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rPET bottle – Green hydrogen

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-Al Ain Water launches UAE’s first locally produced 100% rpet bottle

Launched at Gulfood, the new 100% rPET bottle is made of post-consumer recycled plastic and is infinitely recyclable

  • rPET generates 75% less of CO2 emissions and requires less energy compared to virgin material production. It has a better overall ecological balance than glass and single-use aluminum cans.
  • The launch of Al Ain Water’s 100% rPET bottle comes in line with MoIAT’s recent ministerial decree regulating the manufacturing and trade of recycled plastic water bottles.
  • Al Ain, an Agthia Group brand, has a growing range of sustainably packaged bottled drinking water, including the Middle East’s first 100% plant-based water bottle.  rPET bottle – Green hydrogen

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Al Ain Water, the UAE’s leading water brand announced today, at Gulfood, the launch of its new water bottle, which is made of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET). This new 100% rPET bottle is the first to be locally produced by a UAE brand.

PET is a highly recyclable plastic material, and when recycled it becomes rPET, a strong, durable and infinitely recyclable material that is commonly used for packaged foods and drinks.


rPET bottle - Green hydrogen

-Sonatrach-Total JV to begin construction of of PP plant in Algeria in July

A joint-venture (JV) between Total and Sonatrach is expected to begin construction of its Algerian polypropylene (PP) plant in July 2023, said the company.

There is very little domestic PP production in North Africa compared to demand, and the region mostly relies on exports from Europe and the Middle East. The STEP PP plant will have a nameplate capacity of 550,000 tonnes/year of homopolymer.

Well-documented and commonplace shipping problems connected with Algeria are not expected to impact the plant as upstream material will be provided by the Erg Issouane gas field.  rPET bottle – Green hydrogen

The JV will initially concentrate on Algeria and its neighbouring countries, such as Morocco and Tunisia. A 50% share will also be reserved for export, with Europe the main focus.

We remind, Eni CEO, Claudio Descalzi, and the CEO of Sonatrach, Toufik Hakkar, signed in Algiers two agreements which outline future joint projects on energy supply, energy transition and decarbonisation. The agreements were signed in the presence of the Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, and the President of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, Abdelmadjid Tebboune.


rPET bottle - Green hydrogen

-Cepsa and ACE terminal join forces to create green hydrogen supply chain from Spain to the Netherlands

Cepsa to supply green ammonia to ACE Terminal in the Port of Rotterdam for conversion into green hydrogen for multiple industries in northern Europe or direct use in shipping

The MoU with Cepsa is the first of agreements ACE signs for green hydrogen and ammonia imports to create Europe’s largest green ammonia import terminal

The agreement strengthens the green hydrogen corridor between the north and south of Europe and represents a significant milestone in the European strategy to decarbonize and develop renewable hydrogen and sustainable fuels  rPET bottle – Green hydrogen

Cepsa and ACE Terminal have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by which the Spanish energy company will supply green ammonia to the planned import terminal in the port of Rotterdam, for end use applications in the industry after conversion of the ammonia back into hydrogen, or for direct end use in the shipping and other industries in Northwest Europe.

Cepsa is developing 2GW of green hydrogen at its two Energy Parks in Andalusia, southern Spain, as part of its 2030 Positive Motion strategy to become a leader in sustainable mobility and the production of renewable hydrogen and advanced biofuels and a benchmark in the energy transition. The two hydrogen plants, with a 3 billion euro investment, will form part of the Andalusian Green Hydrogen Valley, the largest green hydrogen hub in Europe, for which Cepsa has recently signed a number of partnership agreements across the hydrogen value chain. rPET bottle – Green hydrogen


rPET bottle - Green hydrogen

-Polyolefin prices up sharply on higher monomer costs

Standard thermoplastic moved higher because of rising feedstock costs during the first two weeks of February.

PE prices increased by €60-80/tonne, which was slightly less than the €85/tonne rise in the ethylene reference price. PP prices matched the €80/tonne rise of for the propylene reference price.

