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Shell UnitedStates Plastic Waste

Shell Launches US Plastic Waste Recycling Line

Shell UnitedStates Plastic Waste

MOSCOW  – Shell has launched a new line for processing plastic waste into industrial chemicals in Norco (Norco, Louisiana, USA), the company said.

Shell representatives said that by 2025, the company will use up to one million tons of plastic waste annually to produce chemical components from them.

It is possible that the company will open this kind of production in other countries.

The company management believes that in this way the plant will be able to help in the fight against climate change that is taking place on the planet. The company announced a successful partnership with Nexus Fuels from Atlanta. It is focused on the processing of difficult-to-process polymers into liquid pyrolysis raw materials. This technology will subsequently be used in various industrial processes. Shell UnitedStates Plastic Waste

The company did not disclose which specific chemicals were obtained from the pyrolysis liquid.

It was previously reported that Shell signed a MoU in January with China’s CNOOC Oil & Petrochemicals Co Ltd (CNOOC) to build a new polycarbonate (PC) plant at its petrochemical complex in China. So, it is planned that the new PC plant will be located at the petrochemical complex of the joint venture – CNOOC and Shell Petrochemical Company (CSPC) in Huizhou (Huizhou, China), the statement said.Shell UnitedStates Plastic Waste

Shell produces basic chemicals – ethylene, propylene and aromatics, using oil and gas as raw materials. It also produces intermediates such as monoethylene glycol (MEG), polyols and alpha olefins, as well as polyethylene (PE). Shell UnitedStates Plastic Waste

Author:Anna Larionova

Shell starts using plastic waste to produce industrial chemicals

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