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RadiciGroup automotive Chinaplas 2019

RadiciGroup automotive Chinaplas 2019

China: a strategic market for RadiciGroup Group know-how and materials chiefly targeted at automotive, E/E, water and heating systems, and transport. Radici Plastics Suzhou Co. Ltd. present at Chinaplas 2019

RadiciGroup automotive Chinaplas 2019 Radici Plastics Suzhou Co. Ltd. is exhibiting at Chinaplas 2019 (Stand 11.2 – D01), the world’s leading plastics and rubber trade fair, this year marking its 33rd edition. At Chinaplas, RadiciGroup is focusing on four strategic markets for its High Performance Polymers Business Area: automotive, electrical/electronics, water and heating systems, and transport.

RadiciGroup automotive Chinaplas 2019

Radici Plastics Suzhou Co. Ltd

“We have just increased our production capacity,” pointed out Alberto Sessolo, CEO of Radici Plastics Suzhou Co. Ltd, “aiming primarily at enhancing our flexibility in order to better satisfy our customers, also for special application needs.

In particular, we have been following the evolution of electric cars very closely, and we are working on a number of very interesting projects in collaboration with both local and global OEMs.

Our objective is to continue to grow, despite the fact that the world market, including China, started sending out signals of a slowdown from year-end 2018 to the beginning of 2019. In any case, we are confident that we are going to achieve our objectives.” RadiciGroup automotive Chinaplas 2019

Regarding products, markets and applications, Erico Spini, global marketing manager of RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers, explained RadiciGroup’s focus at Chinaplas: “Today China is the world leader in the development of new vehicles with electric engines. For this market, RadiciGroup offers materials specifically developed for applications on electric and hybrid cars.”
The range of products for this kind of application include PA 6 and PA 6.6 engineering polymers, such as RADIFLAM® HF and RADIFLAM® FR, halogen- and phosphorous-free products with excellent flame-retardant characteristics, which are used primarily for battery system components and power management units (e.g., inverters).RadiciGroup automotive Chinaplas 2019

What is more, materials developed for charging plugs and sockets, which must ensure durability and safety.

In an electric car, the heating and air-conditioning management system must be especially efficient to optimize batteryusage and the working of many other parts.

Thus, besides traditional polyamides, RadiciGroup offers long molecular chain polyamides for applications requiring enhanced performance: biobased
PA 6.10 (Radilon® D – PA 6.12 Radilon® DT) to PPA (Radilon® Aestus T1) and PPS
(Raditeck® P).

These are polymers for engineering applications with very high chemical resistance
and, in the case of Raditeck® P, excellent intrinsic flame resistance, as well.

RadiciGroup automotive Chinaplas 2019

Erico Spini, global marketing manager of RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers

“We are working on new flame-resistant products,” Mr. Spini continued, “to be used for components under electrical voltage, which, for safety considerations, must be orange in colour.

The colour mustremain stable during long exposure in unfavourable conditions and high temperatures.”
Safety is the keyword that characterizes RadiciGroup brand products for the electrical/electronics sector: an expanding range of UL-approved products that safeguard the environmentand are formulated to give components a long service life and enhanced safety.RadiciGroup automotive Chinaplas 2019

These materialsfeature excellent properties such as high flame resistance, insulation, UV resistance and more.
Among the most important electrical segments making use of Radilon® and Radiflam® are power distribution systems and industrial control systems, where components such as plugs, sockets, switches, connectors and others are needed.

The water, heating and sanitary systems market has experienced considerable growth drivenby new civil and industrial construction.

RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers has released PA6.6 products (Radilon® A versions suitable for drinking water contact) and more recently PA 6.12products (hydrolysis resistant Radilon® DT).

For more critical applications where parts are in contact with water at temperatures of up to 85°C, RadiciGroup offers KTW-certified PPA Radilon®
Aestus products.
“Transport is another attractive sector for us, considering the strong development China is experiencing,” Mr. Spini concluded.

“Our high-viscosity and glass-fibre reinforced polyamide-based materials are used to make components, such as rail fastening systems, insulating plates and other structural parts, for which good performance characteristics are an essential requirement.”

RadiciGroup automotive Chinaplas 2019

Maurizio Radici, Vice President of Radici Group,

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