Plastic duties Chemical Recycling 28-12-2021

Plastic duties Chemical Recycling

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-Trade panel weighs end to plastic duties as prices rise

Federal trade regulators are weighing whether to lift duties on a popular form of plastic resin from China and other foreign manufacturers amid protests over surging prices in the United States.

Put in place to protect petrochemical companies along the Gulf Coast from the cheap plastic resin sold by foreign manufacturers, the duties on a type of plastic known as polyethylene terephthalate or PET are opposed by beverage manufacturers, who argue they are struggling to turn a profit due to the high cost of producing their bottles. Plastic duties Chemical Recycling

Plastic prices have risen steadily over the past year as the global pandemic upended supply chains and caused steep price increases on everything from coffee to computer chips. PET resin, which is used in beverage containers and other packaging and targeted by the tariffs, is selling for close to 50 percent more than it was a year ago.

“Everybody’s struggling,” said Joe Doss, president of the International Bottled Water Association. “It’s a very low margin business and the costs are not necessarily passed fully on.”

On U.S. contribution to plastic waste crisis larger than previously understood

There’s debate over the degree to which the U.S. duties, which apply to imports from China, India, Oman and Canada, are contributing to the price hike.

Trade panel weighs end to plastic duties as prices rise

-Toxic chemicals found in Malaysian plastic pellets: CAP

Toxic chemical additives and pollutants that pose multiple health threats to humans and the environment have been found to be present in plastic pellets collected on a Malaysian beach. Plastic duties Chemical Recycling

Saying this, the Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) pointed out that plastic pellets are known to leak out during production and transportation.

Plastic pellets are the materials that are used to produce plastics. They are found on beaches all over the world including Malaysia, its president Mohideen Abdul Kader said today.

The health effects associated with these chemicals include causing cancer or changing hormone activity known as endocrine disruption, which can lead to reproductive, growth, and cognitive impairment.

Many of the toxic chemical additives have several other known health impacts, persist in the environment, and bio-accumulate in exposed organisms.

“In order to get a global picture of the role plastic pellets play in spreading toxic chemicals around the world, CAP participated in a study with the International Pollutants Elimination Network (IPEN) and International Pellet Watch (IPW),” Mohideen said in a statement. Plastic duties Chemical Recycling

“Twenty-three NGOs including CAP participated in the sampling of plastic pellets found on the beach, which contributed greatly to increasing the available data on chemicals in this type of plastic pollution.

“In the study, plastic pellets were collected from a beach on Penang Island and analysed for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and benzotriazole UV-stabilizers (BUVs).”

Mohideen said the pellets from Penang contained total PCB concentrations of 7.8-34.7 ng/g (nano gram per gram). PCBs are listed as POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) under the Stockholm Convention.

“It is reported that the common sources include legacy contamination in the environment, unintentional production, leaking from old electric transformers and disposal and recycling. PCBs have several negative effects on human health and the environment and since 2015 they are classified as carcinogens.

Plastic duties Chemical Recycling

-Trade panel weighs end to plastic duties as prices rise

Toxic chemicals found in Malaysian plastic pellets: CAP

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Plastic duties Chemical Recycling

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