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Petrochemicals Biodegradable smart plastic

China – Polyethylene Terephthalate

PET and it’s chain continue to be weak.

Crude oil price decreases.

Polyamide 6 and its chain are steady.

Acrylonitrile is steady.

PET Bottle grade export 810/870 $/ton PET Bottle grade domestic market 6,750/6,850 yuan/ton PET Filament grade SD domestic market 6,550/6,700 yuan/ton – PET Filament grade BR domestic market 6,700/6,800 yuan/ton

PTA Taiwan 690/700 $/ton PTA domestic market 5,100/5,200 yuan/tonMEG  530/545 $/ton – MEG domestic market 4,450/4,600 yuan/tonPX Korea 775/785 $/ton

Polyester POY 150D/48F  domestic market 7,700/7,800  yuan/tonPolyester DTY 150D/48F  domestic market 9,050/9,150  yuan/tonPolyester Staple PSF domestic market 7,250/7,350 yuan/ton

Petrochemicals Biodegradable Smart Plastic

-BASF and Toray will produce long-fiber thermoplastic ribbons

Toray Advanced Composites and BASF have signed an agreement to manufacture and supply thermoplastic-based long-fiber tapes (CFRT) for the automotive and industrial sectors, the company said.

Under the terms of the agreement announced on August 14, Toray Advanced Composites will produce high-quality composite tapes using BASF polyamide-6.

Thermoplast PA-6 BASF Ultramid will be reinforced with glass or carbon fiber.

BASF and Toray will produce long-fiber thermoplastic ribbons

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-Aquafil publishes 2018 Sustainability Report

Thanks to the Econyl Regeneration System it is possible to obtain new nylon yarn from discarded resources. © Aquafil

Aquafil, a leading Italy-based specialist in the production of Polyamide 6 (nylon 6), has released its latest Sustainability Report.

For over a decade, Aquafil has used the Sustainability Report to showcase the company’s commitment to doing business responsibly.

The report discloses the Group’s commitment to sustainability and the results that Aquafil has achieved in helping to support and protect employees, local communities, and the environment. Aquafil Environment Sustainability Report

According to Aquafil’s 2018 Sustainability Report, greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by 30% since 2016, and operations run on 100% renewable energy.

Petrochemicals Biodegradable smart plastic

-Pressure mounting on China’s PE market as supply expands

China’s polyethylene (PE) market will continue to face pressure from incremental supply in the second half of 2019, amid overseas capacity additions as well as fewer domestic plant turnarounds.

The total domestic supply in the first half of 2019 increased by around 14% year on year, with domestic output up by 12% and imports up by 17%, ICIS data showed.

The increase in domestic output in the first half of 2019 was mainly attributed to fewer plant turnarounds compared with the year before.

Only Jiutai Energy started up its 250,000 tonne/year high density polyethylene (HDPE)/liner low density polyethylene (LLDPE) plant in May throughout the first six months. Petrochemicals Biodegradable smart plastic

Pressure mounting on China's PE market as supply expands

-Refuse to Resource: Suntory’s Bottle-to-Bottle Initiative to Reshape Plastic Recycling

Only 10% of Japan’s plastic drink bottles are recycled into new containers for products in the same industry. With more countries refusing to accept plastic waste, Japanese authorities and businesses are rethinking how to handle the growing mountains of trash.

Nowhere to Send Plastic Trash

Japan, like many industrialized nations, faces a garbage crisis. For years it shipped countless used plastic to China, the main global destination for recyclable materials. However, these exports included a substantial quantity of plastic contaminated by food and other waste that heavily impacted the local environment and health of workers charged with sorting the trash. Petrochemicals Biodegradable smart plastic

Petrochemicals Biodegradable smart plastic

-Textile industry professionals to get together at TMT Expo19

The second edition of TMT Expo will be held from September 25-27, at the International Exhibition Center in Sofia, Bulgaria. The forum will form an ecosystem for presentation of trends in materials, machinery and technology in the textile industry, building up professional contacts and sustainable business in the direction of East and South-Eastern Europe.

TMT Expo will unite the entire process of creating textile products – design, engineering, cutting, software, CAD/CAM systems, and preparation for production up to technological production.

Textile industry professionals to get together at TMT Expo19

-US recession fears drag chem stocks, threaten ’20 profit estimates

Fears of an upcoming recession are weighing heavily on chemical stock prices, sending price/earnings (P/E) ratios for commodity names down to single digits based on Wall Street’s estimated 2020 earnings.

