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Petrochemicals Bioplastics PET Flakes

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-New start-ups may bring some changes to China PP market

Entering September, the turnaround season has basically ended. Except for some long-term shutdown plants, only Sinopec Zhongyuan PC and PetroChina Jinxi PC are still in maintenance. Most plants are now operating normally, and the overall supply returns to a relatively high level. At this time, new plants are putting into production gradually.

In September, up to now, there are mainly four new start-ups, namely, 550kt/year Zhongke (Guangdong) Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd., 350kt/year Sinochem Quanzhou II, 600kt/year Liaoning Bora Enterprise Group (Bora) and 350kt/year Wanhua Chemical Group Co.,Ltd.

Petrochemicals Bioplastics PET Flakes

-ECOBAT Battery Technologies upgrades its fleet

ECOBAT Battery Technologies (ECOBAT) has upgraded and added to its fleet of delivery vehicles. The new vehicles will be responsible for delivering batteries from all 16 of ECOBAT’s sites across the UK and Ireland. Petrochemicals Bioplastics PET Flakes 

One of ECOBAT’s key values is to promote sustainability, not just with its closed loop battery recycling, but also with day to day practices, including its delivery vehicles. The 11 new vehicles take advantage of the latest technology that converts NOx emissions into nitrogen and water and reduces more than 99% of emitted solid particulates. The Start-Stop battery fitted in each van also helps to reduce CO2 emissions and the company’s smarter delivery routes are further reducing CO2 emissions.

Petrochemicals Bioplastics PET Flakes

-Big in Japan: UK announces first major post-Brexit trade deal

‘We have taken back control of our trade policy and will continue to thrive as a trading nation outside the EU,’ says British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Britain on Friday, September 11, announced its first major post-Brexit trade agreement – a deal with Japan – as its negotiations with the European Union (EU) become increasingly fractious. Petrochemicals Bioplastics PET Flakes 

The Department for International Trade said the accord, which largely replicates the current EU-Japan deal, will be worth £15.2 billion ($19.5 billion, 16.5 billion euros).

The UK-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement was agreed in principle by International Trade Secretary  Liz Truss and Japan Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi during a video call on Friday.

Big in Japan: UK announces first major post-Brexit trade deal

-Virtual advice from Europe’s machine builders

Both the textile machinery branch of Germany’s VDMA and Swissmem – the Swiss textile machinery association which celebrates its 80th anniversary this year – held separate online webinars on aspects of the latest advanced technologies on 9 September.

Wastewater treatment

The VDMA seminar – the fourth in a series which has so far examined the growth in meltblown production, best practice for making face masks and energy saving processing – this time looked at wastewater reduction and treatment.

Fong’s International, which celebrated the 100th anniversary of its THEN brand and also became part of the Sinomach group in 2019, has recently introduced two new machines with which significant water savings can be made.Petrochemicals Bioplastics PET Flakes 

The company’s head of applied technology Bertram Stetter said the keyways to reduce water and effluent in textile dying were to reduce all inputs to the minimum required with automatic dosing systems and to use yarn with less or no fibre linting.

Petrochemicals Bioplastics PET Flakes

-Energy from hydrogen: Freudenberg is driving fuel cells forward

Using new energies – that sounds so simple. But behind it there is hard work, a lot of money and idealism. The chemical companies in Rhineland-Palatinate put all of this into sustainability and drive it forward with various projects and products.

Felix Herberg is someone who appreciates this: He heads the “Fuel Cell” market segment at Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, a business group of the global technology company Freudenberg. Here the Hambacher and his team advise customers all over the world.

Freudenberg has been pursuing alternative drive concepts since the mid-1990s: “It is not just a single technology that will replace the combustion engine,” says Herberg, summarizing the position of the conglomerate. Petrochemicals Bioplastics PET Flakes 

“We expect different concepts to coexist.”

