Petrochemical PEPackaging Polyolefins 21-12-2020

Petrochemical PEPackaging Polyolefins

Petrochemical Naphtha Nylon66 PETBottle Trend

Petrochemical PEPackaging Polyolefins

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend  Polyestertime

-Textural, Frosted Matte Special Effects Masterbatch for PET

Ampacet’s new Whispers Collection that provides a textured, frosted matte finish for PET applications within all market segments.

A special effects masterbatch that provides a textural and frosted matte finish for PET applications within all market segments has been developed by Ampacet Corp., Tarrytown, N.Y.

An extension of the company’s popular Modern Mattes line of special effects masterbatches, the new Whispers Collection reportedly provides a tactile, textural feel in combination with a visual matte effect. This iced energy of the effect is provided without the added expense of a secondary process or mold change.

Colors currently available include Blue Breeze, Calmed Coral, Golden Glimmer, Lucid Lilac, Muted Mauve and Soft Celadon. This collection of colors can be customized for any color pathway to accurately reflect the targeted brand message.

Petrochemical PEPackaging Polyolefins

-BASF’s new Ultramid grade targets application in high-quality surfaces in the car interior

Numerous trends are influencing the automotive industry: automated driving, electromobility, sustainability, lightweight construction, energy efficiency. In addition, the interior is getting into the focus by designers and developers. The transformation into a feel-good space on four wheels is increasing very fast. The haptics and visual appearance of components are becoming even more important. BASF is presenting innovative materials for premium and appealing surfaces to give the interior a distinctive look.

After the successful market launch in 2017 of Ultramid Deep Gloss, a special polyamide for durable high-gloss trim parts, a new generation of surface-improved structural materials is now following with Ultramid B3E2G6 SI BK23353 and Ultramid B3E2G10 SI BK23353. The glass fiber reinforced types based on polyamide 6 impress with very low emission values and good UV stability and are therefore ideally suited for the use in functional visible parts in the interior.

Petrochemical PEPackaging Polyolefins

-Spandex price decreases sporadically with weaker demand

Recently, rigid demand for spandex turned muted after downstream plants witnessed diminishing orders and slightly cut run rate. Some dealers also reduced replenishing. Supply tightness of spandex has been eased slightly and stocks started mounting, while overall stocks on spandex market remained low. Price of some spandex 20D and 30D was high boosted by seasonal demand, while that of 40D/70D/140D inched down amid falling orders. Price of spandex hiked by around 40% compared with the bottom level and started shivering at high level in Dec, even moving down in some regions. Did the market fundamental change?

In view of supply, spandex market entered prosperous cycle after Q3 with soaring price and greatly improving profit. Most units kept running at high capacity, excluding some old units to be eliminated. Current operating rate of spandex market was at 93% and is supposed to remain high in Dec supported by low stocks and high cash flow. Monthly production of spandex may hit yearly high in Dec.

Petrochemical PEPackaging Polyolefins

-How far will polyester market go amid hiking cost?

Panic mood on the external environment gradually eased after the uncertainty of American Presidential Election faded in Nov. Entering Dec, price of oil and futures kept rising and started passed on to polyester fiber market, resulting into changing mindset of players.

Cost stimulus

This wave of uptrend was apparently stimulated by cost. In view of the tempo, price of oil rebounded at first in early-Nov, closely followed by PTA. Price of MEG touched bottom in mid-Nov and that of PFY and PSF gradually climbed up until Dec. From the perspective of demand, demand turned weaker in Nov, deviating from oil price.

Petrochemical PEPackaging Polyolefins

-Major LA Street Paved Using Recycled Plastic Asphalt

First-of-its-kind project supports recovers and repurposes plastic PET water bottles to create a market for long-term use of recyclable materials.

Streets are not paved with gold, but they are being paved in a “greener” way using recycled plastics.

