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Petrochemicals CarbonFiber LDPE PEF

Petrochemical Compound PA Naphtha Trend

Petrochemicals CarbonFiber LDPE PEF

-Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

-PX still under strains from oversupply and high inventory

PX-naphtha spread dropped further after a period of range bound around $160/mt, to hit $138/mt Aug 25, retouching the low point in early Jul.

The spread has been shrinking in 2020, and there has not been any sign of improvement yet, in the backdrop of overhang of excessive PX supply and high inventory.

Though PX producers have been suffering losses under poor economics since the second quarter, the average operating rate of China local PX plant is kept above 80%.

In Asia, the overall operating rate is slightly lower, but massive production cuts does not happen.  Petrochemicals CarbonFiber LDPE PEF

Petrochemicals CarbonFiber LDPE PEF

-PepsiCo’s Smoothie’s Brand Rolls Out Recycled Plastic Bottles

Naked, the on-the-go smoothie brand from PepsiCo, has introduced bottles made from 100% recycled plastic. The company claims that move makes it the only juice/smoothie brand in grocery retail currently sold in fully recycled plastic bottles.

Naked smoothie bottleThe new bottle is now available across the whole Naked smoothie range, including Naked Machines, Naked Lean and Naked Zing, in retailers such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Boots, SPAR and Nisa.

The brand has also rolled out a new label refresh to emphasise the 100% recycled plastic bottles. Petrochemicals CarbonFiber LDPE PEF

Petrochemicals CarbonFiber LDPE PEF

-EURATEX welcomes modernisation of PEM convention

EURATEX, the European Apparel and Textile Confederation, has welcomed the European Commission (EC) proposal to modernise the PanEuroMed (PEM) Convention and its rules of origin, but has called for an ambitious information campaign to ensure companies fully benefit from it. The PEM region covers 24 partner countries in the EU’s neighbourhood region.  Petrochemicals CarbonFiber LDPE PEF

On August 24, 2020, the EC adopted a package of proposals that aims at increasing trade between the European Union and neighbouring countries in the PEM or the Pan-Euro-Mediterranean region. The proposal modernises the rules of origin of the PEM convention, as it introduces, for example, the principle of “full cumulation” and it lifts the current prohibition of duty-drawback.

Petrochemicals CarbonFiber LDPE PEF

-Chinese LDPE values hit 15-month high on tight supply

Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) in the cfr China market rose to a 15-month high as of 27 August, on the back of supply shortages following delays of incoming Iranian cargoes.

Prices of polyethylene (PE) have increased from the end of June on delayed arrivals of Iranian cargoes. Petrochemicals CarbonFiber LDPE PEF

Iran is the single-largest exporter of high-density PE (HDPE) and LDPE to China, accounting for 15pc of total Chinese PE imports of 16.67mn t last year. Prices of other PE grade products also received support but LDPE prices increased by the most this week and rose to $1,030-1,050/t, a level not seen before since May 2019.

Sentiment in the Chinese domestic market is also upbeat as market participants expect higher demand for PE ahead of the upcoming National Day holiday in October. Market sentiment firmed as some market participants expect fewer US origin PE vessels with the approach of Hurricane Laura on the US gulf and led to shutdowns among major producers.

Petrochemicals CarbonFiber LDPE PEF

-Despite record oil price fluctuations, circular plastic strategies prevail

The coronavirus pandemic threw almost every market into a tailspin, including the notoriously sensitive oil market. And when crude oil prices fell into negative territory in April, the recycled plastic industry experienced a reckoning. Would corporations still invest in relatively expensive circular plastic commitments if virgin plastic prices, closely tied to the petroleum industry, nosedived?  Petrochemicals CarbonFiber LDPE PEF

So far, most big companies seem to be standing by their pledges. “Our strategy hasn’t changed,” Yolanda Malone, vice president of global foods packaging at PepsiCo, told a digital crowd at GreenBiz’s Circularity 20 event this week. “We aren’t letting the oil prices and the fluctuations in the market sway us from our long-term vision. Our strategy needs to be strong enough to weather it.”

Petrochemicals CarbonFiber LDPE PEF

-US, Europe CX demand improving, Asia lags

Based on different dynamics, there are positive signs that   (CX) consumption in the US and Europe is improving, but the indications for Asia suggest weaker levels.

EUROPE  Petrochemicals CarbonFiber LDPE PEF

Supply in Europe has shifted from long to balanced on the back of reduced operating rates, with sources also citing adjustments to imports and inventory levels.

The small spreads between European and US CX prices, along with weak demand, has provided little incentive to import large volumes from the US into Europe.

Petrochemicals CarbonFiber LDPE PEF

-Structural colors from cellulose-based polymers

Self-assembly of responsive photonic biobased materials in liquid marbles

A surface displays structural colors when light is reflected by tiny, regular structural elements in a transparent material. Researchers have now developed a method to make structural colors from cellulose-based polymers by using coated droplets that exist in a surrounding fluid–so-called liquid marbles. Petrochemicals CarbonFiber LDPE PEF

The system readily responds to environmental changes, which makes it interesting for applications in bio-based sensors and soft photonic elements, according to the study published in the journal Angewandte Chemie.  Petrochemicals CarbonFiber LDPE PEF

Structural colors are a way to colorize a material without using a dye. Instead, the transparent material generates color through the regular arrangement of its molecules or other elements, as seen, for instance, in the ripples in the scales of colorful fish and butterflies, or in nanocrystals arranged at certain distances, as in the color-changing skin of chameleons.

Structural colors from cellulose-based polymers

-Indian PP copolymer demand to see uptick from September

After close to two years of relatively lacklustre performance, demand for impact (block) copolymer in India is poised to bounce back, boosted by a recovery in the automotive sector.  Petrochemicals CarbonFiber LDPE PEF

Sales of various auto companies have begun to improve from July, after reports of reaching almost zero during the full-fledged lockdown enforced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic in March-June this year.

This was the first time in the history of the Indian auto sector that all manufacturing plants had completely shut down operations during the lockdown months.

Indian PP copolymer demand to see uptick from September

-A Beverage First: Wellness Shots Bottled in Biodegradable PET

So Good So You brand introduces biodegradable plastic bottles made of PET that are also recyclable.  Petrochemicals CarbonFiber LDPE PEF

So Good So You’s products are unusual in that they’re refrigerated functional beverages taken in shot doses. In fact, they’re billed as the category leader in premium refrigerated wellness shots.

The company also has a healthy respect for the environment.

Says Rita Katona, co-founder and board chair, “we’ve always produced our shots in a Zero Waste facility powered by 100% renewable energy with more than 94% of our facility waste being diverted away from landfills in order to support our initiative of creating products that are better for the world.”

That eco-minded approach carries through to the packaging: the products have been packaged in 50mL/1.7oz PET plastic bottles made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic that’s recyclable.

A Beverage First: Wellness Shots Bottled in Biodegradable PET

Petrochemicals CarbonFiber LDPE PEF

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