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Petrochemicals Automotive Bottle Flakes

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-Dupont Teijin Films closes the circle for recycled PET

Earlier this year, DuPont Teijin Films announced the launch of its LuxCR™ depolymerisation process which upcycles post consumer waste into a variety of technically advanced BOPET films serving a wide range of applications and markets.Petrochemicals Automotive Bottle Flakes

The use of recycled content is a critical part of DuPont Teijin Films’ circular economy strategy, and the upcycling of PET through the LuxCR™ process also marks an important step forward in the chemical recycling technology for the wider polyester industry.

Petrochemicals Automotive Bottle Flakes

-Microplastics stunt growth of worms, study finds

Worms increase soil nutrients and inhibiting their work would seriously damage overall biodiversity

The damaging effect of plastic waste in the ocean is well-documented but new research shows this polluting material could also make soils significantly less fertile.

Scientists have found microplastics stunt the growth of worms, which could have serious impacts on entire ecosystems and inhibit the growth of crops that feed humans.

Exposure to plastic commonly used in the production of bottles and carrier bags caused earthworms to lose 3.1 per cent of their weight over a 30-day period, according to a new study.Petrochemicals Automotive Bottle Flakes

During the same period, earthworms in soil without plastic in increased their weight by 5.1 per cent.

Petrochemicals Automotive Bottle Flakes

-Suntory Beverage & Food Europe unveils path to reach sustainable plastic bottles, within a decade

Suntory Beverage and Food Europe (SBFE) today sets out its plan to move to 100 per cent sustainable plastic bottles within a decade, fully moving away from virgin plastic derived from fossil fuels.

By 2030, the company that makes some of Europe’s best-known drinks will aim to use plastic that has been previously used or bio-sourced (plant-based) to reach its sustainable plastic packaging target.

Embracing existing mechanical recycling processes – and investment in new, innovative technologies like enzymatic recycling and Japanese Flake to Preform processing – will be crucial for helping the company to make the change. Petrochemicals Automotive Bottle Flakes

Petrochemicals Automotive Bottle Flakes

-Greiner Packaging presents solutions for a successful circular economy at FachPack 2019

A world of new trends, perspectives, and opportunities awaits. Making its 2019 return, the FachPack trade show will extend across 12 exhibition halls to bring together around 45,000 visitors and more than 1,600 exhibitors specialising in all stages of the packaging process.

Greiner Packaging will also be in attendance, showcasing its wide range of products in Nuremberg, Germany, from September 24 to 26. This year’s clear focus will be on sustainable packaging solutions that can help in various ways to deliver a circular economy.

Petrochemicals Automotive Bottle Flakes

-US is closing in on Saudi Arabia to become the world’s top oil exporter, IEA says

“Booming shale production has allowed the U.S. to close in on, and briefly overtake, Saudi Arabia as the world’s top oil exporter,” the IEA said in its closely-watched monthly report on Thursday.

It comes at a time when the U.S. is actively pursuing “energy dominance,” regardless of what happens to oil prices.

Brent futures have tumbled more than 18% from a peak reached in April, with WTI down over 15% over the same period.Petrochemicals Automotive Bottle Flakes

Petrochemicals Automotive Bottle Flakes

-Aquafil’s Econyl Nylon Earns LEED Points in Four Categories

Atlanta, GA, September 12, 2019-Aquafil has announced that Econyl regenerated nylon contributes to LEED v4 points in four main categories.

LEED v4 is the most current version of the LEED green building rating system established by the U.S. Green Building Council.

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the most widely used green building rating system in the world.

Aquafil's Econyl Nylon Earns LEED Points in Four Categories

-Land delays plague Indian refinery, petchem expansions

Indian state-controlled refiner IOC and private-sector Haldia Petrochemicals (HPL) have hit delays in planned refining and petrochemical projects because of problems with land acquisition.Petrochemicals Automotive Bottle Flakes

The projects, both in Odisha, need a combined 6,000 acres (60km²) of land, but the state government has only made a small amount of this available. It typically takes at least five years after land allocation and clearances before a project can be commissioned, IOC said.

IOC is planning to expand its 300,000 b/d Paradip refinery to 500,000 b/d to feed a proposed petrochemical complex, including a naphtha-based cracker, 1.2mn t/yr purified terephthalic acid (PTA) plant, 108,000t/yr polyester staple fibre plant, dual-feed cracker and petroleum coke gasification plant. The company has sought about 4,000 acres of land for the expansion, but the state government can only provide 800 acres.

Land delays plague Indian refinery, petchem expansions


-Gevo and Leaf Resources Sign a Joint Development Agreement

Colorado-based, Gevo, has signed a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with Australian company, Leaf Resources to explore the potential use of cellulosic derived sugars and glycerol from Leaf and the ability to convert these to hydrocarbon molecules useful as fuels.

Gevo and Leaf Resources Sign a Joint Development Agreement

The JDA is structured around three phases of joint work designed to establish a bankable project. Phase 1 will develop the feasibility of a potential facility, followed by phases investigating the commercial development and commercialization of the project.

Gevo and Leaf Resources Sign a Joint Development Agreement

-Biodegradable plastics could actually INCREASE sea pollution because they are dumped in rubbish tips

Biodegradable plastics may really INCREASE sea air pollution as a result of they’re dumped in garbage ideas the place they do not break down, MPs warn

Setting, Meals and Rural Affairs Committee warn of ‘eco-friendly’ supplies

Particularly, they advise in opposition to plastic bottles and compostable buying baggage

Specialists say UK lacks infrastructure to make sure these are disposed of correctly

Biodegradable plastics could actually INCREASE sea pollution because they are dumped in rubbish tips

-Thies to introduce latest products at Shanghaitex 2019

Thies GmbH will be introducing latest products at Shanghaitex 2019 to be held from November 25-28. It will concentrate on sustainable product solutions and development of innovative and integrated concepts for fibre, yarn and fabric dyeing. Thies is into fabrication of high quality machines for yarn and piece dyeing, bleaching and drying equipment. Petrochemicals Automotive Bottle Flakes

At the fair, Thies will introduce iCone, a yarn dyeing machine ideal for bleaching and dyeing fibre in different forms like packages, warp beams, combed tops or flock. With the help of modern flow analysis tools, the pipe systems, pumps and their impellers have been optimised, reducing pressure losses and power consumption. It offers the ability to dye in a traditional manner by using reciprocating liquor circulation.

-Thies to introduce latest products at Shanghaitex 2019

-European beverage giant eyes 100% sustainable plastic bottles by 2030

Suntory Beverage Food Europe (SBFE) has sets out a roadmap to use fully recycled or plant-based materials across the entire portfolio of products by 2030.

The plan, unveiled Sept. 12, will see the beverage maker fully moving away from fossil fuel-based virgin plastic, through using existing mechanical recycling processes as well as new technologies.

The producer of Lucozade, Orangina, Ribena and TriNa drink brands said it would invest in innovative technologies like enzymatic recycling and Japanese “flake to preform” processing as part of its journey to 100 percent sustainable products.

European beverage giant eyes 100% sustainable plastic bottles by 2030

Petrochemicals Automotive Bottle Flakes

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