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Plastics Carbon Fiber RePackaging

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-Shell Launches US Plastic Waste Recycling Line

Shell has launched a new line for processing plastic waste into industrial chemicals in Norco (Norco, Louisiana, USA), the company said.

Shell representatives said that by 2025, the company will use up to one million tons of plastic waste annually to produce chemical components from them.

It is possible that the company will open this kind of production in other countries.

The company management believes that in this way the plant will be able to help in the fight against climate change that is taking place on the planet. The company announced a successful partnership with Nexus Fuels from Atlanta.

Plastics Carbon Fiber RePackaging

-AIMPLAS to host seventh international sustainable composites seminar

AIMPLAS, the Plastics Technology Centre, will hold the seventh edition of its International Seminar on Biopolymers and Sustainable Composites on 4-5 March 2020.

Aimed at raw material suppliers, processing companies, machinery manufacturers, end users, companies in plastic waste management and treatment, public administrations (regarding environmental policies), research centres, universities and public research bodies, various topics will be discussed at this long-standing seminar.Plastics Carbon Fiber RePackaging 

Plastics Carbon Fiber RePackaging

-Infinitely recyclable alternative to plastic packaging

Ball Corporation, an American company well known for its innovative, sustainable packaging solutions, has announced the launch of a new impact-extruded aluminum bottle line – “Infinity Aluminum Bottle” – that provides a circular solution to plastic pollution. The new bottles are available in a range of sizes and formats and can be customized for numerous beauty, personal care, food, and beverage products.

In addition, the Ball’s aluminum bottles are infinitely recyclable and can be turned into other aluminum products over and over again. Plastics Carbon Fiber RePackaging 

Each Infinity Bottle comes with a re-closable threaded cap that allows consumers to twist the top on and off.

Plastics Carbon Fiber RePackaging

-Packaging Innovations 2020 | Sustainability takes centre stage

Coca-Cola, Aveda, and Britvic are just some of the global brands set to put sustainability firmly in the spotlight when they join the Ecopack Stage as part of Packaging Innovations 2020. Plastics Carbon Fiber RePackaging 

Consumers are more concerned than ever about the environment, with record numbers of protests taking place across the globe during 2019.

Great strides have been taken in the packaging industry to make the sector more eco-friendly, but there is still work to be done.

Plastics Carbon Fiber RePackaging

-Glenroy moves deeper into flexible packaging sustainability

The new year marks a sustainable step forward for flexible packaging converter Glenroy Inc., (Menomonee Falls, WI), when it joined the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (Charlottesville, VA).Plastics Carbon Fiber RePackaging 

Glenroy How2Recycle Pouch FrontSPC membership allows Glenroy to expand its sustainable packaging portfolio with How2Recycle labeled store drop-off recyclable flexible packaging starting with stand-up pouches.

Plastics Carbon Fiber RePackaging

-PET January 2020 Price Review

After several months of falling prices, Western European PET contract prices evidently bottomed out in December 2019. Prices for freely-traded and large volumes remained at the previous level of just above €800/t ($887), while deliveries linked to the paraxylene reference similarly resulted in a rollover.Plastics Carbon Fiber RePackaging 

For the medium-to-small volumes subject to regular monthly transactions that PIE reports on, prices at the lower end of the range slid by around €50/t ($55). The very small volumes and specified grades at the upper end of the range remained mostly stable, by contrast, since purchasers generally had to have recourse to goods from European production lines running at a reduced output.

Plastics Carbon Fiber RePackaging

-PolyFlex grows through close relationships with customers

Two stories help explain the culture at PolyFlex Products Inc., according to CEO Mark Kirchmer.

“One example was with Harley-Davidson. Early on, we inherited some work for them that was not running correctly. We said: ‘We can try to fix this tool as much as we can, but it’s not going to be what you need. … We’re going to design this for you correctly, get it done, and put it in your hands.’Plastics Carbon Fiber RePackaging 

“We were more or less rolling the dice. It was a new account for us,” Kirchmer said. There was no guarantee that Harley would pay for the new tooling. But it did, and PolyFlex’s decision helped cement what has become a long relationship.

PolyFlex grows through close relationships with customers

-10 Scientists Behind Modern Biotech You Probably Don’t Know

The modern biotech industry is a multi-million euro business, but who are the Europeans behind the science that made the industry what it is today? Here are 10 scientists, engineers and healthcare professionals we think you should know about.

Over the last 25 years, biotech has become a burgeoning worldwide industry. It only became the success it is today on the back of excellent science. Plastics Carbon Fiber RePackaging 

While some companies and leaders grab the limelight, as well as a few researchers, often names get lost in history and their remarkable achievements go largely unnoticed.

10 Scientists Behind Modern Biotech You Probably Don’t Know

-Teijin to add automotive composites center in Germany

Teijin Ltd. is expanding its footprint in Europe with Teijin Automotive Center Europe GmbH (TACE), a new base in Wuppertal, Germany, that will house technical functions for the company’s automotive composites business.Plastics Carbon Fiber RePackaging 

The Japanese materials firm said Jan. 28 that the German operation will handle concept, designing, prototyping, evaluations, marketing and technical research for next-generation automotive components.

The Wuppertal site will be up and running in February.

Teijin to add automotive composites center in Germany

-MPs call on government to create circular economy through compostables

Cross-party MPs and Peers have called on the Government to include ambitious targets for compostables in the forthcoming Environment Bill.Plastics Carbon Fiber RePackaging 

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MPs call on government to create circular economy through compostables

MPs call on government to create circular economy through compostables

-Ampacet Introduces ReVive™ Compatibilizer; Enables Recycling Of Co-Mingled Scrap

Ampacet introduces ReVive™ Compatibilizer masterbatch, a blend of functional additives that can reduce the amount of material sent to landfills by allowing post-industrial and post-consumer barrier films to be reprocessed back into the polyolefin recycling stream. ReVive is part of Ampacet’s R3 Sustainable Solutions, a portfolio of innovative masterbatches supporting the global circular economy.Plastics Carbon Fiber RePackaging 

“ReVive helps to minimize the environmental impact of barrier film packaging, and can help CPG brands use more recycled materials in their packaging to achieve sustainability goals,” says Doreen Becker, Ampacet Sustainability Director.

Ampacet Introduces ReVive™ Compatibilizer; Enables Recycling Of Co-Mingled Scrap

Plastics Carbon Fiber RePackaging

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