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SIBUR EcoTechnologies polymer packaging

SIBUR and EcoTechnologies deepen cooperation in the field of polymer packaging recycling

SIBUR EcoTechnologies polymer packaging


MOSCOW – SIBUR, the largest petrochemical holding in Russia and Eastern Europe, and EcoTechnology group of companies (SC) signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of sustainable development, the SIBUR press service said.

So, the goal of the partnership is to establish mutually beneficial cooperation aimed at developing a closed-loop economy, namely the recycling of polymer packaging.

Companies already had experience working together on projects. In particular, EcoTechnologies Group of Companies was SIBUR’s partners in organizing separate waste collection at the Silk Way international rally, as well as at VTB United League matches.

In the short term, cooperation provides for both joint efforts towards the sustainable development of the polymer packaging industry, and the further participation of EcoTechnology Group in promoting SIBUR’s sports initiatives.

“Sustainable development is one of SIBUR’s priorities. We understand that the key condition for the successful implementation of closed-loop economy projects is the exchange of experience and joint efforts. In the EcoTechnology Group we see an experienced and promising partner in a number of areas,” said Maxim Remchukov, Sibur Director for Sustainable Development. SIBUR EcoTechnologies polymer packaging

“The success of the recycling industry depends on the effective collaboration of its key participants – manufacturers of goods, packaging for them, recyclers and, of course, the largest producers of primary (petrochemical) polymer raw materials; in Russia, of course, this is SIBUR, and we welcome initiatives in the field of cyclic economics in the packaging segment, ”says Konstantin Rzayev, managing director of EcoTechnology.

It was previously noted that representatives of the American company Mars, a major global food producer, are considering the possibility of using SIBUR products for packaging their products. SIBUR EcoTechnologies polymer packaging

So, in September this year, at the research centers of SIBUR “PoliLab” in Skolkovo and NIOST in Tomsk, employees of SIBUR and the company Mars, which manufactures chocolate bars, chewing gums and other products, met. On the basis of SIBUR’s research centers, it is planned to develop new materials for flexible and rigid packaging, including for replacing foil with polymeric materials in multilayer packaging.

EcoTechnology Group of Companies is an integrated Russian operator, which has been implementing projects in Russia since 2005 in the field of sorting municipal solid waste, recycling and separate collection of waste, as well as social and educational programs. Today it is one of the largest plastic processors in Russia.SIBUR EcoTechnologies polymer packaging

Sibur Holding PJSC is one of the largest integrated petrochemical companies in Russia. It is engaged in the production of petrochemical products (polypropylene, polyethylene, synthetic rubbers, polystyrene foam, PET, etc.). The production uses raw materials produced by the gas processing segment and infrastructure based on by-products of oil and gas production purchased from oil and gas companies. In 2018, SIBUR’s revenue amounted to USD9.1 billion, adjusted EBITDA – $ 3.3 billion.

Author:Margarita Volkova

SIBUR EcoTechnologies polymer packaging

Petrochemical Smart Plastic Packaging 27-11-2019

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