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Spot PVC prices in Europe fell in December amid falling raw material prices  PVC prices Europe December

PVC prices Europe December

MOSCOW – The December spot prices of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) on the European market dropped last week as a result of lowering the contract price of ethylene raw materials, sources in the market told ICIS .PVC prices Europe December

Thus, spot quotes for material in the region last week were at EUR790-840 per tonne, FD, which is EUR30 per tonne lower in both the upper and lower price ranges compared to the previous level.

Market sources reported that spot prices are showing a downward trend due to a drop in the contract price of ethylene.PVC prices Europe December

Quotes of ethylene significantly subsided in December, and on PVC prices, as a rule, 50% of the change in the contract price of raw materials for the reporting month is transferred. The market also voiced higher prices for the material, but at present this information is not widely confirmed.

The demand for the European market declined in 2018 compared with 2017, while the supply also increased due to an increase in supplies from the United States. PVC supply with K = 70 is relatively limited in December due to manufacturing problems in France.

According to the ICIS-MRC Price Review , many consumers in Russia have actually closed all their deals on the December supply of PVC and took a break before the beginning of the current week. It is highly probable that the negotiations on January deliveries will begin in the second half of this week.PVC prices Europe December

As a month earlier, manufacturers note good demand for PVC from the domestic market, but at the same time they add that export volumes have increased significantly over the past two months. Due to large exports, it was possible to balance the domestic market, while in the resin segments with K = 58/70, since October, there was a lack of supply.


Author:                Margarita Volkova

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