Plastic-pollution-in-Asia 27-01-2023


-Would a global plastic treaty solve plastic pollution in Asia?

That depends on whether the region has an important seat at the treaty’s negotiating table, say experts at the World Oceans Summit.

A senior executive from recycling company Tomra said Asia needs to have greater representation at plastic treaty tackle plastic pollution in the region more effectively.

Also Annupa Ahi, who is Tomra’s vice president and head of public affairs, said, “If we want to make so much as a dent [in the global plastic problem], we have to solve Asia’s problems first and foremost.

We shouldn’t just be in the centre [of the discussions]. We should be leading, and it’s up to the Asian leaders to take it upon themselves to lead the discussion.”

She was speaking on a panel at the World Ocean Summit Asia-Pacific (APAC), which was held in Singapore in November this year.  Plastic-pollution-in-Asia

So the topic of discussion was on APAC’s role in negotiating the global plastics treaty and whether the agreement would adequately respond to the region’s plastic pollution problem.

According to the World Bank, half of the top 10 marine plastic waste producing countries are located in Southeast Asia.

The global treaty she referenced is the landmark resolution to end plastic pollution achieved at the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-5) in Nairobi in March.

This year, where officials from more than 160 UN member states agreed to negotiate a legally binding treaty which will address the full lifecycle of plastics by 2024.




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