Plastics-tax – Polymer-prices-in-China 26-03-2022

Plastics-tax – Polymer-prices-in-China

-Italian fabric maker bringing 34 jobs, $18 million investment to Midlands

A new manufacturing facility is in the works for Orangeburg County. S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster’s office announced Tuesday that Pratrivero USA, a division of Pratrivero Nonwovens, plans to set up operations in Orangeburg at 3777 Industrial Blvd. Operations are expected to start in September.

Pratrivero Nonwovens is headquartered in Italy and has been family owned and operated for 14 generations, according to a news release. It makes fabrics used for a number of functions, including furnishings, advertising banners, footwear, packaging and the automotive industry. Plastics-tax – Polymer-prices-in-China

The Pratrivero facility in Orangeburg will produce stitchbond, a nonwoven fabric produced by mechanical bonding of fiber layers with continuous filaments.

“Pratrivero USA is looking forward to being part of the Orangeburg County industrial family,” Pratrivero USA President Paolo Barberis Canonico said in a news release.

“We are very excited about this new investment and feel by choosing such a great location and working with the wonderful people in this community, we will succeed.

“The approach that Orangeburg County has taken to include a training program with Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College to help us find and train people specifically for our industry is a wonderful benefit for Pratrivero USA and the people we will be hiring.”  Plastics-tax – Polymer-prices-in-China

McMaster welcomed the fabric company to the Palmetto State.

Plastics-tax - Polymer-prices-in-China

-Plastics tax funds not ringfenced to enable ‘flexibility’

The Treasury says the £235 million per year it expects to raise from the plastics packaging tax will not be ringfenced for recycling because the government needs “flexibility to manage public finances”.

Instead, a spokesperson from the Treasury pointed to the £31 billion of public investment committed by the government to the “green industrial revolution” since March 2021. Plastics-tax – Polymer-prices-in-China

In a briefing note given to, the Treasury also said that while bioplastics are included in-scope of the tax at the moment, their treatment will be “kept under review” while research is carried out.

And, it said the tax is not intended as a plastic reduction initiative, but instead a way to replace virgin plastics with recycled content.


Due to come in from 1 April 2022, the Treasury has faced some calls from the recycling sector to ensure the £200 a tonne levy on plastic packaging featuring less than 30% content to be ringfenced for investment in plastic recycling infrastructure.

However, a spokesperson said: “Widespread hypothecation of tax revenues can undermine the government’s ability to flexibly manage the public finances.

“The 2021 Autumn Budget and Spending Review confirmed that the government will have committed a total of £30 billion of public investment for the green industrial revolution in the UK, since March 2021.”

Plastic use

In recent times, some companies have moved away from plastic in response to consumer pressure. This has seen criticism from the plastics recycling industry for being “short-sighted” as some say some alternative materials have a worse long-term environmental impact. Plastics-tax – Polymer-prices-in-China

Plastics tax funds not ringfenced to enable ‘flexibility’

Italian-fabric-maker bringing 34 jobs, $18 million investment to Midlands

Plastics-tax funds not ringfenced to enable ‘flexibility’

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Plastics-tax – Polymer-prices-in-China

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