The escalation of the US-China trade war, with the US ready to slap on a new round of tariffs on Chinese imports starting on 1 September, have sent US bond yields sharply lower.

The brief inversion of 10-year and 2-year US Treasury yields on 13 August , where the yield on the longer dated government debt dipped lower than the short-term yield – a historical harbinger of recessions – stoked fear and triggered a rout in global equity markets.

US recession fears drag chem stocks, threaten '20 profit estimates

-Hyosung to invest $828 mil. in carbon fibers

President Moon Jae-in, second from left, talks to Hyosung Group Chairman, left, and employees during his visit to the carbon fiber plant in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province, Tuesday. Yonhap

Hyosung Group will invest 1 trillion won ($828 million) over the next 10 years to expand its carbon fiber business, the company said Tuesday.

Hyosung plans to build nine additional carbon fiber production lines at its plant in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province, to meet the rapidly growing demand for carbon fiber materials. Petrochemicals Biodegradable smart plastic

The additional lines will increase the plant’s annual capacity to 24,000 tons from the current 2,000 tons, according to the company. Currently, the factory has only one production line. The investment will create about 2,300 jobs by 2028, it said.

Petrochemicals Biodegradable smart plastic

-Plastics maker Indorama commits $1.5 billion to recycling

Thai chemicals company Indorama Ventures has committed $1.5 billion of investment in recycling as consumers become more aware of the environmental impact of single-use plastic and regulators push for more recycling, it said on Wednesday.

Indorama’s main business is the production of PET resin, a polymer used to make plastic bottles and fibers used in products such as seat belts and tyres.

In the 12 months to June 30 the company produced nearly 5,000 kilotons of PET.

“We are investing $1 billion in recycling over the next five years,” Chief Executive Aloke Lohia told Reuters on Wednesday, adding that investment would include greenfield and brownfield mergers and acquisitions focusing on bottle-to-bottle recycling.

Petrochemicals Biodegradable smart plastic

-Thailand optimistic in becoming a bioplastics base

Thailand has been seen as a potential partner in transforming the production base for bioplastics and other converted products.

Based on a report produced by Plastics Institute of Thailand, its Executive Director Dr. Kriengsak Wongpromrat, recorded in a statement that Thailand produced around 17 million tonnes of sugar in 2018 and exported around 11 million tonnes.

“Taking 100,000 tonnes for the production of polylactic acid (PLA) biopolymer is not going to affect the supply of sugar for food applications, especially since consumption of sugar may be adversely affected by a ‘sweet tax’ that Thailand plans to introduce,” Wongpromrat commented. Petrochemicals Biodegradable smart plastic

Thailand optimistic in becoming a bioplastics base

-Mondi to feature sustainable packaging solutions at FachPack

Sustainable packaging and paper solutions leader Mondi is exhibiting at FachPack 2019 in Nuremburg, Germany, where it will showcase its collaborative approach with customers that creates tailor-made packaging solutions that are sustainable by design.

Mondi to feature sustainable packaging solutions at FachPack

Mondi’s vision is to contribute to a better world through more sustainable packaging. Taking a pro-active approach to sustainable development is key to helping customers meet their own sustainability targets and vital for addressing the environmental challenges facing the planet.

Petrochemicals Biodegradable smart plastic

-Piovan expands into South Korea with acquisition

Piovan SpA has acquired TobaPNC Co. Ltd., a South Korean automation company specializing in industrial processes for plastics, particularly transporting plastic powders.

The acquisition will expand the Italian company’s global footprint and give it access to the strategic market of South Korea, said CEO Filippo Zuppichin in a news release.

Zuppichin said that with the move, Piovan also gains access to leading companies in electronics and automotive technologies.

Piovan expands into South Korea with acquisition

-Krones to exhibit solutions for a closed plastics cycle at K 2019

Krones is exhibiting its solutions for a closed plastics cycle at K 2019.

The company keeps packaging plastics in a closed circuit, therefore disposable products like PET bottles get a chance for a sustainable, eco-compatible life, not just once, but repeatedly.

The MetaPure W washing modules can be used for PET and for processing polyolefins (PO) and will be on show at the K 2019.

To equip its clients with application-tailored turnkey factories, Krones cooperates closely with Stadler Anlagenbau to equip its customers with precisely tailored turnkey factories.

Krones to exhibit solutions for a closed plastics cycle at K 2019

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