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Petrochemicals PETrecycled Containers

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

Crude Oil Prices Trend 

-The disturbing truth about plastic recycling

Alex Totterman is the founder and CEO of Cove, a California-based company that has developed water bottles made of biodegradable materials. The views expressed in this commentary belong to the author. View more opinions at CNN.

Our oceans are now awash in at least 150 million tons of plastic, an amount that researchers say will soon surpass the weight of all the fish in the sea.

Plastic pollution fouls the land too, and the air we breathe.

Scientists now say plastic micro-particles literally rain down on us, introducing toxins into our bodies. And if you think recycling is the answer, you are sadly mistaken. You can be excused for believing that you’re doing your part for the environment by simply sorting your plastics from your trash.

Petrochemicals PETrecycled Containers

-Catalyst production project launched in western province

To be constructed in Kermanshah Polymer Company, the mentioned unit will start production of BZN2 catalyst in the next Iranian calendar year (March 2021-March 2022), Ali Rostam-Abadi, the managing director of the company, announced on the sidelines of the ceremony, and said the unit is projected to have an annual production capacity of 50 tons of catalyst. Petrochemicals PETrecycled Containers

Addressing the ceremony, Sattari underlined that Iran’s petrochemical industry is experiencing a growing trend.

Strengthening domestic production and indigenizing the knowledge and technology for production of the products and equipment that Iran imports from other countries has become one of the major programs that the country is pursuing in recent years.

To materialize this objective, knowledge-based companies have played a noticeable part, especially in indigenizing the products and equipment applied in the oil industry, which is the major sector in the country’s national economy.

Petrochemicals PETrecycled Containers

-Asia petrochemicals outlook, w/c Sep 21

Many Asian petrochemical markets have climbed to multi-month highs and some are expected to remain supported in the near term by the recent climb in upstream markers as well as strong fundamentals within individual markets. Supply cuts have offset some of the demand destruction caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to be a global threat to petrochemical markets.


The propylene market in Asia is poised to strengthen further this week amid unplanned maintenance in the region. Given the recent price hike for propylene feedstock, China’s Tianjin Bohai has reduced its propylene term supply to 80% for September and allocated the supply to its downstream swing plant. Hebei Haiwei was reported to be planning to shut its 500,000 mt PDH plant for turnaround in mid-October, which pushed up last week’s trade levels.


Sentiment in the Asian ethylene market are mixed as October-arrival supply remains tight, leading to a strong interest for more prompt cargoes. However, the outlook for November-arrival cargoes is likely to be bearish on expectations of the re-opening of the US-Asia arbitrage window, and an increase in supply from Taiwan and Japan.

Petrochemicals PETrecycled Containers

-Avery Dennison’s new tag fastener degrades in soil

Avery Dennison Corporation Fastener Solutions has unveiled a tag fastener for the apparel industry that completely degrades in one year of exposure to soil microbes, without leaving behind microplastics or harmful substances. The new bio-PP fastener is made of a proprietary blend of polypropylene material. A regular fastener takes 20-30 years to breakdown.Petrochemicals PETrecycled Containers

“Plastic fasteners, which attach price tags and other product information to garments are on 90 per cent of the approximately 80 billion garments manufactured each year and that adds up to a whole lot of plastic — the equivalent of the same amount of plastic found in 761,581,156 single-serve 0.5 litre PET water bottles,” said Dan Riendeau, senior marketing manager, Global Packaging and Retail, Avery Dennison Fastener Solutions. “Brand owners and retailers are increasingly seeking ways to reduce their environmental footprint and this product innovation helps to do that.

Petrochemicals PETrecycled Containers

-Consumers haven’t noticed European plastic taxes so far

From 2021 on, the member states of the European Union will pay 80 cents per kilo of non-recyclable plastic packaging to the European Commission. What will be the effect of this?

The European Union is introducing a levy for the use of non-recyclable plastic packaging. The heads of government of the 27 member states agreed to this at the last European Commission meeting last summer.Petrochemicals PETrecycled Containers

They agreed that each member state must pay 80 cents per kilo of non-recyclable plastic packaging to the European Commission. The total collected will amount to billions on an annual basis, which the European Commission wants to use to balance the budget. Brexit and the corresponding disappearance of the British contribution have created a gap in the budget. The implementation of the Green Deal to comply with the Paris Climate Agreement will also be very costly. The corona fund for which the European Commission is borrowing 750 billion euros on the capital market must also be repaid.

