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Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene PET

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

-Asia polyester market at standstill; demand may pick up in Sept

Asia’s polyester market came to a standstill since early August as any further price upside was curtailed by the sluggish sales, while the overall demand is expected to pick up in September amid the traditional peak season.

Spot discussions polyester partially oriented yarn (POY) 150 denier (D) were at $0.78-0.85/kg FOB (free on board) northeast (NE) Asia in the week ended 25 August, stable since 4 August, while prices for polyester staple fibre (PSF) 1.4D hovered at $0.70-0.73/kg in the past one month, according to ICIS.

The price rise seen since early July halted in August as buying enquiries from overseas markets were very limited amid the global economic downturn. Many downstream converters only purchased small quantities to cover their basic requirements.

In the meantime, major exporters were reluctant to reduce prices given the eroded margins.

Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene PET

-EU Car Sales Hit 17-year Low

The latest data, from the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association, casts a shadow over some signals that the EU economy may be recovering slowly, since in several EU countries the manufacture of cars is an important indicator of production, exports and consumer confidence. Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene PET 

After shrinking for 18 months under the pressures of economic reforms on business and household budgets, the EU car market slumped to a 17-year low, trade data showed on Tuesday.

In the first six months of the year, sales fell by 6.6% to a total of 6.205 million.

The EU car market has been shrinking for 18 months, with one small upward blip in April when there were two more working days than in the same month last year.

In June, sales fell by 5.6% on a 12-month comparison across the European Union to a total of 11.3 million, the lowest volume since 1996.

Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene PET

-Ellen MacArthur Foundation launches Plastics Pact in US, supported by 60 major signatories

Mars, Unilever and Kimberly-Clark are among the 60+ organisations to have committed to the new US version of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Plastics Pact, which aims to create a fully circular economy for plastics. Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene PET 

The US offshoot of the Pact launched late on Tuesday (25 August) and is believed to be the only cross-sector commitment of its kind in North America. It has garnered the support of more than 60 organisations, including corporates, trade bodies, NGOs, investors and academic institutions.

As with the other national Plastics Pacts overseen by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the commitment binds signatories to achieve four key commitments by 2025: eliminating all single-use plastics packaging which is problematic or unnecessary; ensuring that all plastic packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable; ensuring that 50% of plastic packaging is effectively recycled or composted and reaching 30% recycled or responsibly sourced, bio-based content in packaging.

Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene PET

-Banners that become benches increase the sustainability of events

A collaboration between Japan-based Toppan Printing and Dow has yielded a new type of  recyclable fabric for banners and signage, launched by Toppan under the brand name ‘ecocracy’.  Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene PET 

According to Toppan, banners and signage made from ecocracy can be recovered after events for re-pelletising into a recycled resin. This resin can then be blended with wood waste to produce wood-plastic composite materials to produce benches, floors, plant pots and similar products, enabling  Toppan to push beyond the traditional use and end-of-life of its products, said Seiji Furuya, technical strategy and development manager in Toppan’s Information & Communication Division.

The new fabric is the outcome of an Olympics project combining Toppan’s processing technologies with Dow’s plastics expertise. In search of a more sustainable solution for the banners, flags and signage used at this type of event, the Japanese company elected to work with Dow on the creation of a monomaterial product, in which a single resin type is used in the fabric and all other plastic parts, such as the membrane, mesh, eyelet, and yarn.

Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene PET

-Singapore’s July chems output down 2.4%, overall output falls 8.4%

Singapore’s overall chemicals output fell by 2.4% year on year in July, slowing down from the 11.7% decline in June, weighed by a drop in output from the specialties and petroleum segments, official data showed on Wednesday.

The petrochemicals segment grew by 11.5% year on year in July, but the rest of the chemical segments recorded declines, the Economic Development Board (EDB) said in a statement.

The other chemicals segment fell by 15.2% year on year in July, while the specialties and petroleum segments contracted by 16.0% each, “on the back of plant maintenance shutdowns and lower export orders amid the coronavirus outbreak”, the EDB said.

Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene PET

-South Africa GDP tanked as much as 53% in Q2: economists

Economists predict that South Africa’s economy is likely to grow strongly in the third quarter of 2020, after the coronavirus pandemic caused a major contraction in Q2 2020.

A poll conducted by Reuters shows that economists expect an annualised 44.5% contraction in the April-June quarter (Q2), compared with the median estimate in a July poll for a 38.7% fall.  Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene PET 

The most pessimistic forecast was for a 53% contraction while even the most optimistic predicted a 20% fall.

Growth is seen recovering in the third quarter, although the forecast 18.6% rebound is not as sharp as the 19.3% predicted last month.

South Africa GDP tanked as much as 53% in Q2: economists

-Denmark’s Haldor Topsoe joins renewable hydrogen project in Copenhagen

Denmark’s Haldor Topsoe on Wednesday joined a clean energy project to develop a “ground-breaking hydrogen and sustainable fuel facility” based on electrolysis in the greater Copenhagen area.

The project will be implemented by 2030 in three stages, achieving the capacity of 10 megawatts (MW) in 2023, 250 MW in 2027, and 1.3 GW in 2030, respectively, the firm said in a statement.Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene PET 

The partnership consists of large Danish companies – including A. P. Moller – Maersk, DSV Panalpina, SAS, and Everfuel – covering the whole value chain for the production, distribution, and consumption of renewable hydrogen and sustainable fuels.

Topsoe will contribute with know-how about technologies that convert captured CO2 into sustainable methanol and jet fuel using hydrogen from electrolysis of water.

Denmark's Haldor Topsoe joins renewable hydrogen project in Copenhagen

-Titan-Polymer purchases two BOBST EXPERT K5s

Russia-based Titan-Polymer has purchased two EXPERT K5 2,900mm vacuum metallisers which will be installed at their BOPET production facility.

Both machines incorporate the latest BOBST technologies and a 700mm diameter coating drum – the largest in the industry for BOPET film coating. One of the machines is equipped with the BOBST AlOx process for production of transparent high barrier films.

The EXPERT K5 is able to metallise at high speeds due to the High Rate Source and possesses many functions which ensure stable product quality.

It is also important that the machines are distinguished by great environmental characteristics. During downtime, the integrated software activates the ECO mode function which supplies energy and cooling water only when necessary, enabling reductions in energy consumption.  Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene PET 

Titan-Polymer purchases two BOBST EXPERT K5s

-Coperion’s extrusion solution for challenging times

Coperion has achieved the complex modernisation of a ZSK 250 high-capacity extruder utilising remote processes and support, and has successfully evolved its modernisation efforts to utilise the Coperion ServiceBox, an integrated system for online monitoring and failure recording in extruders and compounders, as well as communication methods.

This ZSK 250 extruder modernisation package encompassed both a control software update as well as mechanical overhauls on the system.Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene PET 

A significant throughput increase was achieved on the extruder by modernising the gearbox, mounting a new coupling, installing a ZS-EG side devolatilisation and updating the EpcNT control, including a rebuild of the control cabinet and monitor.

Coperion’s extrusion solution for challenging times

-The logic of recent PET flakes price rebound

Recently, HC re-PSF market witnesses improvement apparently. Plants reflect that sales are relatively good generally, and inventory reduces much, especially Guangdong market, inventory in plants is basically depleted, and some plants still have orders to deliver later. In Zhejiang market, some plants that have been focusing on liquidating stocks for long time also see the inventory depleted, and inventory in other plants also reduces continually. However, as the inventory is generally high, and no discounts are seen for sales promotion, the de-stocking is not fast.Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene PET 

Driven by the HC re-PSF market, PET flake prices rebound somewhat. The purchase price of three-colored bottle bales in Fujian market has risen from 2,500-2,600yuan/mt to 2,900-3,000yuan/mt. In Guangdong, blue and white bottle bale prices move up from 2,900yuan/mt to around 3,100yuan/mt. In Zhejiang and Jiangsu, cold washed blue and white flakes tick up from 3,400-3,500yuan/mt to 3,600-3,700yuan/mt. In the context of price rebounds, suppliers have become cautious to sell and expect to hold the products first to wait the prices up further.

Petrochemicals CarbonFiber Graphene PET

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