton PET Filament grade SD domestic market 6,350/6,450 yuan/ton – PET Filament grade BR domestic market 6,450/6,550 yuan/ton

PTA Taiwan 640/650 $/ton PTA domestic market 5,050/5,150 yuan/tonMEG  555/565 $/ton – MEG domestic market 4,650/4,750 yuan/tonPX Korea 770/780 $/ton

Polyester POY 150D/48F  domestic market 7,250/7,400  yuan/tonPolyester DTY 150D/48F  domestic market 8,950/9,050  yuan/tonPolyester Staple PSF domestic market 7,200/7,300 yuan/ton

Petrochemical PEF Resin Polyester

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-What does the future of plastic look like?

Plastic waste is a growing problem around the world, despite efforts to recycle or reduce plastic use.

In order to really transform the recycling process, more attention needs to be paid to the composition of plastic, according to a new research article from Lund University in Sweden.

The paper presents strategies on how to improve recyclability through the smarter design of polymers—and how biobased polymers could shift to carbon neutral alternatives.

Petrochemical PEF Resin Polyester

-Arkema Partners with Agiplast to Recycle Polymers

French chemicals and advanced materials producer Arkema is teaming up with engineering plastics compounder Agiplast to produce and regenerate engineering plastic compounds from high performance polyamides and PVDF fluropolymers, a compay press release announced Tuesday.

“Arkema is in the perfect position to play the role of matchmaker in the latest step of our sustainability journey. We are able to pair companies (on a case-by-case basis) who are looking for a second life for their scraps or end-of-life products with companies who want to source recycled specialty polymer,” Erwoan Perzon, global group president of Technical Polymers business line at Arkema, said in a statement. “Ariplast is an ideal partner for us due to their extensive history in regenerating high added value materials for specialty markets.”

Petrochemical PEF Resin Polyester

-Dow, BOBST, Hosokawa Alpine and ELBA to jointly present recyclable barrier packaging at K 2019

Thanks to the joint development with machine manufacturer BOBST, extrusion converter Hosokawa Alpine and packaging producer ELBA, Dow will present a selection of polyethylene-based(PE) pouches that the company says allow for the production of medium-to-high barrier packaging with machine direction oriented (MDO) films designed for recyclability.

Prototypes will be on display at K 2019 at the stands of the companies: Dow (stand K48, hall 8a), BOBST (stand A39, Hall 4), Hosokawa Alpine (stand D06, Hall 16) and ELBA (stand D36, Hall 3).

Petrochemical PEF Resin Polyester

-Technology takes over tight oil

As the shale business matures, its wildcatter mentality is being replaced by artificial intelligence

A WTI crude price rangebound in the $50-$60/bl band means profitability is under pressure across the US shale business, which faces far higher ongoing opex than operators of conventional resources. WTI at $100/bl can support a fragmented market of hundreds of participants but lower prices require savings to be squeezed from economies of scale and the innovative application of new technology.

Disappointing returns have largely locked small players out of capital markets and the recent trend is solidly towards consolidation, with the majors becoming increasingly interested in taking stakes when they are available at the right price.

Technology takes over tight oil As the shale business matures, its wildcatter mentality

-Freudenberg acquires technology from innovative start-up

The Freudenberg technology group has acquired the activities of the start-up FRICTins from Wolnzach, Germany, including FRICTins’ innovative technology to increase the friction coefficient. This is designed to allow lightweight and more compact component designs, as well as the transmission of up to five times higher torque and shear forces. These features are of critical relevance in e-mobility applications and increasing performance requirements for part connections.

“In the future, Freudenberg will offer the global automotive industry a cost-efficient, hard particle coated nonwoven solution – ideally suited for the realization of new powertrain designs and lightweight concepts” commented Dr Frank Heislitz, CEO of Freudenberg Performance Materials.

Freudenberg acquires technology from innovative start-up

-LCA confirms low carbon footprint of PLA

A peer-reviewed Life Cycle Impact Assessment of PLA (polylactic acid) has been published that confirms the low carbon footprint of Total Corbion’s PLA at commercial scale.

Published in the Journal of Polymers and the Environment,the article provides up-to-date cradle-to-gate information on the environmental footprint of PLA produced in Thailand at commercial scale. All relevant environmental aspects of PLA production are analysed in detail, covering carbon footprint as well emerging topics such as water footprint and direct land use change. The potential to further reduce the environmental impacts of PLA is also demonstrated.

Petrochemical PEF Resin Polyester

-Evonik Adds to the TROGAMID(r) Product Group

Evonik has developed a highly transparent polyamide based on new monomers, which combines a relatively high heat deflection temperature with good mechanical properties and low water uptake.

TROGAMID HT is thus ideally suited for high-end ATEX applications in the higher temperature range.

Evonik Adds to the TROGAMID(r) Product Group

-EQUATE launches MEGlobal Oyster Creek as 1st manufacturing facility in US

With a nameplate capacity of 750,000 metric-tons-annually (MTa) of ethylene glycol and, the new plant will be operated by MEGlobal Americas

Mubasher: EQUATE Group has announced that the start-up of MEGlobal Oyster Creek Site’s commercial production of fiber-grade, on-spec monoethylene glycol.

MEGlobal Oyster Creek is considered EQUATE Group’s first manufacturing facility in the United States that will include access to shipping routes to customers worldwide, a press release on Monday concluded.

EQUATE launches MEGlobal Oyster Creek as 1st manufacturing facility in US

-Recycled HDPE prices soar, but PET and metals see declines

Market graph iconThe price of natural HDPE has skyrocketed over the past month, roughly doubling in some areas to a high of 52 cents per pound. Color HDPE also took a notable jump.

The national price of post-consumer natural high-density polyethylene (HDPE) from curbside collection programs is now 46.38 cents per pound, compared with 25.88 cents this time last month.

Recycled HDPE prices soar, but PET and metals see declines Market graph iconThe price of natural HDPE has skyrocketed over t

Petrochemical PETG Resin Polyester 15-10-2019

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