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Petrochemicals PlasticRecycling Brexit PET

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-Hyosung TNC Supplies Eco-Friendly Material To Outdoor Backpack Brand

Hyosung TNC is accelerating entry to the global eco-friendly fiber market by supplying an eco-friendly material to Osprey, the world’s No. 1 outdoor backpack brand.

MIPAN®regen robic developed by Hyosung TNC is the world’s first eco-friendly high-strength nylon yarn brand.

This eco-friendly material is created by recycling byproducts generated from the fiber production stage. Lightweight with excellent tearing strength (resistance against tearing) and wear resistance, MIPAN®regen robic is suitable for outdoor products, such as backpacks, working clothes, and swimsuits.

When 1kg of reclaimed nylon yarn is produced, an effect to reduce greenhouse gas emission in an amount equivalent to 6 – 7kg of CO2 is created. Therefore, this product is known as an eco-friendly yarn.

Petrochemicals PlasticRecycling Brexit PET

Radici Group confirms itself as sponsor of Atalanta football for the next 3 seasons (until 30 June 2023). It will cover the new commercial format called “sponsor of the heart” and will be visible on the Nerazzurri shirts in the position of “Second sponsor” both in the Championship and in the Italian Cup / Super Cup.

In the Champions League, where the Bergamo club will play for the second consecutive year (in its sporting history), only the brand of the Israeli online trading broker “Plus500” will be visible. Petrochemicals PlasticRecycling Brexit PET
In the previous seasons, Radici Group, a consolidated brand of the territory (with a strong international propensity), had signed the match kits in the role of “Main sponsor”, including participation in the Champions League (ended in the quarter-finals, in the overtime, by the hand of PSG – later Cup finalist).
“We are very attached to the territory and to Atalanta – underlined Maurizio Radici, vice president of RadiciGroup, a multinational active in the chemical, technopolymer and textile solutions sectors with over three thousand employees around the world who support Atalanta -. In recent years we have shown on the pitch that by working with loyalty, determination and perseverance unexpected goals can be achieved: the three-year renewal of the partnership with the Nerazzurri club is based on a strong sharing of values ​​and on a great attention to the territory that push us to do always better and to be appreciated globally “.

Petrochemicals PlasticRecycling Brexit PET

-FTC Cashmere adds transparency with Haelixa’s traceability technology

We all know that transparency and traceability in the textile value chain are playing an increasingly important role and that traceability and the identification of materials used are important to ensure the sustainability and integrity of products.

For this reason, Switzerland based premium brand FTC Cashmere has decided to work with Haelixa, a spin-off of the ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), which has developed an innovative technology which uses DNA to mark and trace products.

FTC Cashmere is 100% vertically integrated and Haelixa, as a neutral partner, provides additional physical proof of origin for the cashmere used, thus creating maximum transparency with regard to the entire value chain, FTC says.

This gives retailers and end consumers the necessary certainty regarding the origin of the material used. The information about the raw material used remains inseparably linked to product throughout the entire value chain. Petrochemicals PlasticRecycling Brexit PET

All cashmere raw material that comes from the company’s own cashmere goat farms, used in FTC Cashmere products, is now marked with the Haelixa marker produced especially for FTC Cashmere. Starting Spring/Summer 2021, the first products made from the marked raw material will be available in stores and will be labelled with the ingredient label Marked & Traced by Haelixa.

Petrochemicals PlasticRecycling Brexit PET


Invista’s (Wichita, Kan.) technology and licensing group, Invista Performance Technologies (IPT), and SASA Polyester Sanayi A.Ş. (SASA) reached an agreement for the license of IPT’s P8 process technology for SASA’s PTA project in Adana, Turkey.

With an annual PTA production capacity of 1.5 million tons, this would be the largest single-stream design capacity licensed by INVISTA.

Built on the demonstrated performance of IPT’s P8 technology platform, the variable cost, capital productivity and environmental performance of this PTA plant is expected to set new benchmarks within the industry. Petrochemicals PlasticRecycling Brexit PET

Ibrahim Erdemoğlu, SASA’s chairman, said, “SASA will continue to invest in polyester to position itself as the leading polyester producer after China and India. This agreement will enable self-sufficiency in PTA, terminating all PTA imports into Turkey. This is also the first step of SASA’s investment in petrochemicals with more investment in polyester, PTA and MEG to follow in Adana’s Yumurtalik district.”

Petrochemicals PlasticRecycling Brexit PET

-The future of chemical recycling in tackling plastic waste

Europe intends to be a world leader in the circular economy and in clean technologies. Chemical recycling can act as game changer by recycling much more plastic waste and serving plastic products containing recycled content to a broader range of markets.

Today, just 15% of EU-collected plastic waste finds its way back into the EU plastic market. Mixed or contaminated plastic waste is currently incinerated, ends up in a landfill or litters our streets and waters. Petrochemicals PlasticRecycling Brexit PET

Chemical recycling technologies can be part of the solution since it can use waste plastic streams that currently have no or low value in recycling, thus present an addition to the already existing mechanical recycling of plastics. It can also potentially remove the so-called “legacy chemicals” and substances of very high concern (SVHC) from plastic waste.

