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EU Circular Economy

Trade association European Bioplastics (EUBP) has welcomed what it says is a positive outcome of the European Parliament’s plenary vote today on the waste legislation proposal concerning the EU Circular Economy Package.EU Circular Economy

EU Circular Economy The vote on amendments of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive encourages member states to support the use of bio-based materials for the production of packaging and to improve market conditions for such materials and products.

“This vote is an important milestone in strengthening the link between the circular economy and the bio economy in Europe. EU Circular Economy

Bio-based and recycled materials are starting to be equally recognised as a viable solution to make packaging more sustainable and reduce our dependency on finite fossil resources,” said François de Bie, chairman of EUBP.EU Circular Econom

In line with its goals to increase recycling targets and waste management efficiency, it also voted for amendments of the Waste Framework Directive that support a definition of recycling that includes organic recycling. EU Circular Economy

A separate collection of bio-waste will be ensured across Europe facilitated by certified collection tools such as compostable bio-waste bags. EU Circular Economy

In addition, the MEPs have voted to exclude mechanically or organically recyclable waste from landfills.EU Circular Economy

PlasticsEurope has also welcomed the MEPs’ support for the separate collection of all packaging and the reduction of municipal waste land-filling, said Karl Foerster, executive director of the association.

“Sorting and recycling are more attractive when all packaging is collected separately from residual household waste since this guarantees the supply of feedstock to support new investments.

This measure is one step to closing the gap and will also help prevent the risk of leakage into the environment; it will support the creation of jobs in Europe and secure a robust European recycling value chain,” he stated.