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Petrochemicals Bioplastic Masterbatches

Petrochemical Polymers Terephthalic Acid Prices

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Additive Masterbatches

Crude Oil Prices Trend

Crude Oil Prices Trend

-Borealis to acquire NOVA Chemicals ownership interest in Novealis Joint Venture

Borealis AG (“Borealis”) and NOVA Chemicals Corporation (“NOVA Chemicals”) today announced they have reached an agreement for Borealis to buy NOVA Chemicals’ 50% ownership interest in Novealis Holdings LLC (“Novealis”).

Formed in 2018, Novealis is the joint venture between affiliates of Borealis and NOVA Chemicals, which subsequently formed a 50/50 joint venture with an affiliate of Total S.A. to launch Bayport Polymers LLC (“Baystar”) in Houston, Texas, US.

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Additive Masterbatches

-Why Russia Should Exit The OPEC+ Deal

Despite a 9 percent decrease, Urals spot prices in Northwest Europe were still one and a half times higher in 2019 than in 2016 ($63.3 versus $41.1 per barrel, according to Refinitiv), when the first OPEC + agreement was signed.Petrochemicals Bioplastic Masterbatches

As a result, the Russian budget again, as in 2017-2018, received additional income, which reached 6.2 trillion rubles (just over $100 billion) from the moment the deal was concluded, as follows from estimates of the Russian Ministry of Energy.

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Additive Masterbatches

-Challenges on recycling market continue in 2020

According to CCFGroup Index, the prices of flakes for HC re-PSF were averaged at 6,084yuan/mt in 2019, down 11.86% from 2018, that of HC re-PSF in Zhejiang averaged at 8,445yuan/mt, down 11.54%, that of conventional close virgin PSF averaged at 7,122yuan/mt, down 14.22%. Black re-PFY yearly average price scored at 7,874yuan/mt, down 13.33% from 2018. Petrochemicals Bioplastic Masterbatches

  1. The challenges will continue in 2020

Recycled chemical fiber plants experienced periodical feedstock shortage, overseas capacity expansion, market shares squeezed by virgin polyester and environmental protection regulation in 2019. Frequent production curtailment and suspension was seen and demand was sluggish.

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Additive Masterbatches

-RadiciGroup: concrete investments in sustainability

At Domotex 2020, RadiciGroup introduces Renycle, a new range of products with recyclate content. The Group also announces the acquisition of a material recovery company  Petrochemicals Bioplastic Masterbatches

RadiciGroup is starting off the new year 2020 under the banner of sustainability: the market launch of Renycle, a range of yarns obtained from recycled nylon, and the acquisition of Zeta Polimeri, an Italian company with thirty years’ experience in the recovery of synthetic fibre and thermoplastics. Both concrete actions fall within the Italian Group’s strategy aimed at environmental protection and meeting the requests of an increasingly demanding market.

At Domotex 2020 (Hall 11 C48), RadiciGroup is exhibiting a number of innovative solutions for the recovered fibres sector targeted at fashion fabrics, furnishings and automotive applications. These new products are the result of the Group’s vertically integrated nylon production and the synergies among its various business areas, from chemicals to engineering polymers and synthetic yarns.

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Additive Masterbatches

-Oil Prices Are Set To Slide Even Further

Oil prices have had a tumultuous week since the US launched a drone attack in Baghdad, killing Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

With tensions peaking after the US and Iran traded missile attacks, oil markets priced in a risk premium.  PPetrochemicals Bioplastic Masterbatches

However, as long as the flow of oil barrels to the market is not affected, Rystad Energy continues to see a downward risk to prices, with further pressure on OPEC to implement even deeper production cuts in order to keep Brent oil prices around $60 per barrel through 2020.

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Additive Masterbatches

-22% Growth in Polyester Yarn Output

Iran produced 197,500 tons of polyester yarn during the first eight months of the current Iranian year (March 21-Nov. 21) to register an increase of around 22% compared with the output in last year’s corresponding period.

The country had produced 162,000 tons of the product during last year’s first eight months, the Persian economic daily Donya-e-Eqtesad reported, citing data from the Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trade. Petrochemicals Bioplastic Masterbatches

Polyester fiber is one of the widely used commercial fibers in weaving, knitting, embroidery, sewing and home furnishings.

22% Growth in Polyester Yarn Output

-Heimtextil fair turns successful for Pakistani exporters

The Heimtextil 2020 Trade Fair was a success for the Pakistani businessmen, who received encouraging response from customers and visitors, hence brightening the prospects for enhancing homemade textiles exports from the country.

The 50th anniversary edition of Heimtextil, held in Frankfurt Germany from January 7 to 10 presented more sustainable products than ever before; according to press statement. Petrochemicals Bioplastic Masterbatches

This time, a total of 231 exhibitors represented Pakistan in the fair, which has been an attractive platform for export businesses and a trendsetting launch event to present new season products at the start of the year.

Heimtextil fair turns successful for Pakistani exporters

-How Textile Yarn Market will grow in the upcoming year?

Jacqueline Jones  0 Comments Acrylic and Nylon Textile Yarn, Artificial Textile Yarn, Cotton Textile Yarn, Flax Textile Yarn, Hemp Textile Yarn, Jute Textile Yarn, Natural Textile Yarn, Polyester Textile Yarn, Ramie Textile Yarn, Silk Textile Yarn, Viscose Textile Yarn, Wool Textile Yarn  Petrochemicals Bioplastic Masterbatches

A textile yarn is a continuous thread of staple or filament fibers which is arranged in a form suitable for weaving, knitting, or other form of fabric assembly. A yarn is a textile product of substantial length and relatively small cross-section consisting of fibers with twist and also filaments without twist. The yarn can be twisted with one or more yarns to make added value or aesthetics. Usually, yarns have been constructed of fibers of finite length called staple fibers.

How Textile Yarn Market will grow in the upcoming year?

-Using microorganisms to address microplastic pollution

The challenge to the environment posed by microplastics has received considerable attention and some different solutions have been proposed, as efforts are made to reduce reliance upon plastics.

One solution involves microbes. Petrochemicals Bioplastic Masterbatches

The extent of plastic pollution in the oceans is considerable, and it could be that up to 70 percent of the waste in the world’s oceans is made of plastic.

Such is the extent of plastic pollution, that microplastic has now entered the human food chain. In addition, the chemicals leached out from plastic are having an adverse effect on marine life.

 Using microorganisms to address microplastic pollution

Petrochemicals Bioplastic Additive Masterbatches

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