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Crude Oil Prices Trend  

Crude Oil Prices Trend  

-German industry expectations rise in May but situation remains dire

Germany’s export-reliant industrial companies’ sentiment on future expectations markedly improved in May as the country started easing its lockdown, but current business conditions remain bleak, research institute Ifo said on Monday.

However, the extent of the downturn caused by the coronavirus (see graph) may cause the worst recession in Germany in decades.

“Nevertheless, many companies are still pessimistic about their business … In manufacturing, the Business Climate Index rose appreciably [but] this was due only to companies’ much improved expectations,” said Ifo’s president Clemens Fuest.

“Industrial companies are still a long way from optimism. Their assessment of the current situation was once again markedly worse.”

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-Noble Biomaterials Announces Launch Of New Brand Identity — Ionic+®

Noble Biomaterials, the global supplier of antimicrobial and conductivity solutions for soft-surface applications, today announced the launch of a new brand identity — Ionic+™ — for its antimicrobial technology formerly known as XT2.

The new brand name, logo and tagline will more clearly convey the benefits and story of Ionic+, a technology that uses positively charged silver ions to provide microbial and odor protection for the life of a product. Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive 

More than 30 leading brands, including Athleta, Mack Weldon, Fox Racing, Rhone, Hill City, Tory Lee Designs, Giro, Rhoback, Gekks, BN3TH, and Silvon bedding & towels already use Ionic+ to impart a performance edge to their products.

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-Coca Cola Indonesia Establishes High-tech Recycling Facility

Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia signed a Head of Agreement with Dynapack Asia, a packaging company, to build a recycling facility that is claimed to be the world’s most sophisticated.

“It’s our step in realizing the sustainability of the environment,” Coca Cola Indonesia CEO Kadir Gunduz said in a press release on Wednesday, May 20.

The facility will recycle low-quality Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) wastes into high-quality PET, which will be food grade.  Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive 

Kadir claimed the use of recycled plastic can reduce the amount of resin in new plastics. In 2020, companies are predicted to use around 25,000 tons of plastics.

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-Harmonising Design for Recycling across the plastics value chain

Next step will be certification

In 2019, several players from the value chain of plastics packaging joined forces in the RecyClass Platform initiative, aimed at advancing plastic packaging recyclability within Europe.  Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive 

Together, they created harmonised Design for Recycling Guidelines, a scoring method, and test protocols to assess the recyclability of plastics packaging and of new packaging technologies in the European market. RecyClass also provides specific recommendations on how to improve packaging design to fit current recycling technologies and the testing of innovative materials.

Using these guidelines provides more clarity to designers about how to create recyclable packaging, and for brands and converters to assess the recyclability of their existing specific packages.

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-Celebrating nine years of ECONYL® nylon with nine highlights and a glimpse into the future

We’re thrilled to be celebrating nine years since our ECONYL® regenerated nylon was created and launched to the market.

It’s strange to be celebrating these days, but we are living in a moment of great reflection, so it becomes natural to see our story in connection with so much that has changed in the world in nine years, especially now with everything that COVID-19 has made more visible and accelerated.  Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive 

Sustainability slowly went from being a problem of individual choices to being a broader topic that needed strong industry collaboration. Sustainability has proven that it can also be good for business and innovation, all while demanding more and more from outside the industry and the public.

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-Hygienic and sustainable: antimicrobial fast food serving trays from recycled ocean waste

Germ-free trays, peace of mind

When it finally comes time for the fast-food restaurants and cafeterias to reopen, this will only be allowed if certain protocols are in place. Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive 

But what about something as simple as the serving tray? Until now, these have often received no more than a cursory wipe down after use – often with the same cloth that is used to clean other surfaces as well. It is a highly efficient way to spread germs around.

A Norwegian company called ZincIn AS has come up with an alternative approach, which ticks both the sustainability and the hygiene box at the same time.

Hygienic and sustainable: antimicrobial fast food serving trays from recycled ocean waste

-New Plant-Based Bottles Made From Plant Sugar Degrade in a Year

A new “all-plant” drink bottle is underway at a Netherlands biochemicals company.

These bottles are made from sustainable crops and decompose within a year.

The bottle is made from plant sugars instead of traditional fossil fuels.

Avantium is the company behind the bottle.  Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive 

They have already found support from beer company Carlsberg, who plans to sell a plant-plastic lined cardboard bottle in future beverage releasesCoca-Cola and Danone have also backed the product.

New Plant-Based Bottles Made From Plant Sugar Degrade in a Year A new “all-plant” drink bottle is underway at a Netherlands biochemicals co

-Coca Cola considers building Indonesian recycling plant to slash 25,000 tons of plastic

Soft drinks manufacturer Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia (Amatil) is looking into developing a plastic bottle recycling facility in one of the world’s top plastic polluting countries.

The company said on Friday it had signed a deal with plastic packaging maker Dynapack Asia to conduct a feasibility study on developing the facility. The soft drinks maker also said it aimed to cut consumption of new plastic resin by up to 25,000 tons a year by 2022 by using recycled plastic.  Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive 

The statement did not mention Amatil’s total annual new plastic resin consumption. However, a 2019 report shows that the Coca-Cola Company produced 3 million tons of plastic packaging in 2017, the highest among 31 companies listed in the report.

-Coca Cola considers building Indonesian recycling plant to slash 25,000 tons of plastic

-US blacklisting of Chinese high-tech firms opposed

The US government’s decision to add 33 Chinese technology companies and institutions to its “Entity List” will hurt the interests of the suppliers in the United States and impede international technology cooperation, especially with the novel coronavirus pandemic triggering a global economic downturn, experts said. Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive 

The US Department of Commerce placed the companies and institutions, including cybersecurity company Qihoo 360 Technology, artificial intelligence startup Cloud-Walk Technology and Beijing Computational Science Research Center, on a list barring them from buying components from US companies without government approval.

-US blacklisting of Chinese high-tech firms opposed

-Team of Canadian and Italian researchers breaking new ground in materials science

A study by a team of researchers from Canada and Italy recently published in Nature Materials could usher in a revolutionary development in materials science, leading to big changes in the way companies create modern electronics.

The goal was to develop two-dimensional materials, which are a single atomic layer thick, with added functionality to extend the revolutionary developments in materials science that started with the discovery of graphene in 2004. Petrochemicals Enzymes Automotive 

In total, 19 authors worked on this paper from INRS, McGill, Lakehead, and Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, the national research council in Italy.

Team of Canadian and Italian researchers breaking new ground in materials science

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