The latest example happened December 17 when Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Public Works officials announced the launch of a new sustainability pilot project in which a portion of 1st Street between Grand Avenue and Hope Street in downtown Los Angeles was resurfaced with recycled plastic asphalt. The launch helps accomplish the goals set in the LA’s Green New Deal that the mayor announced earlier this year, to combat climate change by implementing multiple environmental initiatives.

Led by StreetsLA and working with TechniSoil Industrial, this application of recycled plastic asphalt is the first of its kind on a major city street and further proof Los Angeles stays on the cutting edge of innovative, green technology.

Major LA Street Paved Using Recycled Plastic Asphalt

-Turkish investors eye chances in Tanzania

Ten Turkish investors have shown interest to invest in Tanzania, country’s envoy to Turkey Elizabeth Kiondo told journalists yesterday.

Officials of five of the ten Turkish companies toured the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) to explore possible areas for investment.

Some of the firms that have shown interest are Pedo Corporation– a leading manufacturer of baby and adult diaper in Turkey; ERF Grup–Fan and Pomp manufacturer; and Yenler Textile–a manufacturer of curtains and home textile. Others are Compass (General trade), Compass (textile and furniture) and Compass (construction materials).

TIC’s investment promotion director John Mnali cited some of the areas which appeared to be of more interest to the investors as manufacturing and assembling of agricultural machineries. “We’re going on with discussions on other potential areas for investment,” said Mr Mnali.

Turkish investors eye chances in Tanzania

-Cosmo Films develops new transparent printable BOPP film with higher heat resistance

The Cosmo Films stock has nearly doubled this year and now the company has developed a new transparent printable BOPP film called “Teplor” with higher heat resistance. Pankaj Poddar, CEO, Cosmo Films detailed the impact.

“Teplor – a heat resistant BOPP film from Cosmo Films – is a revolutionary product enabling mono-material structures which will help FMCG companies to make their packaging truly recyclable in an easy and cost-effective way,” he said in an interview with CNBC-TV18.

“The increase in raw material prices is pushing the BOPP film prices up. The other challenges are the logistic challenges globally because of the container availability but overall the margins are better,” he said.

On BOPP spreads and on margins, he said, “The spreads are fluctuating quite a bit. I would say that in general, they are at a good level. For the first 10-12 days, the margins were a little better but in general, the margins are stable, they are at a healthy level. So overall the H2 margins should be slightly better than H1 as of now.”

Cosmo Films develops new transparent printable BOPP film with higher heat resistance

-Keycycle gains exclusive sales rights to deinking technology

Keycycle, a subsidiary of recycling machinery manufacturer Erema Group, is intensifying its cooperation with Spanish company Cadel Deinking, and will take over worldwide sales and project implementation of the technology next month.

Keycycle will operate the pilot system in Sant Vicente del Raspeig, Spain together with Cadel Deinking, which has been working on the removal of printing inks from plastics surfaces since 2014.

“Together we are making ink removal technology a process step that can be integrated into the plastics recycling chain,” says Michal Prochazka, managing director of Keycycle.

In combination with Erema recycling technology, this ink removal process has already proven its suitability for real-life applications involving the recycling of printed in-house and post-industrial film waste. This represents a milestone in safely feeding recycled pellets made from originally printed film back into the production process.

Keycycle gains exclusive sales rights to deinking technology

-BASF launches own circular economy scheme / Closing the materials loop / Chemical recycling projects with partners

In its drive to accelerate sustainability and stay apace of the EU’s plans for a Circular Economy and a Green New Deal, BASF  has launched an ambitious plan to promote a circular economy in its own production cycles. Speaking at the group’s annual research press conference – held virtually for the first time due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic – CEO Martin Brudermüller stressed that innovations from the chemical industry are crucial to the transformation of the industrial economy from linear to circular value chains.

BASF, the world’s largest chemical producer and a major plastics producer focused on high-end engineering polymers and high-volume monomers, has committed to converting 250,000 t/y of recycled and waste-based raw materials into new products each year, starting in 2025.

BASF launches own circular economy scheme / Closing the materials loop / Chemical recycling projects with partners

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