Petrochemical LDPEPackaging Polyolefins 22-12-2020

Petrochemical LDPEPackaging Polyolefins

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend  Polyestertime

-UK-EU logistics woes mount as companies stock up ahead of Brexit deadline

UK logistics at border crossings into the EU are under intense pressure as companies try to build stockpiles ahead of the country’s 31 December exit from the EU single market and customs union.

Long delays for container traffic and queues of trucks are being reported at ferry terminals and Eurotunnel on both sides of the English Channel, with additional pressure caused by ferries running a reduced timetable because of a lack of passenger and car traffic caused by the pandemic.

On Sunday (20 December), queues at the UK’s port of Dover were growing as France halted during 48 hours all freight bound to Calais as it aims to stop a new coronavirus strain found in London and surrounding areas reaching its territory.

Several countries, including Germany and Italy, as well as France, announced over the weekend they were halting passenger flights from the UK.

The pandemic has also disrupted the global container shipping system, with reduced availability and long delays at container ports along the south coast.

Shipping companies – which took out 12% of global capacity in the first half of 2020 – were taken by surprise as Asian economies bounced back quickly in the second half of the year.

They have been unable to restore this quickly enough.

UK-EU logistics woes mount as companies stock up ahead of Brexit deadline

-Brazilian Abiquim disagrees with decision to reduce import duty on PVC in the country

Brazilian chemical trading group Abiquim has criticized the Camex Chamber of Commerce’s decision to reduce the import duty on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) from 14% to 4%, ICIS reported  .

The new duty, which is in effect for three months and can be extended for another three months, is capped at a maximum quarterly quota of 160,000 tonnes of PVC, Camex reported. Petrochemical LDPEPackaging Polyolefins

For Abiquim, the government’s assertion that the new tariff will address the supply gap in the domestic market is unfounded. “In the short term, there is no risk of PVC shortages,” Abiquim said in a statement. “There are two large PVC producers in Brazil with enough capacity to meet all domestic demand. These companies are doing well and reporting successful sales.”

“The Brazilian PVC market is already open to competition. The share of imports in the domestic market is much higher than the average for other countries, with 10 to 20 companies exporting PVC to Brazil,” Abiquim said.

Brazil imported USD282.3 million worth of PVC and exported USD24.9 million this year, according to the Ministry of Foreign Trade.

Brazilian Abiquim disagrees with decision to reduce import duty on PVC in the country

-US energy-related carbon dioxide emissions forecast to fall 11% in 2020

In 2020, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the U. energy sector could be 11% lower than in 2019, according to Hydrocarbonprocessing with reference to US Energy Information Administration (EIA) data through August and EIA estimates for September through December. Petrochemical LDPEPackaging Polyolefins

According to values published in EIA’s December Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO), EIA expects CO2 emissions in 2020 to fall by 19% for coal, by 13% for petroleum, and by 2% for natural gas. Many of this year’s changes in energy-related CO2 emissions are attributable to the economic and behavioral effects the COVID-19 pandemic has had on energy consumption.

EIA calculates energy-related CO2 emissions by multiplying energy consumption, measured in British thermal units, by the carbon factor associated with each energy source. For this reason, changes in emissions reflect both changes in the overall amount of energy consumed and the mix of energy sources used.

US energy-related carbon dioxide emissions forecast to fall 11% in 2020

– OXYNOV™ Barrier Bottles New branding introduction in Airnov

  • High barrier protection against oxygen and moisture for use in automated fill lines
  • Ideal for use with oxygen and moisture absorbers
  • Standard bottle neck SP-400

Airnov Healthcare Packaging is introducing its new brand, OXYNOV™. Applicable for High Protective Barrier Bottles, OXYNOV offers protection for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and probiotic products. The OXYNOV Barrier Bottles utilize extrusion-blow-molding (EBM) technology creating a 6-layer bottle with ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) which offers the highest barrier to oxygen and moisture available on the market for this packaging category. The OXYNOV bottles are rigid containers to be used on automated filling lines for a fast, reliable output, and do not shrink when bottles are used in conjunction with oxygen absorbers. Petrochemical LDPEPackaging Polyolefins

The OXYNOV bottle is the latest brand in Airnov’s oxygen protective solutions which, when combined with oxygen absorbers, offers the ideal product to avoid the degradation of oxygen sensitive products such as drugs, proteins or probiotics.

Petrochemical LDPEPackaging Polyolefins

-Industrial packaging manufacturer may have new owner / Further investment for SK Capital

France’s Ipackchem ,an extrusion blow-moulder that makes industrial packaging, could soon have a new owner.

US private equity firm SK Capital Partners plans to take over the packaging producer, which recently achieved a turnover of EUR 123m, with 850 employees, from the previous owner, Sagard Holdings. Petrochemical LDPEPackaging Polyolefins

The private equity firm bought Ipackchem from investment company Cerea Partenaire in 2017.