PVC prices increased €20-30/tonne at the start of February after nine months of price declines. PS prices edged slightly higher during the first half of February after the styrene monomer reference price increased by €10/tonne. rPET bottle – Green hydrogen

In January, standard thermoplastic classes, with the exception of polystyrene, saw a steep price reduction because of falling feedstock costs and weak demand.

Polystyrene prices bucked the downward price trend after steep cost increases for precursors benzene and styrene monomer of €145/tonne and €115/tonne, respectively. As a result, polystyrene prices gained €100/tonne.

L/LDPE prices fell by €70-80/tonne, which was less than the €95/tonne reduction in the cost of ethylene, largely because of energy cost pass-through. HDPE blow moulding and blown film prices fell €70/tonne whereas injection moulding prices fell only by €60/tonne, due largely to higher demand.

PP prices fell €70-80/tonne against a decline of €95/tonne for the propylene reference price. Producers cited higher energy costs as a reason for restricting price discounts to below the cost reduction. rPET bottle – Green hydrogen

PVC prices remained under pressure from lower costs, weak demand and imports at the start of the new year. Base PVC prices fell by €100/tonne, well in excess of the proportionate impact of lower ethylene prices on the PVC cost base.

PET prices fell by a further €80/tonne last month because of weak demand and competitively-priced Chinese imports. There was also growing concern from processors over the lack of clarity and delayed settlement of the paraxylene reference price. There were signs that European PET prices were stabilising early February because of more expensive import prices and higher demand. rPET bottle – Green hydrogen


rPET bottle - Green hydrogen

-LyondellBasell secures advanced recycled feedstock with Nexus Circular

Feedstock from advanced recycling adds to company’s ambitious circularity goals

LyondellBasell and Nexus Circular today announced they have signed a definitive long-term contract, which will supply LyondellBasell with approximately 24,000 tons of recycled feedstock per year. The material will be produced at Nexus Circular’s new advanced recycling facility, which will begin construction in 2023. The new facility will convert mixed plastic waste, which today mostly ends up in landfills or incineration, into recycled feedstock. rPET bottle – Green hydrogen

LyondellBasell will use the recycled feedstock at its Channelview, Texas facility to produce new plastics which will be marketed under the CirculenRevive brand.

Nexus Circular Advanced Recycled Feedstock.Nexus Circular Advanced Recycled Feedstock

“Customers and brand owners need sustainable solutions to meet their 2030 recycling commitments, and this contract is a concrete step toward advancing partnerships across the value chain,” said Yvonne van der Laan, LyondellBasell Executive Vice President, Circular and Low Carbon Solutions. “This agreement is aligned with our circularity ambitions, advancing us closer to our 2030 goal.” rPET bottle – Green hydrogen

Nexus Circular is a commercial leader in advanced recycling with a proven proprietary technology and a leading process design that converts landfill-bound films and other hard-to-recycle plastics into high-quality liquids which are then used to produce virgin-quality plastics.


LyondellBasell secures advanced recycled feedstock with Nexus Circular

-Stellantis: electric cars will have an almost double life. A great cost reduction

Electric car, master race. Green mobility wants to burst onto the scene by acclaim. Not only because it respects the environment and has no emissions, it is silent and uses only clean energy from the sun and wind. Gradually, the exclusively battery-powered cars have been appreciated for their pluses which are numerous compared to the old thermal cousins. Power, acceleration, dynamic values, habitability and available space. But management costs, reliability and a very infrequent relationship with assistance also stand out. As time passes, other positive characteristics emerge, capable of inviting manufacturers to exploit them to the full and consumers to reap the benefits above all for their wallets.  rPET bottle – Green hydrogenStellantis electric cars

A recent novelty, which has surprised even the technological producers of accumulators and the car manufacturers themselves, is the life of the batteries in real use. Virtual tests and laboratory tests had suggested a shorter useful life.
But it’s not just the expensive accumulator that stands the test of time.


Stellantis: electric cars will have an almost double life. A great cost reduction

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