Petrochemicals PETrecycled Containers

-Sukano Masterbatches demonstrate long term antiviral effect*

The antiviral effect was tested by an external laboratory specialized in microbiological tests against Influenza H1N1 and Feline Coronavirus

Results showed that over 98 % of the Feline Coronavirus was eliminated within the first two hours   Petrochemicals PETrecycled Containers

Tested on both PET and PA applications in various end applications, including fabrics, injection molded parts and films extrusion

Sukano’s Masterbatch uses proprietary technology, registered as preservative (1)

Many viruses have been shown to survive on surfaces including metal, cardboard and plastic. However, plastic items can be treated to trap and inhibit the replication of viruses. Sukano has developed Antiviral Masterbatches for PET and PA fibers that have a strong antiviral effect on the plastic parts, while also potentially helping to reduce waste and improve the sustainability credentials of the final articles produced.

Sukano Masterbatches demonstrate long term antiviral effect*

-Indorama Ventures works with HSBC to turn post-consumer PET into PPE suits for medical personnel in Thailand

In response to the pandemic, Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IVL), a global chemical company, is transforming post-consumer PET bottles into much-needed PPE suits. The PPE suits have been donated to local hospitals in need of equipment to protect local medical personnel working to fight the COVID-19 outbreak in Thailand.

Initiated by Less Plastic Thailand in May this year, the “Separate PET Bottles to Help Doctors” project brings together a range of local partners and their stakeholders to complete the end-to-end waste separation and PPE production process. As the world’s largest PET producer, IVL’s well-established recycling expertise and infrastructure is key to the project’s operation.Petrochemicals PETrecycled Containers

Under the project, approximately 360,000 PET bottles have been recycled and converted into high-quality yarn at IVL’s recycling facilities in Nakhon Pathom and Rayong, and later cut to produce more than 16,000 PPE suits. The project aims to deliver these protective suits to over 200 hospitals nationwide by August 2020 to protect medical personnel from COVID-19 infection during the performance of their duties.

Indorama Ventures works with HSBC to turn post-consumer PET into PPE suits for medical personnel in Thailand

-French converters reveal recycled polymers uptake

French converters used a combined 389,000 tonnes of recycled polymers in 2018 as EU commitment targets move ever closer.

The figure showed the country was “well on its way” to meeting its commitment of using 1 million tonnes annually by 2025, said trade body Fédération de la Plasturgie.

It was obtained from the first set of national-level data to be published by new plastics recycling monitoring service MOnitoring Recyclates for Europe (MORE).

MORE was launched in April 2019 by European Plastics Converters (EuPC) in cooperation with its member associations.Petrochemicals PETrecycled Containers

Its role is to monitor and register the industry’s efforts to reach the EU target of 10 million tonnes of recycled polymers being used annually between 2025 and 2030. Usage includes businesses from packaging, construction, automotive, and consumer goods’ markets.

French converters reveal recycled polymers uptake

-UNIQLO Announces “Re.UNIQLO” Circular Sustainability Program

UNIQLO has just announced a massive initiative to help reduce its global carbon footprint. Named the Re.UNIQLO program, the circular sustainability program will take old clothing from both UNIQLO and GU and breathe new life into them in the form of recycling the material to make new clothing, recycling them to make new raw material and fuel (Japan only), or reusing old clothing in the form of donating the garments to people in need.

UNIQLO started collecting its used clothing as early as 2006, and last year saw the clothing company collect roughly 620,000 down jackets in just half a year’s time.

Each donated piece goes through 18 different sorting criteria from size, gender, season, climate, culture, and religion, to name a few.

Coupled with its efforts on plastic reduction, UNIQLO is on a fast track in keeping its products out of landfills. Petrochemicals PETrecycled Containers

UNIQLO Announces "Re.UNIQLO" Circular Sustainability Program

-Report reveals hypocrisy of world’s biggest plastic polluters

A new report from advocacy group The Changing Markets Foundation appears to reveal how, behind a veil of nice-sounding initiatives and commitments to address the plastics crisis – the plastics industry, consumer brands and retailers have obstructed and undermined proven legislative solutions to the crisis for decades.

Based on research and investigations in over 15 countries across five continents, Talking Trash: The Corporate Playbook of False Solutions, according to the authors, exposes how tactics to undermine legislation in individual countries are in fact part of a global approach by Big Plastic to ensure that the corporations most responsible for the plastic crisis evade true accountability for their pollution. Petrochemicals PETrecycled Containers

Report reveals hypocrisy of world’s biggest plastic polluters

Petrochemicals PETrecycled Containers

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