Sustainability Recycling – Ineos Styrolution, based in Frankfurt, is set to increase polystyrene (PS) prices this April 15-04-2024

Sustainability Recycling

r-PET Bottles – Japanese researchers have unveiled a groundbreaking bioplastic that combines durability with rapid seawater degradation, offering hope for ocean cleanup efforts


Sustainability Recycling

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend by Polyestertime

Crude Oil Prices Trend by Polyestertime

At Techtextil 2024 in Frankfurt, from April 23-26, Germany’s ITA will exhibit Biotexfuture projects emphasizing sustainability and recycling

The Biobase project, in collaboration with Krall+Roth, has yielded interior textiles from biopolymers. These polymers were transformed into yarns and fabrics, with processes tailored to their properties, resulting in four partially bio-based polyamides for interiors.

The Bioturf project aims to create bio-polyethylene turf identical to conventional turf in performance but better for recycling and free of microplastics. CO2TEX is developing an elastane-free compression stocking using TPU yarns with up to 600% elongation, made from polymers with 18% renewable content.  Sustainability Recycling

Degratex focuses on bio-based, degradable geotextiles for temporary earth stabilization or vegetation protection, designed to be replaced by natural elements eventually. ITA’s other innovations include a durable polishing disc from hemp and insulation textiles from cellulose aerogels.

These advancements will be featured at Elmatex’s stand D63 in Hall 12, alongside Recycling Atelier’s display, showcasing efforts to hasten textile recycling.

Sustainability Recycling

Exel Composites, Fairmat sign carbon fiber scrap repurpose deal

Exel material waste will go through Fairmat’s reconstitution process to produce second-generation CFRP chips, enabling a closed-loop ecosystem.  Sustainability Recycling

Exel Composites (Vantaa, Finland) and Fairmat (Paris, France) have announced a partnership to close the loop of carbon fiber waste. Fairmat will recycle Exel Composites’ carbon fiber composite scrap at its Nantes, France, manufacturing facility to produce second-generation carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) chips, high-performance composite units. Beginning in Q2 2024, the carbon fiber composite scrap will be transferred to Bouguenais from Exel’s two plants in Finland.

Traditional waste management techniques involving pyrolysis or solvolysis use significant amounts of energy, mitigating the environmental benefits of recycling used carbon fiber (read “Recycling end-of-life composite parts: New methods, markets”). In contrast, Fairmat’s reconstitution process uses proprietary cutting technologies — aided by robotic tools equipped with machine learning — to dissemble carbon fiber components and convert the pieces into CFRP building blocks. Sustainability Recycling

“Fairmat’s innovative recycling methodology enables its products to retain the high strength and stiffness of the original embedded fibers,” explains Kim Sjödahl, senior VP of technology and sustainability at Exel Composites. “This is often compromised by other recycling methods that involve chopping and milling carbon fiber. Combined with its minimal energy input, Fairmat’s process is game-changing for sustainability in the composites industry. What’s more, the successful recycling of process waste also opens possibilities to recycle the end-of-life waste from our customers.”


Sustainability Recycling

Bühler launches fully automatic bagging station with Premier Tech

Swiss technology group Bühler, in partnership with leading Canadian packaging equipment manufacturer Premier Tech, announce the launch of the CHRONOS OMP-2090 B, a fully automatic bagging station. The new bagging station was developed for a wide range of powdery and other non-free-flowing products. It delivers maximum productivity through reliable, fully automatic operation, outstanding bagging accuracy and high product and operational safety.  Sustainability Recycling

As the need for advanced and efficient packaging solutions grows, this new system for powdery products is designed to increase productivity, ensure safety, and accommodate a wide range of bags, representing a significant advancement over traditional solutions. With decades of combined experience in the industry, Bühler and Premier Tech have once again demonstrated their commitment to innovation by expanding their portfolio to meet the increasing demand for higher packaging capacities in mills.

“The performance and reliability of the fully automatic bagging station CHRONOS OMP-2090 B lifts open mouth bag packaging to the next level. Operational safety and precision increase overall mill efficiency, maximize raw material yield, and ensure safe distribution of the valuable products of our customers and partners,” says Marco Chialina, Head of Business Unit Digital Sense at Bühler.  Sustainability Recycling

Bühler launches fully automatic bagging station with Premier Tech

AIMPLAS to Host Fourth Edition of EcoFRam

AIMPLAS, the Plastics Technology Centre, is proud to host the fourth edition of the EcoFRam conference, an initiative of the French Chemical Society (SCF). Scheduled for 22nd and 23rd May, the event is set to convene experts and stakeholders in the field of eco-friendly flame retardants and additives.

The conference aims to shed light on the current state of eco-friendly flame retardants, exploring the latest advancements and research. With environmental concerns at the forefront, the development of sustainable materials that meet safety standards without compromising ecological integrity is more crucial than ever.  Sustainability Recycling

EcoFRam serves as a platform for scientists, researchers, and industry professionals to exchange knowledge and foster collaborations. The two-day event will feature presentations on innovative solutions that align with global sustainability goals.

As the world grapples with the challenges of climate change and environmental degradation, the role of eco-friendly flame retardants becomes increasingly significant. These substances are essential in reducing the flammability of materials, thereby enhancing safety. However, traditional flame retardants have raised environmental and health concerns, prompting the search for greener alternatives.

The fourth edition of EcoFRam is expected to highlight breakthroughs in non-toxic, effective flame retardants that can be integrated into various products, from electronics to construction materials. The discussions will also delve into regulatory frameworks, market trends, and future directions for this vital industry.  Sustainability Recycling

AIMPLAS to Host Fourth Edition of EcoFRam

China’s textile industry profits top 18 bln yuan in first two months   

In the initial two months of the current year, China’s principal textile firms witnessed a substantial profit surge, reaching 18.2 billion yuan (approximately 2.56 billion U.S. dollars).

This marks a significant increase in the industry’s financial performance. The total operational revenue of these companies was reported at 675 billion yuan, indicating a 13.7 percent growth compared to the previous year. Sustainability Recycling

This data was released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Furthermore, the industrial output of these key textile enterprises showed a 7.7 percent year-on-year increase.

Additionally, the period saw China’s textile and garment exports climb to 45.1 billion U.S. dollars, registering a 14.3 percent rise from the same timeframe last year.

These figures underscore the robust expansion and economic health of China’s textile sector.  Sustainability Recycling

China's textile industry profits top 18 bln yuan in first two months  

Ineos Styrolution, based in Frankfurt, is set to increase polystyrene (PS) prices this April

The company announced a hike in the gross market price for general-purpose polystyrene (PS-GP) by €60 per tonne, as reported by Kunststoffweb.

Similarly, high-impact polystyrene (PS-HI) will see an equivalent price rise, maintaining its premium at €100 per tonne over PS-GP.

This follows significant price surges in February and March, where increases were in the triple-digit range.  Sustainability Recycling

Additionally, the reference price for styrene monomer—a key PS component—went up by €44 per tonne in April.

Concurrently, the cost for butadiene, an essential additive, escalated by €70 per tonne.

These adjustments reflect ongoing market trends and input cost fluctuations, impacting the overall pricing structure for PS products.

Ineos Styrolution, based in Frankfurt, is set to increase polystyrene (PS) prices this April

Sustainability Recycling

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