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rPET Renewable packaging EVcars

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-Never so much energy: that’s why they hold back prices

“Britain’s last coal mine closes, historic era ends”. So headlined all the world’s newspapers at the end of December 2015. Only seven years later, the planet seems to rotate upside down: two months ago, His Majesty’s government has authorized the opening of the first coal mine for three decades now: a new deposit rich in “coke” which will be used not so much for power plants, but to produce “cheap” energy, destined for mostly to the boilers of the United Kingdom’s steel mills. It is the most sensational of the contradictions that emerged with the crisis caused by Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine. What is it about? Despite the shortage of Russian gas supplies, particularly to the Europe, the world has never had so much availability of energy sources as in the last year.


rPET Renewable packaging EVcars

-Circularix and Macquarie Group to build and operate PET recycling plants across U.S.

HPC Industries LLC and Macquarie Group’s Commodities and Global Markets group (Macquarie) have formed a joint venture to produce recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET).

Under the name Circularix, the venture’s plans include building and operating five recycling facilities across the U.S. with a total annual production capacity of more than 275 million pounds of rPET resin. The first facility, located in Hatfield, PA, is expected to be operational by December 2022. Leon Farahnik is chairman and CEO of Circularix. Alex Delnik, former CEO and founder of Verdeco Recycling, will serve as president and Chief Operating Officer. In addition to its investment as a partner in the joint venture, Macquarie is assisting Circularix with project debt, equipment finance, FX hedging and other risk management solutions to support its future growth. rPET Renewable packaging EVcars


rPET Renewable packaging EVcars

-AFRY to be engineering partner in Stora Enso’s renewable packaging project in Oulu, Finland

Stora Enso Oyj and AFRY have agreed an engineering assignment for converting decommissioned paper machine into a consumer board production line at the company’s mill in Oulu, Finland.

The rapid growth of the renewable packaging sector continues due to demographic changes and overall long-term economic growth, while the increasing focus on sustainability, particularly in the consumer goods industry, is contributing to wider adoption of fibre-based packaging solutions. rPET Renewable packaging EVcars

AFRY will support Stora Enso, a leading global provider of renewable solutions in packaging, biomaterials, wooden construction, and paper, as the company has decided to invest approximately EUR 1 billion to meet the growing market demand by converting the remaining idle paper machine at its Oulu site in Finland into a high-volume consumer board production line. The total annual capacity will be 750,000 tonnes of folding box board (FBB) and coated unbleached kraft (CUK). The converted machine is estimated to start the production in early 2025.

AFRY’s assignment includes detail engineering services for Balance of Plant (BoP), a new wood handling line, new thermomechanical pulp line (BCTMP) and evaporation plants, modifications to the existing recovery boiler and causticizing, a new biofuel boiler and fuel handling, a new Non-Condensable Gas (NCG) boiler, and the rebuild of an on-site storage and conversion. The value of the order for AFRY has not been disclosed.

“We are honoured to partner with Stora Enso in this significant conversion project for renewable consumer packaging materials. rPET Renewable packaging EVcars

AFRY has extensive experience in engineering and implementing large-scale conversion projects, which will support Stora Enso in demanding time scheduling and project management. Stora Enso and AFRY have co-operated for more than 60 years and AFRY has been supporting Stora Enso in many of their major investments as well as during the daily operations locally,” says Kalle Rasinmäki, AFRY’s Head of Process Industries in Finland.


rPET Renewable packaging EVcars

-Electric cars, the price war breaks out: who goes up and who goes down

Burst the price war among electric car makers, a situation Ford CEO Jim Farley has long predicted.

It was the company that started cutting its price lists Tesla, a choice that resulted in a chain reaction. The first to respond present and to descend on the “battlefield” were the Chinese Seres and Xpeng. Instead, Volkswagen would have immediately pulled out of the arena, at least in words, which said it feared repercussions on its corporate balance sheet. The German house, for the moment, is therefore at the window, while the other competitors of Tesla think about how to react concretely.

In recent days Lucid and Toyota have prepared their counter-move, also announcing price cuts, while Volvo for now chooses to align itself with Volkswagen’s strategy. If that weren’t enough, Tesla has made the story even more tangled, deciding to adjust the price of Model Y upwards on the Chinese market.rPET Renewable packaging EVcars

The strategies

As anticipated by Quattroruote, the strategy adopted by polish it seems a bit risky, essentially due to the fact that the electric cars of the Newark company do not benefit from the $7,500 tax credits. In fact, the prices of the cars are decidedly higher than the threshold set for accessing this incentive, i.e. 55,000 dollars or 80,000 for pick-ups and SUVs. In fact, the costs of Air (from 87,400 dollars), Air Touring (from 107,400) and Air Grand Touring (from 138,000) are out of quota.

To encourage the purchase of one’s electric cars, however, an incentive of equal value to the state one (7,500 dollars) has been announced: the car manufacturer will cover it entirely. “We think our customers still deserve a $7,500 credit for choosing an electric vehicle”said Chief Commercial Officer Zak Edson. rPET Renewable packaging EVcars


rPET Renewable packaging EVcars

-Berry’s Technical Skills Enable 30 Percent Recycled Plastic Content in Stretch Hood Film

Berry Global’s flexible films division is launching a next generation version of its proven stretch hood film with a minimum 30% recycled plastic content. This will help to support businesses in achieving their own sustainability objectives as well as meeting the requirements of current and forthcoming UK and European plastics packaging legislation.

Stretch hood film stretches over and around a pallet of finished goods, providing improved load stability and full waterproofing for the load, with much lower material usage than traditional shrink hooding films. rPET Renewable packaging EVcars

However, it is the demanding stretch requirements of the film that make the inclusion of any level of recycled material in its manufacture extremely challenging, particularly in terms of impeding the overall stretch capability.

Recycled Plastic Film

-That’s a wrap

The increasing consumption of nonwovens products across the world is being accompanied by an equal amount of growth in the vital machine-made packaging sector

A key requisite for the packaging of nonwovens items in the hygiene and medical sectors is that they should have the longest possible shelf life while also ensuring that the product complies with all legally specified hygiene and sterilization standards.

Another increasingly important aspect is the sustainability of the product throughout the supply chain, from the raw material production to waste disposal.

The result of these two demands is that nonwovens are becoming more and more attractive as packaging material, both for manufacturers and users.

rPET Renewable packaging EVcars


Increasing consumption nonwovens

-Revolutionising packaging with innovative, sustainable solutions in India

Control Print Limited has announced a joint venture with V-Shapes S.r.l., an innovative supplier of sustainable single-dose sachets and manufacturer of packaging machinery based in Bologna, Italy, enabling it for the first time to bring this cutting-edge technology to the Indian market.

This joint venture combines Control Print’s expertise in coding and marking technology with V-Shapes’ innovative packaging machinery with “Snap then Squeeze” technology to produce Recyclable/Biodegradable single-use packets for a wide range of products including liquids, viscous and powdered content.rPET Renewable packaging EVcars


Revolutionising packaging with innovative, sustainable solutions in India

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