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Chemical-recycling -Biodegradable-bioplastic

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-Trinseo’s chemical recycling plant on track

Trinseo, a global materials company and manufacturer of plastics and latex binders announced that plans for a world-class chemical recycling plant in Europe are progressing rapidly. In late 2021, Trinseo contracted with global technology provider Synova and global engineering services company Worley, and is currently working on an engineering package and preparing Trinseo’s Tessenderlo, Belgium site for recycling operations.

Trinseo is targeting to begin construction by the end of 2022. The plant will be dedicated to recycled polystyrene (rPS), meeting increased demand for the material as brand owners seek sustainable options. It will process 15 kilotons of rPS flakes annually that will be converted into high quality recycled styrene to enable further production of polystyrene (PS) and/or a styrene derivative including acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and styrene acrylonitrile. Chemical-recycling -Biodegradable-bioplastic

PS is one of the most widely used plastics and can be fully circular. Due to its simple chemistry, it can be converted to its monomer yielding a material with identical properties as its fossil equivalent.

Chemical-recycling -Biodegradable-bioplastic

-Bayer Emphasizes Human Health and Environment with +100 Mil Investment and More

Packaging and beyond: Find out how Bayer is baking sustainability into its business, uniting the concept with global access to medications.

Planetary health may not be what immediately comes to mind when you think of Aspirin, but they’re more connected than you might realize.

Bayer AG has initiated several “100 million challenges,” including its recent investment in sustainable health products to advance the company’s 2030 sustainability commitments. Chemical-recycling -Biodegradable-bioplastic

They’re pouring €100 million to further enable sustainable innovation, production, and consumption of Consumer Health products including global brands such as Aspirin, Bepanthen, Claritin, and Elevit.

We’ll get to the packaging details shortly. But first, it’s important to see the connection between human health and the environment. “When you think about the environment and climate issues, we’re talking about the environment as a social determinant of health,” says Daniella Foster, Global Vice President and Head of Public Affairs, Science and Sustainability for Bayer’s Consumer Health division. “Reflecting on the past 20 years, we know that climate change has been a cause behind a growing number of health concerns, and we also know that underserved populations are particularly vulnerable.” Chemical-recycling -Biodegradable-bioplastic

“I’ve spent a lot of time in the ESG space, and oftentimes when we talk about the environment or climate, we’re usually just talking about the environment. I think one of the key pieces here that we’re really trying to unite and put a focus on is that connection between human health and the environment.”

Data suggests that approximately half of the world’s population does not have access to basic and essential health services, while the same populations are often in communities significantly impacted by climate, resulting in being hit from multiple sides. “Rising temperatures, poor air quality, pollen counts, all these things are increasing… this leads to heart disease, respiratory illnesses, allergies, etc. For people without access to medical care, they’re really having a hard time managing or treating these conditions. Chemical-recycling -Biodegradable-bioplastic

Bayer Emphasizes Human Health and Environment with +100 Mil Investment and More

Trinseo‘s chemical-recycling-plant on track

Bayer Emphasizes Human-Health and Environment with +100 Mil Investment and More

-Could biodegradable-bioplastic save us from plastic-pollution?

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Chemical-recycling -Biodegradable-bioplastic

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