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Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend by Polyestertime

Crude Oil Prices Trend by Polyestertime

Net-zero ethylene and polyethylene for Dow in Canada

Dow, a leading chemical manufacturer, has received board approval for a substantial investment in the Path2Zero project, a groundbreaking initiative set in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada, with an estimated cost of $6.5 billion. This strategic move aligns with Dow’s ambitious goal to achieve carbon neutrality by the year 2050. The pivotal components of this venture include the construction of a state-of-the-art ethylene cracker and a substantial increase in polyethylene capacity by 2 million metric tonnes annually.

Anticipated to yield significant returns, Dow foresees a growth of $1 billion in core profits per year at full operational capacity for the net-zero emissions facility. The company is slated to commence construction activities in 2024, with the gradual introduction of additional capacities in phases.  Techtextil Texprocess

The initial phase, scheduled to commence operations in 2027, is projected to contribute around 1,285 kilo tonnes per annum (KTA) of ethylene and polyethylene capacity. The subsequent phase, set to initiate operations in 2029, will add an extra 600 KTA of capacity.

Dow’s expansion aims to address burgeoning customer demands in lucrative markets such as packaging, infrastructure, and hygiene. Additionally, the company envisions potential benefits from the commercialization of low and zero-emissions products. In a bid to meet environmental targets, Dow has committed to reducing its net annual carbon emissions by 15% by 2030, relative to its 2020 baseline, and ultimately achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.  Techtextil Texprocess

This significant development follows Dow’s recent long-term supply agreement with New Energy Blue, a bio-conversion company, reinforcing Dow’s commitment to sustainability. The agreement focuses on sourcing plastic materials derived from corn residue, marking a pivotal stride towards integrating renewable energy sources into its production processes. As Dow celebrates its board-approved investment, the company solidifies its dedication to pioneering eco-friendly practices and fostering sustainable growth in the chemical manufacturing industry.

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New packaging waste regulation draft could prove controversial

The latest draft of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) – which passed its plenary vote in the EU Parliament on Wednesday 22 November – brings further sweeping changes to the proposed legislation, some of which are likely to prove controversial.  Techtextil Texprocess

The wide-ranging changes from the initial draft, many of which are in line with the European Parliament’s Committee on Environment (ENVI)’s proposed amendments from October, include:

  • A watering down of minimum recycled content and collection targets at member state and company level
  • The acceptance of bio-based material as potentially counting towards 50% recycled content targets
  • Exemptions for linings in recycled content targets and recyclability assessments, which could encourage the use of difficult-to-recycle paper and cardboard food-contact packaging
  • Exemptions from recyclability assessments for wood and wax packaging
  • Bans on the intentional addition of bisphenol A (BPA) and per-and-polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs) in packaging
  • Labelling obligations and data provision obligations – including making information publicly available  Techtextil Texprocess
  • An extension of Extended Producer Responsibility obligations, which would include member states using fees collected to support collection infrastructure and make producers/distributors responsible for covering recycling fees
  • A push towards ‘regulated value chains’
  • Further amendments to the definition of recycling, tying the PPWR to directive 2008/98/EC, as well as the legislation’s own definition of recycling
  • Amendments to mandated Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) proposals
  • Changes to reuse and refill targets, including adding requirements that it must be reusable ‘multiple times’ to the reuse definition
  • Including online retailers into many of the PPWR obligations
  • The setting up of a ‘Packaging Forum’ made up of value chain stakeholders to vet future legislation and targets

The legislation still needs to go through the trilogue stage, where recommendations from the EU Council and other stakeholders will be debated, before it is adopted, and the final version could look quite different from the version voted on by the Plenary.

At a minimum it is likely to provoke heated discussion and lobbying from all sides of the various packaging value chains.  Techtextil Texprocess

Recycled content targets

What will most likely prove one of the most hotly-debated changes under the latest version of the PPWR is the incorporation of ENVI’s proposed amendment on the acceptance of bio-based plastics as counting towards up to 50% of mandated recycled content targets in packaging.


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APR joins Canada Plastics Pact

The APR will provide its industry perspective and technical expertise to support the CPP in its goals to eliminate plastic waste and create a circular plastics economy.