The future of chemical recycling in tackling plastic waste

-Bioeconomy worth 2.4 trillion EUR to the European economy as bio-based industries mark sizeable jump in turnover and bio-based share of chemicals reaches record high of 15%

Latest version of nova-Institute’s market report for BIC “European Bioeconomy in Figures” covers the whole period from 2008 to 2017

The often-underrated bio-based industries continue their ascent marking a total contribution of 750 billion EUR to the European economy in 2017, a notable increase of 50 billion EUR (+>7%) compared to 2016. The nova-Institute report commissioned by the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) also indicated that the bio-based industries employ 3.6 million people in the EU-28. Figures for the bio-based chemical industry (including plastics) alone reveal a turnover of 60 billion EUR and an increase of the bio-based share to 15%, up from 7.5% in 2008. Petrochemicals PlasticRecycling Brexit PET

Visuals, German version and PDF file available at:

The analysis of the 2017 Eurostat data shows that the turnover of the total bioeconomy*, including food and beverages and the primary sectors of agriculture and forestry, results in just over 2.4 trillion EUR in the EU-28, meaning an increase by 25% since 2008. Roughly half of the turnover is accounted for by the food and beverage sector, roughly 30% is contributed by the bio-based industries, such as bio-based chemicals and plastics, pharmaceuticals, paper and paper products, forest-based industries, textiles, biofuels and bioenergy. The remaining 20% is generated by the primary sectors – agriculture and forestry.

Bioeconomy worth 2.4 trillion EUR to the European economy as bio-based industries mark sizeable jump in turnover and bio-based share of chemicals reaches record high of 15%

-India’s Covid-19 cases hit record as economy slumps

India has overtaken Brazil to become the second-worst country hit by Covid-19, with a world record of over 90,000 new infections daily for the second consecutive day. The pandemic threatens to crush an already anaemic economy – in which GDP fell by a record 23.9pc in the April-June quarter, sending fuel demand lower.

Indian transport fuel demand weakened in August from a year earlier despite several relaxations to the lockdown. Petrochemicals PlasticRecycling Brexit PET

Demand shrank from low consumer participation in economic activities, with the middle class put off by job losses and the affluent by a fear of the virus. India’s economy is expected to shrink by 10.9pc in the April 2020-March 2021 financial year, according to state-run SBI, India’s biggest bank.

India's Covid-19 cases hit record as economy slumps

-Jiatong Energy to Utilize INVISTA’s Latest P8 Technology for Its Dual PTA Lines

INVISTA Textiles (U.K.) Limited’s technology and licensing business, INVISTA Performance Technologies (IPT), and Jiangsu Jiatong Energy Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Tongkun Group (Tongkun), have reached agreement to license INVISTA’s latest P8 PTA technology for two PTA lines.  Petrochemicals PlasticRecycling Brexit PET

These two lines will be installed in Rudong, Nantong City, Jiangsu province, China. Both lines deploy INVISTA’s largest twin stream design respectively, utilizing INVISTA’s latest P8++ PTA technology. Building on the demonstrated performance of the P8 technology platform, the variable cost, capital productivity and environmental performance is expected to set new benchmarks within the industry.

Tongkun and INVISTA have been working together for 10 years in PTA. INVISTA’s first P7 and first P8 technology platforms were successfully installed, commissioned, and operated at another subsidiary (Jiaxing Petrochemical) of Tongkun Group. Based on the successful co-operation on these projects, Tongkun has again selected INVISTA’s latest P8++ PTA technology for the Jiatong project.

Adam Sackett, IPT vice president PTA, commented, “We are honoured that our industry-leading P8++ PTA technology has been selected again by Tongkun Group. Our companies have a long history of PTA innovation, and we look forward to working together on this new chapter of technology and cooperation between the two parties.”

Jiatong Energy to Utilize INVISTA’s Latest P8 Technology for Its Dual PTA Lines

-LyondellBasell JV starts up USD2.6-billion petchem complex in China

LyondellBasell and Liaoning Bora Enterprise Group have commenced operations at their 1.1-million metric tons/year ethylene plant and associated polyolefins complex at Panjin in Liaoning Province, northeastern China, reported Chemweek.

The cost of the project is approximately USD2.6 billion.

The two companies in September 2019 established a 50/50 joint venture (JV), Bora LyondellBasell Petrochemical Co., for the project.Petrochemicals PlasticRecycling Brexit PET

The ethylene plant has the flexibility to consume naphtha and liquefied petroleum gas. The downstream complex includes units producing 800,000 metric tons/year of polyethylene (PE) and 600,000 metric tons/year of polypropylene (PP) using LyondellBasell’s Hostalen ACP PE technology and the company’s Spheripol and Spherizone PP processes.

The complex will supply the packaging, transportation, building and construction, and healthcare and hygiene industries. The materials produced at the facility will be sold for use within China.

LyondellBasell JV starts up USD2.6-billion petchem complex in China

-Trinseo raises September PS, ABS, and SAN prices in Europe

Trinseo, a global materials company and manufacturer of plastics, latex binders, and synthetic rubber, and its affiliate companies in Europe, have announced a price increase for all polystyrene (PS), acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) and acrylonitrile-styrene copolymer (SAN) in Europe, according to the company’s press release as of 4 September.

Effective September 1, 2020, or as existing contract terms allow, the contract and spot prices for the products listed below rose as follows:

– STYRON general purpose polystyrene grades (GPPS) — by EUR30 per metric ton;

– STYRON and STYRON A-Tech and STYRON X- Tech and STYRON C- Tech high impact polystyrene grades (HIPS) – by EUR30 per metric ton;

– MAGNUM ABS resins – by EUR35 per metric ton;

– TYRIL SAN resins – by EUR30 per metric ton. Petrochemicals PlasticRecycling Brexit PET

Trinseo raises September PS, ABS, and SAN prices in Europe

Petrochemicals PlasticRecycling Brexit PET

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