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Plastic-Packaging – Performance-fibres

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-US’ Standard Fiber signs agreement with Weaveright Technology

Standard Fiber, US’ leading supplier to the home textile and hospitality markets, has signed an agreement with Weaveright Technology enabling the company exclusive rights to develop and distribute bath products made with the technology to the home retail and hospitality markets. Weaveright technology combines cotton loops with performance fibres.

Developed by home textile veteran, Matthew Dalton, who was challenged by QVC to reinvent the towel in 2018, Weaveright Technology is a patented weaving process that unites 100 per cent cotton loops with performance fibres in the ground of the towel.  This innovative technique enhances absorbency, accelerates drying time, and provides an additional level of durability. The fast-drying time inhibits the growth of bacteria, therefore towels made with this proprietary weaving technology are inherently anti-microbial and eco-friendly, Standard Fiber said in a media statement

“With our new weaving technology, we really do feel we met the challenge of reinventing the towel. We are excited about our partnership with Standard Fiber who lead in delivering quality and innovation in the bedding and bath category,” Dalton said. Plastic-Packaging – Performance-fibres

“We are delighted that Weaveright has granted us the exclusive license of its truly ground-breaking technology.

Plastic-Packaging - Performance-fibres

-How to Solve the Problem of Plastic Packaging

Single-use bottles, wrappers, and containers are often simply discarded—but reforms that could make them infinitely recyclable are on the horizon.

Walking down the street, or visiting the park or beach, there’s one thing you’ll almost inevitably see: pieces of plastic packaging—washed up on the sand, tangled in a hedgerow, lying in the gutter. Plastic-Packaging – Performance-fibres

Plastics are polluting all corners of the planet, from the Arctic to the ocean depths, with as yet unknown consequences for human health. Already 11 million metric tons of plastic waste enter the oceans every year. Without radical change, the amount of plastic waste generated worldwide could double by 2040 and, if waste infrastructure can’t keep up, the amount of plastic entering the ocean will nearly triple, according to research by the Pew Charitable Trusts.

In the battle to stem the tide of plastic waste, companies and academics are developing new ways to reduce plastic packaging—the single largest source of this waste. Clever designs for alternative materials abound, including edible water containers made from algae, compostable packaging made from fungi, and water bottles constructed out of paper. “There is a lot of space for shifting plastic packaging to other materials,” says Jim Palardy, project director of Conservation Science at Pew, and a coauthor of a report that assesses ways to end plastic pollution.

But inroads made by such substitutes are not yet enough to end our enormous reliance on plastic. Plastics production has almost doubled since 2000, and is expected to grow significantly in the next 20 years, according to the International Energy Agency. And the track record of where these materials tend to end up isn’t great. Up to 2018, about 80 percent of all virgin plastics ever produced had wound up either in landfill or in the natural environment.

How to Solve the Problem of Plastic Packaging

US-Standard-Fiber signs agreement with Weaveright-Technology

-How to Solve the Problem of Plastic-Packaging

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Plastic-Packaging – Performance-fibres

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