Energy from hydrogen: Freudenberg is driving fuel cells forward

-How BASF’s reciChain aims to improve traceability of recycled plastics

The vision for BASF’s reciChain project is to take circularity into the real world by increasing traceability of recycled plastics. The company created a plastic additive that enables the traceability. Petrochemicals Bioplastics PET Flakes 

Mitchell Toomey, director of sustainability for North America at BASF, shared an example of how it could work on a laundry detergent bottle: “Once that product goes to the end of its life and goes into recycling, it can be scanned an tracked at that point in time to give the recycler some information about what it contains,” he said, noting that the tracker could show the types of resins and plastics the packaging is made of.

Toomey added that once a product is recycled, the tracker can be maintained through multiple uses. The pilot will need to be scaled to have a big impact but BASF is already working with partners across the value chain.

Petrochemicals Bioplastics PET Flakes -AMI predicts a positive future for Global Chemical Recycling sector with new report

AMI Consulting has published its new report on the global Chemical Recycling industry. The report provides a comprehensive view of the current status of chemical recycling of commodity polymers, market drivers, growth dynamics as well as a forecast for future development. Petrochemicals Bioplastics PET Flakes 

AMI Consulting’s study Chemical Recycling – Global Status 2020 quantifies the global market for chemical recycling in terms of the amount of plastic waste chemically recycled by region, polymer and technology through to 2030.

Legislative measures are being introduced to curb the plastic waste production and to include more recycled content into everyday products, with Europe leading the way.

AMI predicts a positive future for Global Chemical Recycling sector with new report

-Fashion For Good project champions chemical recycling tech

Sustainability initiative Fashion For Good (FFG) has initiated a new project which, with the support of a consortium of brands, manufacturers and industry organisations, will vie to scale promising chemical recycling solutions in cellulosic textile production.

The Full Circle Textiles Project: Scaling Innovations in Cellulosic Recycling project brings together Kering, PVH Corp., Target, Birla Cellulose, the Laudes Foundation and Canopy, and creates an incubated environment in which the technologies of Infinited Fiber Company, Re:newcell, Tyton Biosciences, Evrnu and Phoenxt will be trialled in the manufacture of garments, with scope to scale such solutions.

On a webinar which announced the project’s inception, Christine Goulay, head of sustainable innovation at Kering, commented: “I think the timing is right for this. There are so many brand commitments out there about going circular and not sourcing virgin materials and I think that the pandemic has shown us that, if we didn’t see it before, everything we do is so tied to our natural ecosystems and we can’t do business as usual through this linear supply chain.“Petrochemicals Bioplastics PET Flakes 

Fashion For Good project champions chemical recycling tech

-Oil declines on demand concerns as market looks to OPEC meeting

Oil slipped in Asia, trading near last week’s three-month lows, as the market braces for reduced consumption after the U.S. summer driving season and traders look to this week’s OPEC meeting.

Futures in New York fell as much as 0.8%, after nudging up 0.1% Friday. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies will meet Thursday to discuss the state of the market amid a stalling recovery from April’s price rout.

The pandemic continues to rage in some parts of the world, forcing prices back below $40 a barrel in September for the first time since June.

Fashion For Good project champions chemical recycling tech

-Opec revises down oil demand forecasts for 2020-21

Opec has lowered its oil demand forecasts for 2020 and 2021 as a result of an uncertain Covid-19 outlook, and it increased its projections for non-Opec supply.

Opec’s latest Monthly Oil Market Report (MOMR) projects 2020 oil demand to fall by 9.5mn b/d on the year to 90.2mn b/d, down by 400,000 b/d from last month’s projection.

The slowdown in economic activity resulting from rising Covid-19 has led to a weaker-than-expected demand performance in what Opec describes as “other Asia” — Brunei, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and some other countries.

Opec expects this performance to spill over into the first half of 2021 and it has revised lower its demand forecast for next year to 96.9mn b/d. This is up by 6.6mn b/d on the year, but 770,000 b/d lower than last month’s projection.

Opec revises down oil demand forecasts for 2020-21

Petrochemicals Bioplastics PET Flakes

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