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Petrochemicals Graphene Biopolymers

-8th edition of the Future of Polyolefins Summit

Following the success of its previous editions, ACI’s 8th edition of the Future of Polyolefins Summit will be taking place in Brussels, Belgium on the 22nd & 23rd January 2020.

With the increased attention on plastic & waste from the public, the polyolefins industry is facing many changes, not only from a regulation perspective, but also in designing products meeting sustainability & circular economy targets.  The entire value chain now needs to adapt to this new era for plastics in order to thrive and make a positive impact on the planet.

Over the two days, the participants will discuss the trends of the polyolefins industry and its end-products, and of course  how to implement the circular economy targets at each step of the value chain.

Petrochemicals Graphene Biopolymers

-Introducing a World-First: A Coke bottle made with plastic from the sea

Coca-Cola is unveiling the first ever sample bottle made using recovered and recycled marine plastics, demonstrating that, one day, even ocean debris could be used in recycled packaging for food or drinks. Petrochemicals Graphene Biopolymers 

This sample is the first ever plastic bottle made using marine litter that has been successfully recycled and reused in food and drink packaging.

About 300 sample bottles have been produced using 25% recycled marine plastic[1], retrieved from the Mediterranean Sea and beaches. A small step for now, but the technology behind it has big potential.

The marine plastic bottle has been developed to show the transformational potential of revolutionary ‘enhanced recycling’ technologies, which can recycle previously used plastics of any quality back to the high-quality needed for food or drinks packaging.

Petrochemicals Graphene Biopolymers

-Tethered Caps: BERICAP presents new product solutions

On 3 July 2019, the EU published a far-reaching regulation on the reduction of plastic waste in the oceans.Petrochemicals Graphene Biopolymers 

In addition to a complete ban on certain disposable products such as cotton swabs or straws made of plastic, the regulation also includes a provision on closures for plastic beverage bottles, which poses significant challenges to the industry.

According to the legislative text, plastic closures must remain attached to the bottle during consumption by July 2024 at the latest.

Petrochemicals Graphene Biopolymers

-Dow launches new resin made with 70 percent recycled plastic

Dow  today announces the development of a new resin made with 70 percent recycled plastic. This innovative new solution, called Dow Agility CE, is the first post-consumer recycled (PCR) product offering of Dow’s plastics circularity portfolio to incorporate a high percentage of post-consumer plastic waste.Petrochemicals Graphene Biopolymers 

This new resin consists of a low-density polyethylene (LDPE) into which recycled plastic shrink film is incorporated without sacrificing material quality and functionality in the final application.

“What is exciting about Dow Agility CE is that previously mechanically recycled content has often diminished or degraded in quality,” stated Carsten Larsen, Commercial Recycling Director for Dow’s Packaging and Specialty Plastics business.

Petrochemicals Graphene Biopolymers 

-New sorting can increase plastic recycling

Two new sorting plants at district heating plants in Stockholm and Sigtuna could increase plastic recycling by hundreds of percent, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, Ekot reports in Sweden’s Radio. Petrochemicals Graphene Biopolymers 

Today, Swedish households throw over 200,000 tonnes of plastic packaging directly in the garbage without sorting them, according to a review by Ekot.

But the new plants will be able to capture much of the plastic that today goes to combustion.

– We believe that plastic recycling can increase by factor five, ie five times more plastic.

New sorting can increase plastic recycling

Circular Economy Graphene Biopolymers 04-10-2019

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