Automotive-nonwoven -Themoplastic-polymers 26-02-2022

Automotive-nonwoven -Themoplastic-polymers

-Miami debut for Milliken

Milliken & Company will make its debut at the forthcoming IDEA nonwovens show in Miami Beach, Florida, from March 28-31, to showcase an extensive range of engineered products for the automotive and bedding industries and discuss the potential of its proprietary technologies in many other end-use applications.

Specifically for the automotive sector, the company has developed a patent-pending new rigid underbody shield, based on a new construction of polyester nonwovens.

“Underbodies reduce the road noise coming from the tyres as well as optimising the aerodynamics of the region under the car,” explained Milliken’s VP of Nonwovens, Jeff Stafford. Automotive-nonwoven -Themoplastic-polymers

Many of these trim parts, he added, are moulded into three-dimensional shapes to follow the geometry of the body section they cover, and are often made of a core layer of glass fibres bound by a thermoplastic binder.

“Glass fibres essentially provide the required stiffness but exposure to the fibres during the production of the parts and car assembly, can pose a health issue for those handling the material,” Stafford said.

“Other underbodies are injection moulded plastic parts but both of these solutions are heavier than the industry wants them to be. Our new underbody is significantly lighter, while retaining the stiffness and other functional properties required for this exterior vehicle component.” Automotive-nonwoven -Themoplastic-polymers

Automotive-nonwoven -Themoplastic-polymers

-DSM Engineering Materials strengthens position in EV and E&E industries in China

DSM Engineering Materials has announced the expansion of its high-performance materials production capacity at its Jiangyin plant in Jiangsu Province, China.

Work on an additional compounding line began in February 2022, with completion expected in 2023. The new line will help DSM meet growing demand for high-performance polymers used in a wide range of applications, particularly for electric vehicles and in electrics and electronics. Automotive-nonwoven -Themoplastic-polymers

Ambitious environmental policies have driven demand for sustainable high-performance materials in China. Supplying the automotive, electrics, and electronics markets, China’s specialty engineering materials industry continues to show a healthy growth rate. The new state-of-the-art compounding line will help meet this demand for high-performance specialty materials such as Akulon PA6/PA66, Arnite PET/PBT, Arnitel TPC, EcoPaXX PA410, ForTii PA4T/PPA and Stanyl PA46.

In addition to increasing production capacity for materials enabling sustainable solutions, the expansion project will deliver no increase in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions upon start-up and will be powered by renewable electricity. The Jiangyin site is already a frontrunner in sustainable manufacturing, using self-generated solar power and sourced renewable electricity to produce high-performance materials.

Caroline Mitterlehner, Vice President Specialties DSM Engineering Materials, said: “China is an important and fast-growing country for DSM Engineering Materials. As such, we aim to strengthen our business partnerships by continuing to invest in key areas of sustainable growth. The Jiangyin site’s new compounding line enables us to further expand our specialty materials offering for customers in China, supporting their growing demand for sustainable electrics, electronics, and automotive products.”  Automotive-nonwoven -Themoplastic-polymers

DSM Engineering Materials strengthens position in EV and E&E industries in China

Miami debut for Milliken

DSM-Engineering-Materials strengthens position in EV and E&E-industries-in-China

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Automotive-nonwoven -Themoplastic-polymers

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