The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), Washington, has joined the Ottawa, Ontario-based Canada Plastics Pact (CPP), which aims to eliminate plastic waste and pollution by bringing together businesses, government, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and other key stakeholders in the Canadian plastics value chain. Techtextil Texprocess

The APR says the two organizations share the common goal of creating a circular plastics economy, where plastic is kept in the economy and out of people, animals and the environment. The APR will join CPP’s more than 98 partners from across the plastics value chain that are taking steps to eliminate what they deem unnecessary and problematic plastics, redesign packaging and bolster their usage of recycled plastic.

“The Canada Plastics Pact is helping to shape important discussions on the management of postconsumer plastics and convening leaders across the value chain committed to solutions,” APR President and CEO Steve Alexander says. “APR’s tools and resources are endorsed and aligned internationally.  Techtextil Texprocess

This partnership is part of larger harmonization efforts across the globe including APR’s work to align North America’s design for recyclability guidance with Europe’s RecyClass. By working together, we will help achieve an effective and robust plastics recycling system in Canada and beyond.”


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Ferrarelle Società Benefit relies on Sidel’s aseptic technology for its new range of functional water and teas

Ferrarelle Società Benefit partners with Sidel to install its first ever aseptic line at the Boario plant to produce its product range of Vitasnella ‘Le Linfe’ functional water and teas. With natural ingredients and a mix of flavours, the products have been designed with consumers well-being in mind, promoting a 360-degree healthy lifestyle.  Techtextil Texprocess
Ferrarelle Società Benefit, one of the largest mineral water producers in Italy well-known for its unique naturally sparkling water properties, bottles “Boario”, “Vitasnella” and “Fonte Essenziale” mineral waters at its Boario plant.
Close to the picturesque Iseo Lake, the plant sources its water from the mountains close to the factory.
This strategic location allows Boario to produce uniquely bottled mineral water with health-enhancing properties.
Ferrarelle Società Benefit chose Sidel’s Aseptic Combi Predis technology to produce its new range of functional water and teas.
Sidel supported the company in installing its aseptic technology to ensure a high-end taste experience, product integrity and a long shelf-life, utilising its Predis™ dry preform decontamination solution – a safe, hygienic, cost-effective way of packaging a variety of sensitive beverages.    Techtextil Texprocess
By installing Sidel’s Aseptic Combi Predis to produce Vitasnella ‘Le Linfe’ product range, Boario’s line is capable of handling two different formats, 0.5 litres and 1.25 litres, and achieves 18,000 bottles per hour.
This system ensures full production sterility, beverage integrity and food safety with easy operations.“‘Le Linfe’ functional waters and tea ranges are extremely important for us and we wanted to avoid any potential risks. That’s why we decided to turn to Sidel, given their extensive expertise in aseptic technology,” said Nicola Tignonsini, Operations Director at Ferrarelle.

More… Ferrarelle Società Benefit relies on Sidel’s aseptic technology for its new range of functional water and teas

Innovative and Eco-Friendly Food-Packaging Leader Inno-Pak Acquires Albany Packaging

Increases Integrated Manufacturing Capabilities, Creates an Even More Resilient Supply Chain and Expands Product Portfolio in Paper

Inno-Pak, LLC (“Inno-Pak” or the “Company”), a portfolio company of Emerald Lake Capital Management and a leading designer, manufacturer, importer and supplier of innovative, eco-friendly packaging for prepared and takeout foods, today announced that it has acquired Albany Packaging Inc. (“Albany”).  Techtextil Texprocess

“We are excited to add Albany’s facilities, products and people to Inno-Pak as we strive to bring our world-class customers the best packaging available anywhere”

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Albany specializes in the design and manufacture of custom and stock folding paperboard cartons, including bakery boxes and food packaging items such as trays and takeout boxes. Albany has a manufacturing facility in Ontario, Canada, which services customers across the food service, grocery and convenience store channels.