SK Capital said it expects the transaction to close before the end of first quarter of 2021; no financial details have been disclosed.

Industrial packaging manufacturer may have new owner / Further investment for SK Capital

-Acquisition of Spolchemie plant completed / Focus on polyester resins from recycled PET

US polyester and vinyl ester resins producer AOC (European headquarters: Schaffhausen / Switzerland; said it has completed the acquisition of a factory for unsaturated polyester resins in Usti nad Labem / Czech Republic.

The plant on the Elbe River, located 70 km southeast of Dresden, had previously been operated as a joint venture between the Czech companies Kaprain (Prague; and Spolchemie. Petrochemical LDPEPackaging Polyolefins

Acquisition of Spolchemie plant completed / Focus on polyester resins from recycled PET

-Avient adding capacity for medical-grade Mevopur materials in Asia-Pacific

The material supplier is equipping an existing facility in Singapore with a new production line to meet growing demand for the specialty polymers in that region.

U.S.-based specialty material supplier Avient Corp. is equipping an existing facility in Singapore with a new production line to meet the growing demand for specialty pre-coloured, medical grade Mevopur polymers in the region.

The new line will be installed at the EN-ISO13485-2016 certified site, and complements similar capabilities in North America and Europe. Petrochemical LDPEPackaging Polyolefins

“When our newly added production line is validated and goes on-stream in Singapore next quarter, Avient will be able to increase its capacity to supply these materials, which address the particular needs of the healthcare industry in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Say-Eng Lee, vice president and general manager, colour and additives, Asia.

Petrochemical LDPEPackaging Polyolefins

-Berlin Packaging acquires Consolidated Bottle – Significant expansion in Canada

Transaction Increases Canadian Rigid Packaging Offering and Value-Added Services – Berlin Packaging, the world’s largest hybrid packaging supplier, announced today the acquisition of Consolidated Bottle Corporation, a leading packaging supplier in Canada. The transaction significantly expands Berlin Packaging’s footprint in Canada, enabling the combined businesses to offer even more packaging solutions and value-added services to their customers.Petrochemical LDPEPackaging Polyolefins

As one of Canada’s most established companies, Consolidated Bottle has 110+ years of experience supplying innovative plastic, glass and metal containers and closures across various industries, including personal care, pharmaceutical, cannabis, food, beverage and industrial.

Berlin Packaging is a global supplier of rigid packaging products and services designed to streamline packaging supply chains and help companies grow their profits. In 2016, Berlin Packaging established a Montreal location focused on supplying specialty glass packaging for food, spirits and wine.

Petrochemical LDPEPackaging Polyolefins

-Gleistein switches its entire portfolio of products made with Dyneema® to bio-based Dyneema® fibres

World’s first rope manufacturer to take this step towards a more sustainable future

With immediate effect, Gleistein is switching its entire portfolio of products made with Dyneema® to be manufactured exclusively from bio-based Dyneema® fibres. These fibres possess exactly the same trusted strength and reliability of their conventionally sourced counterparts, yet contribute substantially to climate protection due to their renewable, bio-based raw material. Petrochemical LDPEPackaging Polyolefins

This results in a significant reduction in carbon emissions and fossil fuel dependency. With this move, Gleistein is adopting the leading role worldwide among textile rope manufacturers aiming towards becoming carbon neutral in the future.

Over the past decades, Gleistein Ropes and DSM Protective Materials (formerly DSM Dyneema) have continuously worked together to deliver premium, industry-leading textile rope solutions for their customers. The outstanding quality, often featuring the world’s highest performance attributes, is the result of extensive ongoing R&D investments and a joint, resolute commitment to excellence.

Petrochemical LDPEPackaging Polyolefins

-U.S. blacklists Chinese, UAE-based companies over sale of Iranian petrochemicals

U.S. blacklists Chinese, UAE-based companies over sale of Iranian petrochemicals

The United States on Wednesday imposed sanctions on companies based in China and the United Arab Emirates, accusing them of supporting the sale of Iranian petrochemicals as Washington increases pressure on Tehran in the closing days of President Donald Trump’s term. Petrochemical LDPEPackaging Polyolefins

The U.S. Treasury Department said in a statement it had blacklisted the four entities for facilitating the export of Iranian petrochemical products by Triliance Petrochemical Co. Ltd, which was hit with sanctions by Washington earlier this year.

Also targeted in the move was Vietnam Gas and Chemicals Transportation Corporation over its connection with significant transactions for the transport of petroleum products from Iran, the Treasury said.

Vietnam said on Thursday it regretted the U.S. decision to sanction the company and hoped that the U.S. would remove the sanctions.

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