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Bioplastic CrudeOil ReNylon Recycling

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Bioplastic CrudeOil ReNylon Recycling

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-Libya’s military strongman halts oil exports ahead of peace talks

Khalifa Haftar cuts country’s economic lifeblood in effort to gain leverage

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Khalifa Haftar, the military strongman trying to seize political power in Libya, has halted oil shipments from ports under his control as he attempts to gain leverage ahead of peace talks in Berlin on Sunday.At least 800,000 barrels a day of crude supplies worth roughly $55m per day, the economic lifeblood of the country, have been halted, according to the National Oil Corporation (NOC), the state-owned oil company. The country was pumping around 1.3m b/d previously.

Libya’s military strongman halts oil exports ahead of peace talks

-Solving the Polypropylene waste issue

As policy makers, governments and organisations around the world continue to explore ways to reduce or eliminate the amount of plastic packaging sent to landfills, recyclers have been hampered by their limited capacity to sort plastic by polymer type. Professor Edward Kosior of Nextek discusses the latest developments that support Polypropylene waste sorting. Bioplastic CrudeOil ReNylon Recycling

It is not widely known that despite Polypropylene (PP) being one of the main materials to be used in consumer goods packaging it is the least recycled material in the packaging recycling stream. In fact it is virtually non-existent as a food-grade recycled material. Yet it also happens to be one of the easiest polymers to recycle, if recyclers could only identify its past history during the sorting process. The reason PP is not available as a food grade recycled material is due to the inability to separate food grade from non-food grade PP.

Bioplastic CrudeOil ReNylon Recycling

-Germany hosts Berlin summit to discuss ways out Libya crisis

Germany is bringing together the key players in Libya’s long-running civil war in a bid to curb foreign military meddling, solidify a cease-fire and help relaunch a political process to determine the North African nation’s future.

Chancellor Angela Merkel invited leaders from 12 countries as well as the United Nations, the European Union, the African Union and the Arab League to Jan. 19’s summit at the chancellery in Berlin. Germany’s months-long diplomatic drive seeks to bolster efforts to stop the fighting in Libya by U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and his envoy for Libya, Ghassan Salame.

Germany hosts Berlin summit to discuss ways out Libya crisis

-December ends with price drops for polypropylene and PET bottle resin

For North American commodity resins, 2019 came to a close with lower prices in December for polypropylene and PET bottle resin.Bioplastic CrudeOil ReNylon Recycling

Prices for polyethylene, PVC and solid polystyrene were flat for the month, while engineering resins polycarbonate and nylon 6/6 also saw lower prices in late 2019.

Bioplastic CrudeOil ReNylon Recycling

-UKRI versus unsustainable plastics

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has launched two new competitions to develop smarter, greener, safer and more easily recyclable plastics.

Up to £8m (~€9m) funding will help researchers develop recycling systems that can cope with rising volumes and enable academics to analyse how package design impacts consumer behaviour – which could help businesses design and produce sustainable, appealing packaging. Bioplastic CrudeOil ReNylon Recycling

Bioplastic CrudeOil ReNylon Recycling

-UK named fourth largest textile waste producer in Europe

The study found each Briton throws away about 3.1kg of textiles every year, and that 1.7kg of fashion waste is landfilled yearly per person.Bioplastic CrudeOil ReNylon Recycling

The UK clothing industry is the third largest in Europe and the study found British consumers spend £980,50 a year on new clothes.

Italy was found to be the “least sustainable” country in terms of fashion waste.

Bioplastic CrudeOil ReNylon Recycling

-Asian petchem markets take a breather ahead of Lunar New Year

Asia’s petrochemical markets have slowed down ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday as manufacturing activity dwindles, limiting trade activity in the region.

Market players typically hold off purchasing fresh spot cargoes as the holiday draws near, with regional factories also lowering their production levels.

The Lunar New Year, which falls on 25 January, is celebrated in most parts of southeast and northeast Asia with the holiday period ranging from two days to a full week. Bioplastic CrudeOil ReNylon Recycling

Bioplastic CrudeOil ReNylon Recycling

-Materials maker Ampacet wants to revive recycling markets with a new line of masterbatch concentrates.

ReVive-brand compatibilizers are blends of functional additives that can reduce the amount of material sent to landfills by allowing post-industrial and post-consumer barrier films to be reprocessed back into the polyolefin recycling stream, officials with Tarrytown, N.Y.-based Ampacet said in a recent news release.Bioplastic CrudeOil ReNylon Recycling

Materials maker Ampacet wants to revive recycling markets with a new line of masterbatch concentrates

-CCL to acquire Polish BOPP films operation

CCL Industries has signed a binding agreement to acquire Polish BOPP film producer Flexpol for an estimated 22 million USD on a debt/cash free basis with closing expected in the first quarter of 2020.Bioplastic CrudeOil ReNylon Recycling

One of the largest Polish polypropylene products manufacturers reached approximately 70 million USD in 2019 focusing entirely on flexible packaging customers, with an adjusted 3.7 million USD EBITDA.

CCL to acquire Polish BOPP films operation

-Gulf’s use of oxo-degradable plastics is toxic for environment

Thank you for reading the news about Gulf’s use of oxo-degradable plastics is toxic for environment and now with the detailsAden – Yasmine El Tohamy – Plastics and single-use plastics have been a recent hot topic; take for example Dubai Airport’s pledge to ban single use plastics in 2020.However, there is a serious need to investigate the benefit of current policies in place. Bioplastic CrudeOil ReNylon Recycling

To gain a deeper insight, particularly the area of plastic in the wider Gulf region, The New Arab speaks with a COO of a leading UAE plastic manufacturer as well as Dr Akram Madanat of Karak Star for Recycling in Jordan.

Gulf's use of oxo-degradable plastics is toxic for environment

-Asia’s naphtha cracks fall to four-day low

Asia’s naphtha front-month crack for first-half March fell to a four-session low of $89.82 a tonne on Thursday, dragged down by a cracker outage in Japan that came at a time of cracker run cuts across Asia. Bioplastic CrudeOil ReNylon Recycling

Asahi Kasei Mitsubishi Chemical Ethylene Corp, a joint venture of Asahi Kasei Corp and Mitsubishi Chemical Corp, has suspended operations at its 567,000 tonnes per year naphtha cracker in Mizushima, Japan, on Tuesday after a malfunction in the refrigerant system, the company said.

Asia’s naphtha cracks fall to four-day low

Bioplastic CrudeOil ReNylon Recycling

Bioplastic CrudeOil rPET Recycling 18-01-2020