“We are excited to add Albany’s facilities, products and people to Inno-Pak as we strive to bring our world-class customers the best packaging available anywhere,” said Chris Sanzone, Chief Executive Officer of Inno-Pak.  Techtextil Texprocess

“This acquisition increases our North American integrated manufacturing capabilities and marks a crucial step in our manufacturing expansion plan to create an even more resilient supply chain. Albany also deepens our ongoing investments in paper capacity as we continue to innovate to make packaging more eco-friendly.”

Jon Sill, Chairman of Inno-Pak, added, “Inno-Pak stands at an important inflection point with several favorable trends in our end markets of the food service, grocery, convenience store and hospitality industries. The acquisition of Albany enhances our ability to capitalize on these positive trends with one of the most diverse custom and stock folding carton programs. With our recent portfolio additions and our continued investments in innovation, we are better positioned to serve our customers.”  Techtextil Texprocess


Innovative and Eco-Friendly Food-Packaging Leader Inno-Pak Acquires Albany Packaging

SABIC & CJ Cheiljedang collaborate on RTE rice packaging bowls made with 25% certified renewable PP

Instant white rice packaged in thermoformed food-contact polypropylene bowls with 25% renewable content offering high dimensional stability and heat resistance for microwaving

SABIC, a global leader in the chemicals industry, has announced that a food-contact grade of its TRUCIRCLE portfolio of certified renewable polypropylene (PP) resins is used in the production of Hetbahn ‘햇반’ instant white rice packaging bowls by CJ CheilJedang, a South Korea-based global food company. The rigid bowls are the first of their kind using certified renewable PP in a ready-to-eat-rice packaging in Asia Pacific and align with CJ’s strong ‘Nature to Nature’ sustainability roadmap.  Techtextil Texprocess

Mohammed Al-Zahrani, vice president of SABIC’s Polypropylene Business, comments, “Food brands around the world are increasingly looking for materials that will help them reduce their carbon footprint without compromising the performance, convenience and food safety of their packaging.

We are very pleased about this opportunity to demonstrate SABIC’s vast expertise in sustainable PP resins for rigid food containers. Our certified renewable grade from our TRUCIRCLE portfolio used in CJ’s Hetbahn rice bowls meet the food-contact regulations, and offers the same ease of processing and high end-use quality as competitive all-virgin polymers.”

The Hetbahn brand, which is one of the top brands in cooked rice and now expanding its product portfolio to include porridge, frozen rice, cooked rice with soup etc., was originally launched in 1996 and means freshly harvested and cooked rice and has changed consumers’ perception of Korean rice meal culture. The rice grain is polished in a strict raw material process, cooked the same day and packed in a sterile environment so that the delicious taste of the rice can be preserved. Techtextil Texprocess


SABIC & CJ Cheiljedang collaborate on RTE rice packaging bowls made with 25% certified renewable PP

Discover how next Techtextil and Texprocess show see the future

From 23 April to 26 April 2024, Frankfurt am Main will host the upcoming editions of Techtextil and Texprocess 2024, two trade shows focused on presenting the latest innovations, textile solutions and networking in the international textile industry hosting more than 1,600 exhibitors from about 50 countries, welcoming global buyers and decision makers from more than 90 nations.  Techtextil Texprocess

To mark the occasion, the two events will organize well-known formats such as the Techtextil Innovation Award and the Texprocess Innovation Award, as well as the Techtextil Forum and the Texprocess Forum.
Visitors to Techtextil will enjoy the Nature Performance space, the special exhibition Future Materials, and the Denim Hub. In addition, Texprocess will present an area dedicated to emerging markets
“The textile industry is going through a phase of very rapid transformation, and participants will take the advantage to stay ahead of the curve, present innovations to a global audience, and find new solutions and business partners,” explained Olaf Schmidt, vice president Textiles & Textile Technologies, Messe Frankfurt.

Techtextil will offer the opportunity to discover a vast range of products aimed at many industries, including, along with fashion, the automotive, medicine and construction sectors.  Techtextil Texprocess
During the event, companies will present the latest developments in fibers and yarns, nonwovens, composites, coated technical textiles, technologies, and more, and often for the first time in public.


Discover how next Techtextil and Texprocess show see the future

Automotive recycling – Exceptional : Hyundai develops new technology that reduces the size of its electric motors 30-11-2023

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