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Petchem Carbon Fiber RePackaging

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-MEG spot price range in Europe narrowed to EUR475-500 per ton

The spot price range of monoethylene glycol (MEG) in Europe has narrowed to EUR475-500 per tonne, CIF NWE, ICIS reports.

After a limited supply period at the beginning of the month on the European market for monoethylene glycol (MEG), spot supply increased by the end of January.

This year, consumers have reduced contract volumes and, in some cases, have chosen spot agreements. This led to expectations of increased liquidity in the European spot market. In early January, prices rose, as the increase in demand coincided with delays in imports.

Petchem Carbon Fiber RePackaging

-Freudenberg Develops First Ever 100% Biodegradable Padding

Based on Lenzing fibers, comfortemp Lyocell padding completely degrades in soil within 60 days  Petchem Carbon Fiber RePackaging

With comfortemp Lyocell padding, Freudenberg Performance Materials Apparel is launching the first fully biodegradable padding made from sustainably produced cellulose fiber that completely degrades in soil within 60 days.

At the same time, it meets all requirements for high-performance thermal insulation for sports and outdoor clothing. comfortemp Lyocell padding is the result of a cooperative venture with the fiber manufacturer Lenzing.

Petchem Carbon Fiber RePackaging

-Soyuztekstil-ST intends to expand the production of polyester synthetic yarns in Kursk

The Moscow company Soyuztekstil-ST intends to expand the production of polyester synthetic yarns in the city of Kursk, investing 2 billion rubles in the production, Kommersant reports. Petchem Carbon Fiber RePackaging

According to Mikhail Aksenov, chairman of the committee on industry, trade and entrepreneurship of the Kursk region, Moscow Soyuztekstil-ST is already installing equipment in workshops within the city. “Investors own land and industrial buildings. They reconstructed them for almost the whole of 2019 and are now preparing to launch the torsion section, the full commissioning of production is planned for 2023,” M. Aksenov said.

Petchem Carbon Fiber RePackaging

-PS European contract price in January rose by EUR50-60 per ton

The European contract price for polystyrene (PS) in January rose by an average of EUR50-60 per ton, depending on the brand of material, amid rising quotations of the main raw material – styrene, ICIS reports citing market sources.

Prices rose for the first time in four months, starting in September 2019.

Thus, the contract price of styrene monomer in Europe was finally agreed at EUR1 017 per tonne for January deliveries, which is EUR64 per tonne higher than the level of the previous month.Petchem Carbon Fiber RePackaging

Petchem Carbon Fiber RePackaging

-New Investor and Shareholder at ADVANSA

ADVANSA Group (hereafter ADVANSA) and the curator of ADVANSA GmbH announce today an agreement with Sverige Netherlands B.V. to acquire all the assets of ADVANSA GmbH as well as the other relevant companies of the ADVANSA Group (ADVANSA Marketing GmbH, ADVANSA IT Service GmbH, ADVANSA Logistik und Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH, ADVANSA BV and Bergers Technik und Maschinenbau GmbH.)

Sverige Netherlands B.V. (hereafter Sverige) is an investment holding company which is affiliated with the major shareholders of PT Asia Pacific Fibers Tbk. (hereafter APF), a leading integrated global polyester player. Petchem Carbon Fiber RePackaging

APF, headquartered in Indonesia, manufactures and markets polyester chips, staple fibres, filament yarns and fleece fabrics along with captive PTA [purified terephthalic acid].

Petchem Carbon Fiber RePackaging

-Genomatica Hits Industry-First Milestone in Nylon Sustainability

Clean manufacturing leader produces the world’s first ton of renewable nylon intermediate

Eighty years after nylon’s first commercial production, clean manufacturing technology leader Genomatica achieved a new milestone for the material — its production of the world’s first renewably-sourced ton of the key ingredient for nylon-6, made from plants instead of crude oil.Petchem Carbon Fiber RePackaging

Nylon, the first totally synthetic fiber to be made into consumer products including apparel and carpet, is responsible for an estimated 60 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year through traditional production which begins with crude oil.

Genomatica Hits Industry-First Milestone in Nylon Sustainability

-Berry elaborates on its chemically recycled plastic

Berry Global’s use of chemically recycled LLDPE in demonstration pouches is only the beginning of the company’s embrace of post-consumer plastic recycled via pyrolysis.

“We look forward to expanding our usage of chemically recycled resin both in Europe and North America as the use of this technology further develops and expands,” said Robert Flores, vice president of sustainability for Berry, a worldwide packaging producer.

Petchem Carbon Fiber RePackaging

Berry elaborates on its chemically recycled plastic

-Isko displays Arquas fabrics for sportswear at ISPO 2020

Isko presented the latest edition of Arquas, the fabrics platform set to bring about an even more responsible era, at ISPO Munich 2020, in hall C1, booth 401. The leading trade fair for sports business professionals was held from January 26-29, 2020, in Germany. Isko, the leading ingredient brand on a global level, is the first denim producer in the world.

Featuring 35 fabrics, most of which are made with certified recycled materials, Arquas 6.0 combines high-performance properties with the mill’s Responsible Innovation approach – a holistic vision based on creativity, competence and citizenship that constantly defines new standards, according to Isko.Petchem Carbon Fiber RePackaging

Isko displays Arquas fabrics for sportswear at ISPO 2020

-UK waste giant opens large PET recycling facility

A plant capable of recycling nearly 126 million pounds of PET bottles per year is coming on-line today from Biffa in the United Kingdom.Petchem Carbon Fiber RePackaging

U.K. waste management company Biffa announced the formal opening of its 27.5 million pound sterling (about $35.7 million) facility in Seaham, County Durham, in northern England. Biffa called the facility, capable of recycling 57,000 metric tons of PET annually, “among the most modern and technically advanced of its kind in the world.”

UK waste giant opens large PET recycling facility

-Kaneka BioPolymers to attend and present at GreenBiz 2020

Kaneka BioPolymers is proud to announce that it will be an exhibitor at GreenBiz 2020 in Phoenix, Arizona on February 4th to 6th, 2020.

The GreenBiz Expo is comprised of some of the brightest minds in sustainability, technology & business.Petchem Carbon Fiber RePackaging

Kaneka will be presenting information on its new Biopolymer, which is a plant-based, sustainable polymer that can be a replacement for conventional plastic products including cutlery, plates and many other single-use plastic products.

Kaneka BioPolymers to attend and present at GreenBiz 2020

Petchem Carbon Fiber RePackaging

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